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Thank you for placing an order with Norwex Enviro Products. Here is a list of the products

    you have bought, and directions on how and where to use them.

If you have any questions regarding the use and care of your products, to re-order ($3.75

    anywhere in North America), or to book a live or catalogue party, please don’t hesitate to

    contact me! I am so excited that we are changing the world together! Better yet…for

    about $40.00 come and join my team! There are no obligations, your discount is 35%, and

    your starter kit contains over $100.00 in product!

    There is room for everyone; dabblers, part-time, full-time, and BIG TIME!

    *Laundering Instructions for Microfibre- wash by hand or machine, with any soap not containing bleach. To kill bacteria, either boil 10-15 minutes (separate colours as colours will run) or wash in washing machine with hot water and dry in a hot dryer. If the latter is

    preferred, be sure to wash in a lint free load, with no bleach & no fabric softeners.

    *Washing and Care Instructions for Antibac Microfibre- The new Antibacterial Microfibre works the same as the original microfibre when

    collecting bacteria from surfaces, removing 99.94% of all dirt and bacteria. The added

    feature is that it stops bacterial and fungal growth within the cloth. Regular washing by hand or in a machine using detergents without bleach additives in a lint-free load and avoiding fabric softeners is required. When washed and hung to dry,

    Antibac Microfibre eliminates germs/bacteria naturally within a few hours!

If you ever use liquid fabric softener OR dryer sheets, then hand wash only, as the fabric

    softener has now coated the interiors of both machines and will impair the microfibre. This

    build-up can be removed using the Micro Pad and water.


    Surfaces that you would clean with a Dry: For dusting. Attracts and absorbs dirt and light Envirocloth Antibac cloth. Use only water. Removes soap particles. Red /blue /yellow /green scum, stains on carpeting & Wet: spray surface and wipe w/ dry or slightly damp 35x35cm price: $15.50 upholstery, cleans wood, leather walls cloth. Removes dirt, water, grease and all unsanitary and phones… Bacteria is smothered residue leaving a 99.9% bacteria free surface. Cleaning Blue 24/7. window screens. 60x35cm price: $26.99 Removes more bacteria than bleach!

    Windows, mirrors, stainless steel and Spray water on the window/mirror & wipe with the Window Cloth other shiny surfaces. window cloth (streak free). For extra dirty surfaces, use Antibac (Do NOT use on vehicle paint surface) a damp Envirocloth to remove dirt first & polish with a Blue / Gold dry Window Cloth. Great for computers & TVs. 45x45cm Price: $17.95

    On your entire car both inside & Use the Car Cloth to dry a clean vehicle. Start with the Car Cloth outside. windows (inside & then out) & continue cleaning the Grey Can also be used as a window cloth. dash, console, mirrors & paint streak free 65x50cm Price: $26.99

    All surfaces you need to dust. Use dry over all surfaces. For mini blinds close and wipe Microfibre Mitt Especially useful for dusting mini blinds across front side then close other direction for Antibac Blue & plants backside. Spray water on blinds first for grimy dust. Price: $14.25

    On eyeglasses, camera lenses, Wipe with dry cloth. For removing residue, just breathe Optic Cloth binoculars, CDs, DVDS & telescopes. or put water on the lens & then wipe clean. Green, with case Price: $9.00

    Use on Teflon or other non- stick Safe for scrubbing on Teflon, & acrylic WITHOUT Spirisponge surfaces. Great for ceramic stove tops! scratching. Price: $4.50

    Stacey Westman 204-256-0213 1-866-300-9456

    PRODUCT WHERE TO USE HOW TO USE Use on broiler pans, oven interiors, etc. Use with lots of water & rub away. Spirinett Great on the B.B.Q. & shower doors. Takes off tape residue. Clean the inside of oven with 2 pak Won’t scratch glass (ceramic) stove only water! Try an inconspicuous area first for Price: $4.50 tops when used with water. scratching concerns.

    Use on walls (test on inconspicuous Dip in water and squeeze out excess. DO NOT WRING. Micro Pad area first). Removes soap scum. Clean Use on patio furniture and bathtub scum. Fabulous for Price: $4.99 washer and dryer to remove fabric cleaning stainless steel! softener residue. Product wears down with use. Use to wash dishes anywhere Use in the kitchen as you would any dishcloth. Never Dish Cloth scrubbing action is needed. Cleans gets an odour as most dish cloths do. Cleans counter Loosely woven net. stuck on food effortlessly. Great for tops easily after rolling out pastry. Also cleans bugs & Price: $6.00 vegetables as well. tar off the car.

    The smaller the produce, the more Spray at a 2% concentration (1 tsp. to 1 cup water) Fresh Wash pesticide it has. Leafy greens! Extends shelf life of produce by 2-3 times! $26.99 500ml Grapes! Cauliflower! Pre-storage!

    All kitchen surfaces. Use it for dishes, Waffle weave has extra cleaning power thus needs less All Purpose Kitchen wiping counters, cabinets, stoves, etc. dish soap. Rapid dry time due to waffle weave, Cloth Non-abrasive & durable. Use in therefore bacteria cannot grow, but be sure to wring Grey combination with spirisponge on out well. Great for removing grease off of cupboards Price: $13.50 ceramic stove tops. or hood fans & residue from ceramic top stove. Use to clean wax & chemicals off fruit Use the textured surface on one side for scrubbing & a Veggie Cloth & veggies. smooth side for cleaning off bacteria and chemicals, 2 sided Grey as well as adding a stunning polish! $12.50

    Good for tough cleaning jobs where Safe for Teflon. Kitchen Scrub Cloth extra scrubbing power and wiping is Great for cleaning fruits and vegetables. Blue needed. Price: $12.99

    Use it on pets, on furniture, in the car & Use with firm pressure & drag in one direction. Rubber Static Brush on the dry mop. Price: $14.99

    Use for a sport towel, drying dishes, For drying self, as a camping towel, dusting and Envirotowel Antibac hair towel. Olympic swimmers use this polishing, absorbing spills, drying dishes as a tea towel, Price: $26.99 towel because of super absorbency & hair, etc. Dampen lightly to polish metals and jewelry. rapid drying time.

    Use in the aid of healing muscle aches Simply take a small amount of Shea Butter, & rub it in Shea Butter 100% & pains, cuts & burns, ECZEMA, your hand until it is melted & massage into affected Natural psoriasis, clears up diaper rash & area or scrunch into hair. Add ? tsp into bath water Price: $29.99 cradle cap. Stretch mark prevention for beautiful skin. An absolute gift for people who have 125ml white tub and minimization. Use in the bath for eczema! Is used in Hospital Burn Wards. soft beautiful skin. Grade A Shea Butter with Vitamins A & E added. Use for a sport towel, drying dishes, For drying self, as a camping towel, dusting & polishing, Sport Towel hair towel, dusting highly polished absorbing spills, drying dishes as a tea towel, hair etc. 102 x 51 cm Suede microfibre surfaces. dampen slightly to polish metals & jewelry. With carry pouch Price: $35.00

    After a bath, shower, at the pool, gym, Super absorbing capacity. Rapid dry time. Used by Bath Towel keep in your boat. Olympic Swimmers. Antibac Large Slate Grey 100x50 cm: $21.99 Antibac Extra lge Slate Grey 140x70cm: $36.99

    Highly absorbent towel that you can Highly absorbent hooded towel that absorbs 70% of Hair Turban Antibac wrap around your head. Very light on the moisture from wet hair, resulting in less time used Slate Grey the neck. with the blow dryer. Price: $25.50

    Great for removing makeup, regular Use as you would a facecloth. No soaps or cleansers Body Pak (3)Antibac facial cleaning & exfoliating. Reduces are necessary, only water. Finally a solution for Price: $18.99 in-grown hairs. Helps diaper rash. Try problem & acne prone skin. Baby body pak (3) on arms for dry skin bumps. Price: $15.99 Antibac

    ? Contains shea butter, canola oil and Rub a small amount on your feet after bathing and Foot Lotion menthol to refresh and soften your after using the foot stone. Shake well. 125 ml Price: $24.99 feet.

    Does not contain acetone. Contains Ecological Canola Seed Oil, Rapsmetylester, Nail Polish Remover Ester. Handy pouches for purse or travel. Price: $14.99 10 pcs/box

    Stacey Westman 204-256-0213 1-866-300-9456

    PRODUCT WHERE TO USE HOW TO USE ? Pleasantly scented hand soap Exact amount of foam required to wash your hands is Foam Soap ? Containing shea butter & calendula. dispensed. Suitable for frequent use. Price: $13.99 ? Leaves hands soft. Maintains natural PH balance 250 ml

    ? 100% non-allergenic perfume. 1 Litre Refill $21.99

    ? Moisturizing shampoo is lightly scented Squeeze bottle to dispense. Apply small amount to Shampoo ? and mild enough for daily use. wet hair and massage. Rinse. Price: $16.99 ? Contains calendula which is known for Paraben-free; safe for the whole family. 300 ml ? it’s skin healing abilities. Leaves hair

    ? looking richer and healthier.

    ? Nourishing conditioner contains Squeeze bottle to dispense. Apply small amount to wet Conditioner ? calendula. Maintains natural pH- hair and massage. Rinse. Price: 16.99 ? balance. Brings out your hair’s shine. Paraben-free; safe for the whole family. 300 ml

    ? Gentle cleanser is an intense Apply body wash to a Loofah Pad and rub in a circular Body Wash moisturizer containing shea butter & motion. Maintains natural PH balance. Price: $19.99 calendula.

    ? Use with body wash in bath or shower Apply body wash to body glove and rub skin. One size Body Glove ? to gently exfoliate your body. fits most. Price: $13.99

    ? Use on feet or any calloused skin. After soaking feet or after bathing rub on corns and Foot Stone ? *Not recommended for diabetics or calluses to gently remove them. Price: $13.99 ? people with poor circulation.

    ? Use in bath or shower to exfoliate Apply body wash and rub in a circular motion then Loofah Pad ? leaving skin soft and smooth. More rinse to remove dead skin cells. Price: $5.99 ? hygienic than synthetic sponges.

    Use as you would a regular toothbrush. Rinse under water & apply paste & brush. Micro bristles Silvercare Rub the silver backing on the infected remove build up like a cleaning from the dentist. Pure Toothbrush areas such as canker & cold sores to silver covered head self sanitizes. Heads last an (w/ refill) med / soft $16.99 clean bacteria. average of 6 months. Refills (2 heads): $11.50

    Fine, mint-flavored dental floss. Fluoride reduces acids caused by plaque. Silver is a Silver Care Dental Treated with fluoride and silver nitrate. bactericide & helps kill bacteria between teeth and Floss $9.99 gums that cause plaque.

    Use a tiny amount. Expect results! Fluoride-free! Non-abrasive. Tooth Gel $19.99 50ml

    Moisturizes and soothes skin after Contains Marula Oil with antioxidants. Snuggle up tp After Shave Lotion shaving catch the scent! $26.99 100ml

    Made of mineral salt, no chemicals. Run crystal under water or apply as soon as you get Crystal Deodorant Use it under your arms, under the out of the shower (this works best as pores are open Solid: $9.99 (lasts 1+ years) breast, or on feet. Dries up acne as from the steam in the shower) or spray liquid directly Liquid (250ml): $11.99 ocean water does. from bottle. Try on mosquito bites for itch!

    Contains Aloe ,Olive and Wheat Germ Apply with a light massage daily to give face and neck Aloe Vera Anti-Oils and Vegetal Collagen. skin elasticity, and help prevent premature aging. Aging Face & Neck Helps alleviate signs of tired, irritated Gel $39.97 100ml skin. Minimizes wrinkles! Notice results within 2 weeks!

    Relaxing leg cream with extract of Massage into legs to aid blood circulation and sooth Leg Cream mint and menthol. tired, achy legs. Minimize the appearance of cellulites. $29.97 100ml

    Use in dishwasher, washing machine, Ball creates a magnetic field drawing in all properties Magnetic Ball bath water, even the back of the that cause hard water. Because the ball softens the Price: $29.99 toilet tank. Just drop it in & let it work water, only ? the amount of dish or laundry soap is

    for you. needed. In addition, Jet Dry & Fabric softeners 5 YEAR WARRANTY An incredible savings & 5-year (including dryer sheets) can be eliminated.


    Place the pair in the dryer & set drying The unique design of the balls lifts & separates laundry, Dryer balls time. BE SURE TO REDUCE DRYING TIME while softening fabrics. Reduces drying time, static Price: $19.99 BY 25%. Over-drying causes static. cling & wrinkles. 1 YEAR WARRANTY

    Removes coffee, tea, blood, grease, Wash colours in cold water & whites in hot (warm) Ultra Plus mascara, dirt, lipstick, grass, vomit, & water. For top loading machines use a full scoop. With Laundry Detergent urine. the magnet ball use ? a scoop! For front-loading high & Stain Remover Safe for all types of fabrics. efficiency machines use ? tsp. Dilute (1oz soap/1cup

    Price: $23.99 BIODEGRADABLE & WATER SOLUBLE. water) in a spray bottle for a pre-treat stain remover. 2kg pouch Unscented, for sensitive skin Let sit on stain for 3-5 minutes before laundering.

    Stacey Westman 204-256-0213 1-866-300-9456


    Eliminate smoke, musty smells, urine, Use diluted (2 tsp./ 1 cup water) for all odours. Odour Eliminator cooking, vomit, garbage etc. Use 1 Use diluted (1 litre/24 litres prepared carpet shampoo Price: $14.99 capful in a load of musty laundry in a solution) for carpets. 500 ml cold rinse cycle. Use diluted (15-30ml/1 litre of mop water) for floor.

    Eliminates organic matter including 10 Sprays for Twin, 15 sprays for Queen size, 20 sprays Mattress Cleaner dust mites & their waste from beds, for King size mattress (only spray top of bed). 2 sprays Price: $35.99 pillows, feather beds, couches, stuffed per pillow. Use once every 4 months. 500 ml animals & all items that cannot be More frequent use may be necessary for those with

    laundered. NON-TOXIC allergies and/or asthma. NO VACCUUMING!

    Eliminates organic odour from shoes, Spray heavily the first application & whenever needed Sportzyme equipment bags, shoulder & knee after. Price: $13.99 pads, helmets, etc.

    Kills bacteria, viruses, germs & yeast on Apply 2-4 drops of gel to hands. Rub in hands until dry. Hand Disinfectant contact. Lasts 4 hrs & up to 10 Apply small amount under nose & on lips. Price: $16.99 washings Use on hands, under nose & Take it to the airport, McDonald’s, and grocery store. 50 ml on lips.

    The brush has no open cavities for Press down on brush handle to dispense cleanser. Sanira Toilet System bacteria to thrive. Brush, soap and Correct amount of the disinfectant is dispensed Price: $39.00 package are environmentally friendly through a built-in channeling system. For tough stains, and are biodegradable. Use as toilet empty water from bowl, apply cleanser directly from refill: $13.99 bowl cleanser, a multi purpose bottle under rim of toilet bowl. Let sit for 8-10 hours,

    disinfectant or even a stain remover. scrub with brush. For a multi-purpose disinfectant, dilute 1tsp/1 cup of water in a spray bottle.

    Slide Mop Base Brackets onto the top First clean dirt from windows by spraying with water Mop Base Brackets side of the mop base. Attach an and washing with the wet mop pad or Enviro Cloth (2) Enviro, Window or Car Cloth for attached to the mop. Attach Window or Car Cloth to Price: $11.99 washing and polishing hard to reach mop head & spray window again to polish for a streak

    windows. free shine!

    Use dry mop head (yellow) as a Use Velcro to affix the desired mop head. Extend Norwex Mop Pkgs. broom on all flooring types and walls. telescopic handle so knob is at your nose height. With Antibac Wet Mops Use wet mop head (blue) as a mop Dry mop: simply use as a broom, gathering dust & Starter package Sm: $86.99 on any type flooring, or to wash walls. debris from floor. Clean with rubber static brush. Starter package Lg: $99.99 Wet mop: it is suggested to spray floor or wall surface Use mop brackets with the window with water rather than soaking mop head. Superior package Sm : $94.99

    Superior package Lg :$118.99 cloth to clean & polish higher Hand wash wet pad between uses.

    Superior dry mops are Antibac windows.

    Use to clean, polish & protect flat top Apply cleaning paste to a damp Enviro Cloth and rub Cleaning Paste stoves, chrome, stainless steel, surface area, then wipe with clean, damp enviro cloth. aluminum, removes rust stains from Shines up stainless steel beautifully! Price: $26.99 200 ml tub porcelain.

    Always test on an inconspicuous Environmentally and skin friendly cleaning and

    surface if concerned about polishing agent.


    Environmentally & skin friendly product Spray onto surface and let it work for at least 10 Descaler for cleaning and lime removal. minutes. Wipe off with a damp Enviro Cloth. Great for cleaning hard to remove, Price: $31.99 500 mlbuilt up soap scum from shower area.

    Solves shampooing, spot cleaning, Liberally spray product on soiled area. Agitate & blot Carpet Stain Buster deodorizing and neutralizing needs. (do not rub) with an Enviro Cloth. Repeat as necessary. $26.99 500ml Will not leave residue that attracts Keeps working hours after cleaning.

    new contaminants. Always test for

    color fastness before using.

    Use as dish soap in sink, or as a Remove large particles from dishes; add ? tsp per 1 Dishwashing Liquid degreasing stain remover on clothing. gal water or 30ml to 4 litres water. Agitate & begin. Price: $5.99 A great degreaser for tough stains on BIODEGRADABLE, WATER SOLUBLE & PHOSPHATE FREE. 500 ml garments & makes a great hand soap. It contains lotion so it makes a gentle hand soap.

    How will we know the difference between the Antibac cloths and the Original ones? The Antibac cloths will have the “Norwex Droplet and Rings” with the “Blue Antibacterial Thumbprint” on the label. The Antibac cloths could also have the word ANTIBAC printed under the Norwegian Flag.

    The Original cloths have the “Norwex Droplet and Rings” and the “Norwegian Flag”.

    Stacey Westman 204-256-0213 1-866-300-9456

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