Tentative Program - 900-1045 Plenary Session

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Tentative Program - 900-1045 Plenary Session

2006 USC-TRG Conference on

    Biofiltration for Air Pollution Control

    Tentative Program Tentative Program

    October 1820, 2006

    Marriott Courtyard Hotel

    Long Beach, California, USA

    Hosted by the University of Southern California

    Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Wednesday, October 18th Wednesday, October 18th


The Inland Empire Regional Composting Facility Biofilter

    A joint venture of

    The Inland Empire Utilities Agency and the

    County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County


    12:50 p.m. Begin boarding the bus at the hotel lobby 1:00 p.m. Depart for the Inland Empire

     Box lunches will be provided for the bus trip 4:00 p.m. Approximate return

    Thursday, October 19th Thursday, October 19th

     8:00, Continental Breakfast, Room?

    9:00-10:30, Atlantic A, Plenary Session Introduction: Dr. Joseph S. Devinny, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University

    of Southern California

    Discussion: Biofilters and Biotrickling Filters at Wastewater Treatment Plants Panel Members:

    Jack Granas, Shaw Environmental Inc., Biofilter Sales Manager.

    Marc Deshusses, Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, University of California at Riverside Others (to be arranged)

    10:30-10:45, Coffee Break, Atlantic B

    10:45-11:45, Paper Sessions

    Atlantic A: Toxic Pollutants Atlantic B: Fungal Biofilters Treatment of paint solvent mixture vapors in a Overview of parameters affecting fungal

    trickle bed reactor and biofilter: comparison of biofiltration of waste gases steady state and dynamic responses Christian Kennes, Yaomin Jin, Balsam

    J. Paca, O. Misiaczek, M. Halecky, and K. Jones Mohammad, María C. Veiga The development of biotechnology for the Performance of a fungal biofilter for toluene treatment of wastegas emissions containing biofiltration under different operating conditions methyl chloride Juan P. Maestre, Xavier Gamisans, David

    N.J.R. Kraakman and A. Jimenez Galindo Gabriel, Javier Lafuente

     12:00-1:45, Pacific A & B, Luncheon Presentation

    Deployment of extremophilic alkaliphilic bacteria in biotrickling filters for HS treatment 2

    Armando González-Sánchez, Sergio Revah, and Marc A. Deshusses

    2:00-3:30, Paper Sessions

    Atlantic A: Sulfides Atlantic B: Indoor Air Use of large-scale biotrickling filter systems for A botanical-membrane hybrid for the biofiltration hydrogen sulfide and odor control at the joint of indoor air

    water pollution control plant David Llewellyn and M. Dixon Andy Lee, Robert Morton, Perry Palencia, Ed

    Tomassian, Chi-Chung Tang, Robert Horvath and

    James Stahl

    Performance of a lab-scale bioreactor treating up Indoor air biofilters: two case studies to 6000 ppmv of HS Alan Darlington, Lindsay Smith, Amaziah 2

    Marc Fortuny, Maria Tomàs, Juan Antonio Hexamer and Michael Dixon ,Baeza, Marc A. Deshusses Xavier Gamisans,

    Carles Casas, David Gabriel, Javier Lafuente

    The effect of methanol on pH and stability of Modelling energy efficiencies of indoor air

    inorganic biofilters treating dimethyl sulfide biofilters

    Yuefeng Zhang, Steven N. Liss and D. Grant Allen Alan Darlington

    3:30-3:45, Snack Break, Atlantic B

    3:45-4:45, Paper Sessions

    Atlantic A: Microbiology Atlantic B: Treatment Mechanisms Quantitative PCR detection of selected DNA and Fate of intermediate biodegradation products of

    mRNA-encoded oxygenases for the monitoring of triethylamine in a compost biofilter microbial consortia in biofilters removing BTEX Ayoob Torkian, Homa Keshavarzi Shirazi, and

    J. Carlos Loyola-Licea and Marc A. Deshusses Majid Hakimjavadi Monitoring the dynamics of living and dead cells Using Test Systems to evaluate a variety of

    in response to empty bed residence time in the biofilter media on their odour degradation biofiltration of high loads of ethyl acetate and efficiency for specific applications toluene mixtures Mirko Schlegelmilch, Kim Kleeberg, Jan Streese,

    F. J. Alvarez-Hornos, C. Gabaldón, V. Martínez-Rainer Stegmann Soria, P. Marzal & J.M. Penya-roja

    5:00-6:30, Reception, Sky Room at the Breakers Hotel

    thth Friday, October 20Friday, October 20

     9:00-10:00, Paper Sessions Atlantic A: Systems Atlantic B: Systems Pre-treatment of Dynamically Varying Waste Effective Control of gaseous VOC mixture in a

    Gases Concentrations Using Activated Carbon TBAB coupled with cyclic adsorption/desorption Prior to Biofiltration: Effect of Cycle Length on beds

    Degree of Load Equalization Zhangli Cai and George A. Sorial Kodi L. Collins and William M. Moe

    Technical and economical analysis of the Degradation of TCE vapors by fenton oxidation in

    conversion of an industrial chemical scrubber into a foam reactor a biotrickling filter for VOC removal: Eunsung Kan, Seongyup Kim, and Marc

    performance data at an EBRT value of 0.65 S Deshusses

    Óscar J. Prado, David Gabriel, and Javier


    10:00-10:15, Coffee Break, Atlantic B

    10:15-11:45, Paper Sessions Atlantic A: Treatment of Ammonia Atlantic B: Modeling Removal of ammonia from contaminated air in a A novel procedure for the measurement of the biotrickling filter-denitrifying bioreactor microbial kinetic parameters in biofilters:

    combination system Application to methane and toluene

     Takeyuki Sakuma, Siriwat Jinisiriwanit, Toshihiro J. Nikiema, M.-C. Delhoménie and M. Heitz Hattori, and Marc A Deshusses

    Control of dust and ammonia within animal Determination of mass transfer coefficients for

    holding facilities: the potential for a modular packing materials used in biofilters and

    biotrickle/bioreactor system biotrickling filters James Simpson, Chris Liddy, Dave Llewellyn, Seongyup Kim and Marc A. Deshusses Alan Darlington and Mike Dixon

    Ammonia removal by gas-phase biofiltration: Calibration and validation of the MCB biofilm

    influence of watering rates on system performance model for HS removal in a biotrickling filter pilot 2Guillermo Baquerizo, Vinicius Cunha Machado, plant

    Juan Pedro Maestre, Xavier Gamisans, David L. Otegi, J. Albizuri and L. Larrea Gabriel and Javier Lafuente

     12:00-1:45, Pacific B & C, Luncheon Presentation

    Use of GAC adsorption columns to mitigate the adverse effects of various

    shutdown conditions on biofilter performance

    Marilou M. Nabatilan and William M. Moe

    2:00-3:30, Paper Sessions Atlantic A: Applications Atlantic B: Applications Treatment of wet process hardboard plant Biofilter odour abatement monitoring using

    emissions by a pilot scale biological system electronic noses S. Santos, K. Jones, L. Baliwala, R. Abdul, J. Christophe Renner, Jean-Pierre Levasseur, Boswell, and J. Cochran Robert Christian and Thierry Pagé Thermophilic biotrickling filtration of dimethyl On the performance of a biological HS removal 2sulfide loaded waste gas system in the field L. Munkhtsetseg, J. Van Peteghem, B. Sercu and Qiang Ning, Wu Zhichao, Mai Shuihai H. Van Langenhove

    Sydney's M5 East Road Tunnel: a case study for

    the potential application of biofiltration to road

    tunnel ventilation and air treatment systems

    Noel Child and Joseph S. Devinny

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