State Enhanced 9-1-1

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State Enhanced 9-1-1

    State Enhanced 9-1-1

    Advisory Committee

    Meeting Minutes

    La Quinta Inn

    Lakewood, WA

    February 18, 2010

Advisory Committee Members Present:

    Rebecca Beaton - WUTC

    JoAnn Boggs WSEMA

    Marlys Davis King County

    Dick Dickinson - VoIP

    Gary Emerson Wireless Carrier (Verizon)

    Keith Flewelling - Urban Counties - West

    Peggy Fouts APCO

    Stephanie Fritts Rural Counties West Ty Husak Wireless Carrier (AT&T)

    Steve Lich WA Fire Commissioners Association

    Lorlee Mizell Urban Counties East Rose Parr Member At Large

    Jim Quackenbush NENA

    Millie Tirapelle Rural Counties - East

Advisory Committee Alternates Present:

    Tim Lenk Urban Counties - West

    Patti VonBargen Association of WA Cities - East

    Wayne Wantland Urban Counties East Mark Wilton Washington State Patrol

Advisory Committee Guests:

    Jean Nealy Pierce County

    Maureen Ackerman Pierce County

    Jeff Hall T-Mobile

    Val Cummings Cowlitz

    Sara Rod Whitcom

    Steve Raval Positron

    Kate Rico Lewis

County Coordinators Present:

    Angela Fode Adams County

    Dan Hally Asotin County

    James Barber Benton County

    Millie Tirapelle Chelan County

    Keith Flewelling Clark County

    Bill Peters Columbia County

    Val Cummings Cowlitz County

    Jackie Jones Douglas County

    Raymond Maycumber Ferry County

    Ed Bush Franklin County

    Virginia Boyd Garfield County

    Mary Allen Grant County

    Peggy Fouts Grays Harbor County

State Enhanced 911

    Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

    February 18, 2010

    Page 2

County Coordinators Present (continued):

    Tom Shaughnessy Island County Sunny Fortino Jefferson County Marlys Davis King County

    Richard Kirton Kitsap County Darlene Mainwaring Kittitas County Robert Allen Klickitat County

    Craig Larsen - Lewis County

    Jo Borden Lincoln County

    Jill Evander Mason County

    Shawn Messinger Okanogan County Stephanie Fritts Pacific County JoAnn Boggs Pend Oreille County Tim Lenk - Pierce County

    Dave Cooper Skagit County Dave Cox Skamania County

    Laura Caster Snohomish County Amy McCormick Spokane County Debby McCanna Stevens County Jim Quackenbush Thurston County Joannie Bjorge Wahkiakum County Tom Deccio Walla Walla County

    Craige Ambrose Whatcom County Patti VonBargen Whitman County Wayne Wantland Yakima County

State Office Staff Present:

    Bob Oenning, Bruce Baardson, Rosanne Garrand, Lorri Gifford, Dave Irwin, Teresa Lewis,

    Carol Losey, Anna Marie Ortiz, Jacqueline Randall, and Kim Wilson.

I. Call to Order

     Vice Chair Lorlee Mizell called the E911 Advisory Committee (AC) meeting to order,

    introductions commenced. Housekeeping items were covered.

II. Roll Call

III. Review and Approval of Minutes (Handout)

    ? Vice-Chair called for a review and approval of the minutes from the January 21, 2010


    o Jim Quackenbush moved to accept the January 21, 2010 minutes as written.

    Keith Flewelling seconded the motion.

    Motion passed.

IV. AC Member / Committee Changes

    ? Chair called for additional nominations to last month’s previous nominations of Lorlee

    Mizell to Chair and Peggy Fouts to Vice Chair.

    o Jim Quackenbush moved to close nominations and cast a unanimous vote for

    both positions.

    Stephanie Fritts seconded the motion.

    Motion passed.


    State Enhanced 911

    Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

    February 18, 2010

    Page 3

    ? Chair called for nominations for new GIS subcommittee Chair.

    o Millie Tirapelle nominated Bill Peters.

    Peggy Fouts moved to accept Bill Peters to the position of Chair for the GIS


    Millie Tirapelle seconded the motion.

    Motion passed.

    V. Old Business Bob Oenning

    a. Open Request Items (Handout)

    ? Guard is moving forward on acquisition of a good sound system. We are

    currently awaiting a decision.

    ? Positron echo problem County Coordinators will need to check your in-house

    equipment first, and then check with the carriers. Otherwise, contact DIS SCAN

    Help Desk to open a trouble ticket with a technician. Contact information is

    located on the handout. Please contact Jacqueline if help is needed.

    b. Open Floor

    ? Keith Flewelling Would like to see a clear goal/objective/mission for the GIS


    ? Dave Irwin - NG911 MSAG is slowly changing. TeleAtlas data now requires

    individual user licenses. The cost has increased exponentially and the

    contract ends November 2010 therefore, there is a need for looking at a

    statewide GIS system or a replacement of TeleAtlas. The GIS

    subcommittee’s goal is to develop a plan on how to manage GIS in the future,

    explore the issues surrounding good mapping data for NG911, gather

    information and cover as many alternatives as possible. Objectives will be


    ? Marlys Davis This group needs to be sure that counties have every road

    and address in their data and that the boundaries of the ESZ meet exactly,

    leaving no spaces. Also that county boundaries match each other and that

    our state boundaries match boundaries with surrounding states. All work

    needs to be done before NG911 can be implemented statewide.

    ? Bob Oenning Is now the coordinator for Virtual USA in Washington State,

    replacing Dan Russ.

    VI. Subcommittee Reports

    a. 911 Communications Subcommittee Marlys Davis

    ? FCC & Telecom Report (Handout) Jacqueline Randall

    ? Pinpointing wireless 911 calls remains tricky, particularly from an altitude

    issue. A new wireless indoor location service offered by Wireless Werx

    demonstrated software that places a test call from an apartment building

    several miles away and Denver 911 was able to pinpoint the caller. Good

    use of this technology relies on the willingness of building owners to deploy

    the technology and mobile phone users downloading the application.

    ? The New and Emerging Technologies 911 Improvement Act of 2008 (NET

    911 Act) requires an annual report mandated by the FCC describing how

    funds are collected, distributed and fees or charges applied. This report is

    due by March 23, 2010 and is being worked on by Bob Oenning.


    State Enhanced 911

    Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

    February 18, 2010

    Page 4

    b. Wireless Report Marlys Davis ? Prepaid Wireless Tracfone lawsuit, still waiting on the Supreme Court

    decision which will be handed down within a month. The Tracfone case in

    Nebraska was sent back to the district court last week with all 7 points

    Tracfone was making, defeated. If the case in Washington is lost, retroactive

    fees will likely be required, depending on how the Court writes the decision. ? WUTC Safelink wireless hearing will be held Thursday, February 25, 2010.

    ? AT&T Mobility will soon be launching their 3G microcell service. John Garner,

    AT&T, has a presentation that can be given to the county coordinators via

    webinar. It will not be presented at the March Coordinator Forum but, may be

    presented at the summer or fall conference.

    ? Telematics All Ford 2010 models will be sold with SYNC in the car. The

    unit will provide the latitude/longitude to the PSAP verbally, requiring the

    PSAP to type the information into their mapping system. SYNC is now on

    over 85% of Ford Vehicles. 911 Assist is currently available on over 1 million


    ? OnStar will be implementing Injury Severity Prediction this year which will

    allow OnStar advisors to alert first responders when a vehicle crash is likely

    to have caused serious injury to the occupants. In Europe, eCall, a similar

    system, has been mandated on all vehicles. NENA experts are predicting

    that by 2015 all cars will have telematics in them. Before NENA/APCO

    standards are introduced, information will need to be relayed verbally. Over

    300 companies are producing aftermarket telematics which work as a plug in

    on models from 1996 on.

    ? Sensor telematics within vehicles are in progress, but disseminating

    information is still in the future at this point. With 10% of traffic injuries

    happening to people who are not in vehicles, but on motorcycles and bicycles,

    telematics in helmets is now being worked on as well.

    ? Texting NENA is continuing to work on standards for the next generation of

    wireless networks. Deployment of those new networks have not been

    scheduled. They are approximately 2 years away which gives some time for


    ? TTY will not disappeared with the advent of texting.

    ? Other Business - Verizon Local Wireline Service Purchase by Frontier

    Hearing was in early February, the Commission recommended a settlement,

    and the order is expected next month.

    ? Washington State is the first to implement ESInet.

    ? Next meeting - March 4, 2010.

    b. Public Education Subcommittee Jim Barber

    ? Public Education (PE) goal is to get the “What’s Your Location” public service

    announcement (PSA) message out. A PSA was produced with a Spanish

    version to be finished in the near future. Public Education Coordinators should

    contact Kim Wilson if they have yet to receive their copy.

    ? PE Strategic Plan presented to EMD Director for approval. The director

    requested baseline metrics and specific expected outcome information be

    included in the plan before he would approve it. State expenditures are

    especially stringent now due to state budget concerns.

    ? Discussion: Concerns over the length of time the decision has taken (18



    State Enhanced 911

    Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

    February 18, 2010

    Page 5

    ? Keeping the campaign before the public and building the image is

    necessary for success. Using a PSA and products such as a new DOT

    road map, family activity booklets, backpacks with logos and additional

    items, and air fresheners can help build that image. Rosanne Garrand

    has spoken with EMD Director and response is that project can move

    forward as long as 80% comes from sponsorships. She suggests AC

    send letter to EMD Directors showing support of the PE campaign.

    ? Moving the budgeted PE funds ($3000 per county) to the county level for

    them to pursue message distribution on their own. This would not give

    counties the best buying power. Four months left in this fiscal year in

    which to purchase and receive items.

    ? Recommendation of PE subcommittee is to pass the money for each

    county through to one single county to develop and distribute the PSAs

    and to purchase and distribute products on behalf of all counties.

    o Stephanie Fritts moved to accept the recommendation of the PE


     Keith Flewelling seconded the motion.

    ? Discussion: Need to give state time to answer the director’s questions and

    get baseline metrics. If unable to do statewide campaign through state

    office, then look into having contract with one county to spearhead the

    campaign in FY 2011.

    ? Metrics fairly simple, take a 1 week study on wireless calls to establish

    baseline and take again after 1 month of campaign.

    ? Suggestion that AC send letter to EMD Director concerning the length of

    time the allocated monies have been in holding, asking for a decision

    based upon completion of the requested metrics.

    ? Jim Quackenbush clarified that if the money isn’t spent this year, it doesn’t

    mean that we’d be losing it.

    ? Jim Quackenbush moved to amend the previous motion to add a

    letter from the AC to the EMD Director supporting the

    recommendation of the PE subcommittee.

    Stephanie Fritts so moved.

    Keith Flewelling seconded the motion.

    Millie Tirapelle opposed.

    ? Have letter in packet for March.

    ? Making and distributing a PSA, the DVD was completed by Kate Rico and the

    State will reproduce and send a copy to each county.

    ? Road sign project WADOT has denied signs at the border. WA Traffic Safety

    commission is looking at doing a study to see what they can do to help this

    project. They will be working with WADOT as well and asking them to reconsider. thth? Partners In Preparedness April 6 and 7. EMD Public Education will have a

    booth. There is a presentation by Rosanne Garrand on the last day which would

    be an excellent chance for Public Education people to meet and discuss items.

    c. Strategic Planning Subcommittee Deb McCanna

    ? Next meeting in March after the AC Meeting. Next Report in April.

    d. Legislative Jim Quackenbush, acting NENA Representative.


    State Enhanced 911

    Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

    February 18, 2010

    Page 6

    ? Bills in both houses are alive. Senate bill still in ways and means committee.

    It’s been held there by design. Now that I960 rules have been set aside, they will

    be bringing our bill out as part of their budget packet. Next week it is likely that

    the bill will be brought out of ways and means. A few small corrections were

    made. Department of Revenue concerns were addressed. What they have

    recommended is mostly procedural affecting the DOR. Expectation is that bill will

    come out next week and go directly to the floor for a vote. Plan is to bring House

    bill no. 2351 back to floor and striker will be put on the bill which will mirror the

    senate bill. Due to your efforts some republican representatives and senators

    have decided to support the 911 bill. Keep up the letters. Senate bill is no. 6846.

    ? When bill passes we have until October 15, 2010 to get ordinances passed and

    notification made to the DOR for them to put out the information to all the carriers

    that they will be the point of remittance.

    ? DOR recommended that WUTC shouldn’t remain in the bill. The reason was

    because of the timing of the bill, the WUTC couldn’t act quickly enough to set the

    rate. For year 2011 the set rate will be at the maximum for state and county.

    WUTC would set the rate in 2012.

e. NG911 Jim Quackenbush

    ? Once bill is passed, more time will be spent on NG911.

    f. WAC Rewrite Subcommittee Wayne Wantland

    ? Productive meeting yesterday produced a good final draft. Looking at language

    as bill progresses to make sure all changes are incorporated.

g. Training Subcommittee Peggy Fouts

    ? No Report

h. Policy Subcommittee Dave Cox

    ? Next meeting at March coordinator forum on Wednesday, March 10, 2010 at

    2:00 p.m.

    VII. State Office Staff Reports

    a. Financial Status (Handouts) Lorri Gifford

    ? Statewide services summary spreadsheet reports differ by 4 days. Will be

    synced next month.

    ? Cost analysis From July 1, 2009 through February 16, 2010. All county

    information. Peggy Fouts questioned why the number of VoIP calls listed seems

    very low. She suggested that if you have an MIS system, you can search through

    that by the telephone company’s id, Comcast are VoIP calls, other carriers can be

    searched by how they are ranked. It appears that calls are being identified only

    by class of service instead of actual no. of VoIP calls; please do a little bit more

    digging to get a more accurate number. If you don’t have an MIS system and

    need assistance, contact Peggy at All the calls that are VoIP

    don’t come in as a VoIP class of service. If you are only searching on class of

    service, then you are missing a lot. You will need to look at your VoIP carrier by


    ? Dick Dickinson suggested that a static VoIP provider like Comcast is

    providing you identical kinds of services that your legacy wireline provider is

    providing you and you may want to continue labeling it as a land line call.


    State Enhanced 911

    Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

    February 18, 2010

    Page 7

    Comcast is in the process of converting over to a pANI type of solution in

    which you will get a VoIP class of service. It may not be good to identify as

    VoIP if it has been like wireline all along.

    ? Tracking is due to request from coordinators as to how many VoIP calls are

    coming into our state vs. wireline and wireless. It demonstrates the reason

    our revenues are declining in wireless/wireline.

    ? 911 Communications subcommittee will make a recommendation on

    standards for tracking and bring to the next AC meeting. ? State Budget Projections From July 1, 2009 through January 11, 2010.

    Expended to 34% with 58% of year completed. The reason is partially because

    many counties wait until the end of year to request reimbursement. It is also

    possible we will be looking at some rather large de-obligations as well.

b. National/Legislative Bob Oenning

    ? Last year the Legislature came up with a bill to get rid of all boards and

    commissions. This year the proposal is to get rid of those that no longer served

    a purpose and Senate bill 6426 strikes boards and commissions. It has passed

    through to the Senate with minor changes. Section 111 of bill covers the AC

    Meetings and is being heard today. The Military Department is supporting the

    AC. The Governor has the ability to strike any committees from the bill and/or

    keep any committees. The Military Department will be asked for its opinion and a

    memo to the Governor may go forward. APCO and NENA did meet with the

    Governor’s staff as well and have been supportive of the AC meetings continuing.

    ? Department of Information Services (DIS) is doing a second broadband proposal

    for broadband money. They succeeded at one proposal to put broadband

    services in across the state. Approximately 80% of PSAPs have broadband

    within a mile of their offices. Bob gave them a list of all PSAPs in the state and

    they have made a list of all the locations where non-adequate broadband

    connectivity for government locations are. Most are in the NE corner of the state.

    A proposal for cost was put together. Capacity being the issue. Proposals are

    due March 15, 2010 to the Federal Government. Interestingly, a lot of state

    parks are on the list.

    ? Federal Interagency Committee on Emergency Medical Services (FICEMS). Bob

    received an invitation to the meeting on March 17-18, 2010. Bob is the only 911

    administrator to attend. The Department of Homeland Security is noting the

    necessity of 911 since emergencies are reported here first.

    VIII. New Business

    ? No new business

    Meeting adjourned by Chair Lorlee Mizell.

    Next scheduled E-911 Advisory Committee meeting is:

    March 18, 2010

    Building 91

    Camp Murray, WA 98430

    Motions made at the February 18, 2010 Meeting:

    o Jim Quackenbush moved to accept the January 21, 2010 minutes as written.


State Enhanced 911

    Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

    February 18, 2010

    Page 8

    Keith Flewelling seconded the motion.

    Motion passed.

    o Jim Quackenbush moved to close nominations and cast a unanimous vote for

    both positions.

    Stephanie Fritts seconded the motion.

    Motion passed.

    o Millie Tirapelle nominated Bill Peters.

    Peggy Fouts moved to accept Bill Peters to the position of Chair for the GIS


    Millie Tirapelle seconded the motion.

    Motion passed.

    o Stephanie Fritts moved to accept the recommendation of the PE subcommittee.

     Keith Flewelling seconded the motion.

    o Jim Quackenbush moved to amend the previous motion to add a letter from the

    AC to the EMD Director supporting the recommendation of the PE subcommittee.

    Stephanie Fritts so moved.

    Keith Flewelling seconded the motion.

    Millie Tirapelle opposed.

    Handouts from the February 18, 2010 Meeting:

    o Agenda

    o January 21, 2010 minutes

    o Summary of AC requests for State Office

    o FCC & Telecom Report

    o Phase I/II Service Agreements

    o Statewide Services County Summary Spreadsheet

    o Cost Analysis Report

    o State Office FY10 Budget Projections

    o State Office Calendar March & April

    Facilities are handicapped accessible. Special services for the hearing or visually impaired or other

    interpretation services will be provided upon request. Please provide at least a two-week notice if any of these

    services are needed. If you have any questions about the agenda or need special assistance at the meeting,

    please call Anna Marie Ortiz at (253)512-7012.


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