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The ED Performance Assessment Series is an assessment tool for teachers to

    use in planning instruction and for measuring student progress in the general

    curriculum. The data is based on the student’s ability to function in the general curriculum.

The data generated by the assessment is a valuable tool in measuring what a

    student knows and what he does not know. Using this data, the teacher can

    create a more effective Individual Education Program for each student by

    choosing objectives that are relevant to the student’s current needs.

The program can be accessed from any computer. Immediate results are

    available to the teacher to facilitate the student’s learning and to more

    accurately determine what is needed to enhance their ability to learn.

The assessments are to be administered at least 2 and possibly 3 times a year

    (At the beginning of the school year, and at the end of the school year to

    measure a student’s gains). Teachers will receive a reminder email in

    advance of the scheduled testing times.

Logging into Performance Series

Log into the site at

    Click on Staff Members/Admin Login on the left of the screen

    Enter the Site ID: Your school’s site identification number

    Enter your Staff ID: Your first initial and last name (all in lower case)

    Enter your Password: You will want to create your own for security

    Select Login to proceed



If you have questions, contact Vicky Pritchett at 283-3438 or send email.

    The website also has a help section that is useful.

Add a Student

    Click on Site Admin

    Click on Create a Student

    Click Next to input student data

    Follow Prompts to completion

    Edit Screen Click on Student List

    Click on Student Name

    Click on Edit Student

    Click on Close

    ** Do not delete students as all data will be lost. The students can be transferred to a new site when needed.

Student Testing

    The teacher must log off before logging on the student.

    Choose the test you wish to administer. (reading or math)

    Enter the school’s Site ID.

    Enter the student’s ID (social security number).

    Enter student’s password (first initial and last name written in lower case). Student will begin test.

    Tests are not timed. The student can stop and restart at any time at the teacher’s direction. The student can be logged back on where he left off. The test questions are administered randomly; therefore, not all students will receive the same items to begin the assessment. The first random items at each grade are adjusted to a lower level of difficulty so that the student will build confidence in taking the test.

    The system will spoil the test if the student is going too fast and is presumed guessing or if the student is putting the same letter answer on most questions. The teacher can spoil the test if the test is invalid.

Student may receive appropriate modifications.

Using Data

    The data indicates what the student knows and does not know.

    It gives the teacher a map for teaching skills from the General Curriculum.

    It can be used in the IEP GSI, Specific Current Performance, and Goals.

The Gains Report shows growth between testing periods. This is shown by

    subject and grade. This may be used in GSI “Outcomes from Ed

    Performance testing has indicated the following ---

Suggested Learning Objectives:

    Provides skills student can perform

    Provides skills student needs to know

    Provides information for Specific Current Performance

    Provides information for Goals

Skills Connection

    Click on Skills Connection Online

    Click on Create a Paper-Based Test

    Select Templates GLEs or All Skills Select Skills and Test Options

    Follow Prompts

    Click Save as Microsoft Word RTF

    Create a Title

    Click Save

    Choose Test

    Choose Study Guide

    Choose Answer Key

    Save Document created to own files

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