Dear Friends,

By Brittany Fox,2014-05-15 23:27
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Dear Friends,

    Nick Delgado competes against the

    world’s strongest men at the Arnold Classic

Dear Friends,

Many new things have

    developed this year, in a

    positive direction. I would

    love to share. I went to Paris

    to participate in an Anti aging

    event with Doctors from all

    over the world. I just

    completed a DVD that might

    be of interest to you. It is 90

    minutes of our best

    presentation on the power of

    the mind, biochemistry,

    fitness and diet.

Using the techniques

    described on the video, I

    successfully competed at the

    Arnold Classic, where Arnold Schwarzenegger our Governor, watched me in the finals against the world record holder, Dragan.

I was successful because:

    ? I follow a near vegan, mostly raw whole foods diet, (the opposite of Atkins high fat high

    cholesterol diet more like the high fiber, rich in phytochemicals like the John McDougall

    MD or Dean Ornish MD or Nathan Pritikin diet).

    ? I train weights only 15 minutes a day, I haven't done jogging for nearly 3 years. WE

    believe the training system demonstrated on our video with Dragan and on the "DVD

    Power of biochemistry, fitness, diet” presented by Nick Delgado is the most efficient

    exercise routine one can do.

    ? I used the power of my mind to get into a super state of hypnosis, free of pain, with total


    ? I use powerful supplements to restore youthful energy see

    The weight generated during the lifts exceeded

    over 500,000 units of energy according to Newton's

    Law. Dragan reached over one million units of

    energy on stage with over 540 lifts with 40 pound

    dumbbells in each hand. Most strong men can

    barely complete 80 lifts; the third place man did 180

    lifts the day before. I finished 237 lifts before my leg


    HERE is my secret leading up to the

    competition at the Arnold Classic where over

    100,000 people attended. The competition was

    open to all challengers. We took 40 pound

    dumbbells and lifted them in a curl and then vertical

    lifted each overhead and back down. Each

    competitor lifts as many as he can at a pace set by

the world record holder. Here is how I was successful in competition:

    1) I trained an average of 15 to 20 minutes a day, 5 days a

    week, and picked up the pace the last month to 30 minutes

    to 45 minute sessions,

    2) I use the supplements listed on the product store for That included Strength Energy

    cream, Estroblock, the new to be released Lean N Fit,

    Grow Young, BMR for thyroid support, Adrenal complexes,

    Doctor's Daily multi vitamin spray, and GlucosamineRX

    time release.

    i. I turned 50 years young in January! I have

    my lab values checked every 3 months

    and they come up to as good as a super fit

    27 year old for growth hormone, cortisol,

    thyroid, DHEA, testosterone,

    pregnenolone, Estradiol, melatonin,

    Aldosterone, cholesterol, lipids, and insulin.

    3) I practice time line therapy to clear limiting beliefs and

    negative emotions and replace with positive emotions

    4) I each a diet of high powered blended drinks of mostly

    raw vegetables and fruit, 60 oz, and servings of brown rice,

    Asian food, vegetable soups, beans, peas, Mexican food

    without the cheese. I consumed less than 6 oz of fish or

    fowl per week. No dairy, no added fats, only essential fatty

    acids from whole foods derivative.

Please look at and take the extend youth wellness survey

Our team "DR Nick" took first, in the team competition beating the Ohio fitness boys, and I took

    second out of all competitors in strength and Endurance Dragan competition! See clip on region then challenge scroll down and see me last year on stage with

    Bill Kazmaier, Dragan and Eric Stotz of Detroit Lions.

    The show from this year will be updated soon.

I had less than 2 or 3 hours sleep average on the three

    night before coming from a conference in Miami. I

    stepped off the plane and ran to organize our team

    and we went on stage. As the competition heated up, I

    exceeded 237 lifts, and my left calf cramped up, due to

    dehydration from the plane. Otherwise I would have

    continued. Since I already beat all but the world record

    holder, I stopped lifting.

My family is well and I am doing great, my business of biochemical supplements with a high

    impact, called Grow Young and Slim provides all natural products, it is doing well. My book is

    being rewritten from the last release. The book title will be the Longevity, Vitality and Love, the

    power of Biochemistry, Diet, Fitness and the mind. It is expected to come out in 4 months.

Send for a copy of our DVD by Nick Delgado which is only $15.00 on this site

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