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January 2010 Issue 2

    National Stalking Awareness Month National Stalking Awareness Month National Stalking Awareness Month


    * National Stalking Awareness

    * Idaho Statement article January is National Stalking Awareness Month. VAST is using this month as * Tina’s Law an opportunity to educate the community about the pervasive crime that

    affects nearly 1.4 million Americans a year. * New Year Stalkingtypically defined as a course of conduct directed at a specific

    person that would cause a reasonable person to feel fearis a criminal

    offense under the laws of all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the

    federal government. Although its prevalence is high, public awareness that

    stalking is a crime remains dangerously low. Stalking is often invisible to Did you know?

    everyone except the victim. If you are a Our hope is that National Stalking Awareness Month will serve to bring Stalking victim, stalking to the attention of the community so that when stalking victims need VAST can help you: help, we will all respond appropriatelydoing everything we can to keep them safe and hold offenders accountable for their actions. * Learn about stalking * Recognize risks VAST is encouraging all members of our community to promote awareness and

    * Avoid danger public education about stalking during the month of January and throughout * Learn survival tactics the year. For more information, please contact VAST at (208)265-3586.

    * Reduce your chance of being injured **FACTS**

    * Increase your National Stalking Awareness Month was motivated by the death of Peggy confidence Klinke, a stalking victim who was murdered by an ex-boyfriend after

    * Develop your repeatedly seeking law enforcement intervention.

    protection skills One in 12 women and one in 45 men will be stalked in their lifetime, for an * Develop a "best-case," average duration of almost two years.

    "worst case" personal Seventy-six percent of female homicide victims were also stalked prior to protection plan their death, and more than half of these victims reported stalking to the * Identify warning signs police before being murdered by their stalkers.

    of a stalker's 1,006,970 women and 370,990 men are stalked annually in the United personality States.

    * Learn anti-stalking 77 percent of female and 64 percent of male victims know their stalker.

    strategies and 87 percent of stalkers are men.

    techniques 61 percent of stalkers made unwanted phone calls; 33 percent sent or left * Avoid your stalker unwanted letters or items; 29 percent vandalized

    *Deal with property; and 9 percent killed or threatened to kill a family pet.

    inappropriate 73 percent of intimate partner stalkers verbally threatened the victims communications and with physical violence, and almost 46 percent of

    "gifts" victims experienced one or more violent incidents by the stalker.

    * Will help you report it

    * Find other resources

    What is Cyberstalking?

     Don’t forget! Although there is no universally accepted definition of cyberstalking, the term is used in BCDVTF Meets ththe use of the Internet, e-mail, or other electronic communications devices to stalk 4 Monday of another person. Stalking generally involves harassing or threatening behavior that an every month at individual engages in repeatedly, such as following a person, appearing at a person's home the Bonner or place of business, making harassing phone calls, leaving written messages or objects, or County vandalizing a person's property. Most stalking laws require that the perpetrator make a Prosecutor’s credible threat of violence against the victim; others include threats against the victim's Office immediate family; and still others require only that the alleged stalker's course of Noon-1pm conduct constitute an implied threat. While some conduct involving annoying or menacing Contact: Peggy behavior might fall short of illegal stalking, such behavior may be a prelude to stalking and Frye, DV Case violence and should be treated seriously. Coordinator, for more information Although online harassment and threats can take many forms, cyberstalking shares important characteristics with offline stalking. Many stalkers - online or off - are motivated by a desire to exert control over their victims and engage in similar types of behavior to accomplish this end. As with offline stalking, the available evidence (which is largely anecdotal) suggests that the majority of cyberstalkers are men and the majority

    of their victims are women, although there have been reported cases of women cyberstalking men and of same-sex cyberstalking. In many cases, the cyberstalker and the victim had a prior relationship, and the cyberstalking begins when the victim attempts to break off the relationship. However, there also have been many instances of cyberstalking by strangers. Given the enormous amount of personal information available through the Internet, a cyberstalker can easily locate private information about a potential victim with a few mouse clicks or key strokes.

    A cyberstalker may send repeated, threatening, or harassing messages by the simple push of a button; more sophisticated cyberstalkers use programs to send messages at regular

    or random intervals without being physically present at the computer terminal. California law enforcement authorities say they have encountered situations where a victim repeatedly receives the message "187" on their pagers - the section of the California

    Penal Code for murder. In addition, a cyberstalker can dupe other Internet users into harassing or threatening a victim by utilizing Internet bulletin boards or chat rooms. For example, a stalker may post a controversial or enticing message on the board under the

    name, phone number, or e-mail address of the victim, resulting in subsequent responses being sent to the victim. Each message -- whether from the actual cyberstalker or others

    -- will have the intended effect on the victim, but the cyberstalker's effort is minimal and the lack of direct contact between the cyberstalker and the victim can make it difficult for law enforcement to identify, locate, and arrest the offender.

     Teen Dating Violence Prevention Program


     Did you know?

     * 1 in 3 teens experience some kind

     Tina's Law Adopted To Prevent Teen Dating Violence of abuse in their

    romantic relationships. Middletown, Ohio - School districts will have to adopt policies and health education

    curricula for seventh through 12th graders to prevent and combat teen dating violence *Only 33 % of teens under a new bill signed Monday, Dec. 28, by Gov. Ted Strickland. who have been in or

    known about an House Bill 19, dubbed ―Tina’s Law,‖ is named after Tina Croucher, a Middletown area teen abusive dating who was murdered by her abusive ex-boyfriend in December 1992. relationship report having told anyone about it. "My daughter would come home and say a football hit her in the face and bruised her face. She always had an excuse, and we were so ignorant of domestic violence. We didn't * Teen girls face know what it was," recalled Jim Croucher. relationship violence 3 times more than adult On Dec. 21, 1992, their 18-year-old daughter was killed by her ex-boyfriend. Elsa rushed women. home after repeated calls to Tina went unanswered.

     "We drive up in front of my house and they're rolling out a body out. That's how my * 25% of victims say

    greeting four days before Christmas at my house. And he came in, Tina was in bed, asleep. they have been

    isolated from family He went in and shot her in the head and then shot himself in her room," remembered Elsa and friend. Croucher. For more information call: * Many teens think Kootenai County 208-667-0975 Under the law, local boards of education must adopt a policy to prevent and address this is normal. dating violence at school, train staff on prevention and include dating prevention Spokane County 509-328-8310 education for 7th- through 12th-grade health classes. The bill also requires the Ohio Or email us at: * Teens report dating Board of Education to develop a dating violence prevention policy for schools. abuse via cell phones is a serious problem. On the web at: Ohio will be among only a handful of states with such a law. * Cell phone calls and For the second year, VAST along with the Bonner County Domestic Violence Taskforce texting mean constant

     control: 1 in 3 teens will be presenting the ―No Means Know‖ prevention program throughout several schools in

    say they are text Bonner County during the Winter of 2010, hoping to warn young people about violence and thmessaged 10, 20, 30 how it has no place in our community. We are hoping to present this curriculum to all 8 & times an hour by a th9 grade students. We cover topics such as healthy Relationships, Red Flags, Sexting partner keeping tabs Trends & consequences, resources in our community among other topics. We are also on them currently putting together a ―Parents Night‖ to help give parents a better understanding

    of what teen dating violence looks like. If you have any questions about this program, * 82% of parents please contact Peggy Frye. whose teens were

    emailed or text messaged 30 times

    an hour were not

    aware of this

    * The majority of

    parents of teen

    victims are unaware of the abuse

    We have compiled here a few jokes about New Year’s Resolution. Enjoy

    Happy New Year!!!

* Starting that diet:

    My friend Kimberly announced that she had started a diet to lose some pounds she had put on recently.

    "Good!" I exclaimed. "I'm ready to start a diet too. We can be dieting buddies and help each other out. When I feel the urge to drive out and get a burger and fries, I'll call you first." "Great!" she replied. "I'll ride with you."

* On Quitting Smoking:

    I discussed peer pressure and cigarettes with my 12-year-old daughter. Having struggled for years to quit, I described how I had started smoking to "be cool."

    As I outlined the arguments kids might make to tempt her to try it, she stopped me mid-lecture, saying, "Hey, I'll just tell them my mom smokes. How cool can it be?" -

* Reducing your Debt:

    Neighbors of ours had a terrible disagreement over a patio they wanted for their backyard. The wife had rather grand ideas, while the husband wanted costs kept to a minimum. The wife won out, and the construction bill climbed higher and higher.

    I dropped by one day, when the patio was near completion, and was surprised to find the husband smiling from ear to ear as the workmen smoothed over the surface. I remarked how nice it was to see a grin replace the frown he had been wearing lately.

    ―You see where they’re smoothing that cement?‖ he replied. ―I just threw my wife’s credit cards in there.‖ –

* Learning new Things:

    I was trying to decide what to do for a talent show I planned to enter. Trusting my mother to help me out, I asked, "For the show, what do you think I should do, sing or put on a comedy act?"

Glancing up from her paper, she said dryly, "What's the difference?"

     If you have any questions

     and/or concerns about our

     program, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If

     you would like a certain

     topic to be included in the next issue, please email

    Rossemary Udrizar at

    A big Thank You to

    everyone who has helped

    us throughout the year to

    spread the word around

    that Domestic Violence has

    no place in our Community!

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