Part I

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Part I ...

    Задания к художественному фильму


    составитель: Ефремова Ю.Н.



    List of characters

Queen Elizabeth II

    Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

    Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother Charles, Prince of Wales

    Earl Spencer, Princess of Wales Diana's brother Robin Janvrin, Queen’s deputy Private Secretary

    Tony Blair

    Cherie Blair

    Alastair Campbell, Press Secretary to Tony Blair Lord Airlie, Lord Chamberlain


    ( -9:40) Episode I

    ; Read the notes and questions before watching:

    - to be partial is to show or feel too much support for one person, team, idea, etc., in a way that is unfair;

    - to be entitled to vote is to have the right to vote;

    - to win by a landslide is to win overwhelmingly;

    - a manifesto is a written statement by a political party, saying what they believe in and what they intend to do; - to be on first-name terms is to call people by their first name as a sign of a friendly relationship;

    - Balmoral Castle is a castle in Scotland that the British royal family often use for their summer holidays.

     How is the appointment of the Prime Minister carried out? How did Mr Janvrin instruct Mr Blair before the audience? What is the Sovereign’s constitutional responsibility towards the Government?

     How often is it the usual practice for the Sovereign to talk with the Prime Minister?

     Give Mr Blair’s political profile as shown in the episode.

    ; Comment on the following:

    Elizabeth (to the artist): I rather envy you being able to vote.

    Equerry (to Mr Blair): Couple of other things. It's `Ma'am' as in ham, not Ma'am as in farm.

    ; Translate into Russian

    TV Commentary: "The only questions that still remain: how big will his landslide be? And how extensive, how sweeping will the modernisation programme be that he ushers in?"

    Elizabeth: Oh. Is he going to `modernise' us, do you think? Janvrin: I wouldn't put it past him. He's married to a woman with known anti-Monarchist sympathies.


    (9:40-18:40) Episode II

    ; Read the notes and question before watching:

    - concussion is the effect of a severe blow to the head such as confusion and temporary loss of physical and mental abilities;

    - intensive care is a department in a hospital that treats people who are very seriously ill or badly injured; - HRH is His/Her Royal Highness.

     What prevented Prince Charles from going to Paris after he learnt about the accident?

    ; Paraphrase the following:

TV Commentary: Once again her judgements are under scrutiny.

    Queen Mother: They keep one of the planes on permanent stand-by. In case I kick the bucket.

Alastair: You're writing your maiden conference speech as Prime


Tony: Well, let's cancel everything else. This is going to be massive.

Episode III (18:40-25:16)

    ; Read the notes and questions before watching:

- a memorial service is a religious ceremony held in order to

    remember sb who has died;

    - over the top is sth done to an exaggerated degree and with too much effort;

Whom does Earl Spencer hold responsible for Diana’s death?

     Why does the Queen prefer to see Diana’s funeral as a private

    matter? What are the Prime Minister’s arguments against it?


     Why does the Queen not think it necessary to make mention of Diana’s death during the Sunday service? Whose interests does she act in?

    ; Paraphrase the following:

Alastair: You are about to speak to the Queen?

    Tony: Yes.

    Alastair: Ask her if she greased the brakes.

Tony: You don't feel that in view of her high profile and

    popularity.. might be an idea to pay tribute to her life and


    ; Translate into Russian

Elizabeth: It's a family funeral, Mr. Blair. Not a fairground attraction.

    I think the Princess has already paid a high enough price for exposure to the press, don't you?

Episode IV (25:16-30:34)

    ; Read the notes and questions before watching:

    - the Lord Chamberlain is the person in charge of managing the royal household;

    - to plan for any contingency is to get ready for an event that may or may not happen;

    - stalking is following an animal quietly in order to catch and attack or kill it.

     What is the agenda of the meeting organized by the Lord Chamberlain?

     Why does Charles disagree with his mother’s decision to see Diana’s funeral as a private matter?


    (30:34-43:28) Episode V

    ; Read the notes and questions before watching:

    - Tay Bridge is a code name for the eventual funeral of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother;

    - Changing of the Guard or Guard Mounting is a regular hand-

    over of guards in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace

    accompanied by a Guards band;

    - Queen of hearts is a playing card.

     What funeral arrangements did the Lord Chamberlain suggest? What signal does Prince Charles send to the Prime Minister through his secretary? Why? What is he afraid of? Why does the Queen change her mind about going stalking and leave her son alone?

    ; Comment on the following:

    Alastair: This lot call you "The Nation's Mourner in Chief", this lot say you're "The only person who has correctly judged the mood of the country". Even the "Mail"....was impressed.

    Charles: Look, whatever else you may have thought of Diana - she was a wonderful mother. She adored those boys. And never let them forget it. Always warm. And physical. Never afraid to show her feelings.

    Elizabeth: Especially whenever a photographer was in sight.

    Prince Philip: And I was sure he'd give the other one up. Or, at least make sure his wife toed the line. Isn't that what everyone does? Elizabeth: Is it?

    ; Paraphrase the following:

    Janvrin: The Police Commissioner was keen that you consider the idea of a condolence book. It would give the growing crowds

    something to do. Make marshalling them easier.


Elizabeth: We encouraged the match. And signed off on it.

Prince Philip: What did he say?

    Elizabeth: How wonderful Diana was.

    Prince Philip: That's changing his tune.

    Elizabeth: What a natural.

    Diana: I'd like to be a queen of people's hearts, but I don't see myself being Queen of this country. I don't think many people will want me to be Queen. Actually, when I say many people I mean the establishment that I married into, because they've decided that I'm a non-starter.

    ; Translate into Russian

Tony: Has anyone told the Queen yet?

    Alastair: Dunno. No doubt some flunkey will be dispatched. Grovelling on all fours.

    Charles: That was always the extraordinary thing about her. Her weaknesses and transgressions only seemed to make the public love her more. Yet ours only make them hate us. Why is that? Why do they hate us so much?

    Elizabeth: Not `us', dear.

Episode VI (43:28-49:40)

    ; Read the notes and questions before watching:

- the Royal Standard is the flag used by the monarch and

    members of the royal family;

    - to phase out hereditary privileges is to gradually stop providing

    nobility with benefits.

     When is the Royal Standard flown above Buckingham Palace and when is the flagpole bare?

     Why did people want to see the Royal Standard flown at half mast? Why was the royal family against it? What was Prince Charles’ opinion?

     What is Tony Blair’s view on reforming the monarchy?


     Whom does Cherie think the Queen reminds Tony of? Why?

    ; Comment on the following:

    Tony: Look...if you want to have a serious conversation about this.. Cherie: I do..

    Tony:..about the Constitution..

    Cherie: we don't have one.

    ; Translate into Russian

    Cherie: Maybe this time people have finally seen them for what they are.

    Tony: Which is?

    Cherie: A bunch of freeloading, emotionally retarded...nutters... They

    exist in a ludicrous cocoon of privilege and wealth. They don't pay tax.

Episode VII (49:40-55:45)

    ; Read the notes and questions before watching:

- to stir up the mood is to make people feel strong emotions;

    - to listen in is to listen to a conversation that you are not supposed to hear;

    - abdication is the act of renouncing and resigning from a formal office, especially from the supreme office of state. In 1935 Edward VIII abdicated the British throne in order to marry American divorcée Wallis Simpson, over the objections of the British establishment, the governments of the Commonwealth, the royal family and the Church of England.

     What measures does the Prime Minister suggest the Queen should take?

     Why does the Queen’s secretary call Tony Blair?

    ; Paraphrase the following:

Janvrin: Try to see it from her perspective.


    Janvrin: And I cannot emphasize enough what affect that had on her. Unexpectedly becoming King as good as killed her father.

Episode VIII (55:45-1:03:32)

    ; Read the note and questions before watching:

    - prop-shaft is a driveshaft which connects an automobile gearbox to a rear differential; карданный вал;

     How does it happen that the Queen knows what exactly is wrong with her car?

     What does the Queen encounter when her Land Rover breaks down?

    ; Paraphrase the following:

Prince Philip: So it's vital you hold firm. Stick to your guns. You wait.

    They will come to their senses soon.

Episode IX (1:03:32-1:09:45)

    ; Read the note and questions before watching:

    - Cheshire cat grin is a big and rather silly smile; from a Cheshire cat, character in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis

    Carroll, which disappears very slowly until only its big smile is left.

     What does the Prime Minister tell the Queen to prove that the

    situation became critical?

     What measures does he advise to avert the disaster? Whom does the Queen turn to for advice?


    ; Comment on the following:

    Alastair: But the flip-side is... "Blair more popular than Churchill shock."

    ; Translate into Russian

Alastair: Statements of support don't sell papers.

    Elizabeth: Something's happened. There's been a change...a shift of values. When you no longer understand your people, isn't it time to hand over to the next generation?

    Queen Mother: Certainly not! Remember the oath you took

    Elizabeth: "I declare that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service."

    Queen Mother: Your whole life. That's a commitment to God as well as your people.

Episode X (1:09:45-1:19)

    ; Read the notes and questions before watching:

- to deliver a televised address is to give a speech which is

    broadcast on television;

    - to show remorse for sth is to feel extremely sorry for sth wrong or bad that you have done.

     Why does the Queen go to the neighbouring estate to see the stag? Why do you think it appears in the film in the first place?

    ; Translate into Russian

Alastair: 'The Times': “PALACE BENDS THE KNEE TO BLAIR."




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