Data Collection 200910 - Llywodraeth Cynulliad Cymru The Welsh

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Data Collection 200910 - Llywodraeth Cynulliad Cymru The Welsh

Y Gyfarwyddiaeth Dai

    Housing Directorate

Housing association circular

The term “housing association” in this and related documents means registered social landlord.

RSL 30/09

    Data Collection 2009/10

This circular advises Housing Associations on the timetable of submission of

    financial and other data to the Housing Directorate for the period 1 April 2009

    to 31 March 2010.

Effective date: 1 April 2009

Status: Advisory.

    Related documents: Regulatory Code for Housing Associations Registered in Wales

Distribution: To Housing Associations registered in Wales.


In order to carry out the Assembly Government’s regulatory function,

    effectively. The Regulation team requires both financial and other data to

    assist their understanding of the financial and governance arrangements of

    individual Housing Associations. This circular sets out due dates for the

    various returns which the Regulation team require from you during the

    financial year.


    Please refer to Annex A for the timetable. The following data is required:

    1. Audited financial statements

    2. Reconciliation of financial statement figures to year end management

    accounts figures as presented to management board.

    3. Rent benchmarking returns.

    4. Management accounts twice yearly.

    5. Annual private finance return.

    6. Five year corporate strategic business plan.

    7. 30 year financial projections

    Ffon / Tel: 01685 729160 Ffacs / Fax: 01685 729549 E-bost /

    8. Self assessment return (please refer to the note below)

Deadlines for submission are shown at annex A.

Self Assessment (SA)

The Essex report recognised the need for significant reform to the regulatory

    framework. These reforms are on going and envisage a robust, evidence

    based SA, driven and owned by Boards. As a result the SA is undergoing a

    radical review. It has been agreed therefore, it is not appropriate to ask HAs to

    deliver SA based on the existing criteria.

We anticipate that the development work should be completed by the summer

    of 2009, followed by training and guidance, which will be made available to

    HAs staff and Board members. This will ensure that the SA is fit for purpose,

    and can be undertaken during the autumn of 2009 to best support on going

    business planning cycles.

30 year financial forecasts

The deadline for submission of the template this year is 31 July 2009. The

    financial projection must be submitted electronically and in the exact format provided by the Welsh Assembly Government. The template will be subject to

    minor changes this year due to the issue of ‘Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) Accounting by registered social landlords 2008’. The new template will be emailed to relevant associations by 30 April 2009.

Any queries arising out of the contents of this guidance should be addressed

    to Housing Regulation, Welsh Assembly Government, Merthyr Tydfil office,

    Rhyd-y-Car, CF48 1UZ, email address Electronic copies of any of the requested information should also be sent to

    this address.

We are having to prioritise our use of the finite translation resources available to the Assembly Government. Unfortunately, on that basis, we are unable to provide a Welsh version of the RSL 030/09. This is because other items have been given a higher priority rating and have thus taken precedence in the allocation of resources. The approach for setting priorities is set out in the Welsh Language Scheme for the Welsh Assembly Government prepared under the Welsh Language Act 1993. Mae’n rhaid i ni flaenoriaethu’r ffordd yr ydym yn defnyddio’r adnoddau cyfieithu sydd ar gael i ni oherwydd y pwysau mawr sydd ar yr adnoddau hynny. Felly, yn anffodus ni allwn ddarparu fersiwn Cymraeg o’r RSL 030/09, gan fod eitemau eraill yn cael mwy o flaenoriaeth o ran dyrannu’r adnoddau. Mae’r dull a ddefnyddir i bennu blaenoriaeth wedi’i amlinellu yng Nghynllun Iaith Gymraeg Llywodraeth Cynulliad Cymru a baratowyd o dan Ddeddf yr Iaith Gymraeg 1993.

Annex A: Timetable period 1 April 2009 31 March 2010

    Return Detail Deadline


    1. Audited financial Must be signed and 6 months after the year end,

    statements approved by management electronic copy submitted (if

    board. available).

    2. Auditors management 6 months after the year end

    letter and board included with audited

    response financial statements return. 3. Rent benchmarking Board approved bench mark Annually within 2 months

    return return should be signed by after receiving request from

     the Chief Executive or Welsh Assembly

     Finance Director Government



    4. Reconciliation of Reconciliation of the figures 6 months after the year end,

    management accounts in the financial statements to submitted electronically (if

    to year end financial those as presented to available) and in hard copy

    statements management board in the

    management accounts (a

    10% de minimus limit applies

    of the relevant cost/revenue

    heading, to each individual


    5. 6 monthly management For March year ends. Must Must be submitted by;

    accounts be in the format presented to 31 May 2009, and

    the management board. 30 November 2009.

     For December year ends. Must be submitted by; 31

    Must be in the format August, and

    presented to the 28 February 2010.

    management board.

    6. Private finance return Must be signed by an For March year ends, 2

    (PFR) authorised signatory e.g. months after the year end

    Director of Finance/Chief and should be included with

    Executive. Welsh Assembly the management accounts

    Government pro-forma submission.

    should be utilised and return

    should be sent electronically For December year ends, 2

    as well as in hard copy months after the year end

    and should be included with

    the management accounts

    submission. Also submit a

    PFR with updated figures to

    31 March. 7. Five year Corporate Must be management board Updated annually - required

    Strategic Business approved. by 1 April at the latest.

    Plan incorporating

    financial forecasts

    8. 30 year financial Must be management board Submitted electronically in a

    forecasts approved. format agreed by Welsh

    Assembly Government by no

    later than 31 July.

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