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    REELING 2007:





    Advance sales are available until the day before the show. After that, tickets must be purchased at the theater box office on the day of the screening. Processing fees apply for all online and phone orders.

Online: 24 hours at

    Phone: MondayFriday, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm at (773) 293-1447

    Walk Up: Beginning October 27, Chicago Filmmakers, 5243 N. Clark St. Monday-Friday 10:00 am 6:00 pm and Saturday (Oct. 27 and Nov. 3 only), noon 5:00 pm

    Day of Show: Only available for purchase at the theater box office beginning 30 minutes prior to the first screening of the day. Cash only.

    Payment Options: Visa and MasterCard are accepted for phone, online, and advance walk-up sales. Personal checks, money orders, and cash are also accepted for advance walk-up sales. Cash only on day of screening sales. Note: Processing fees will be charged on all online and phone orders. Higher processing charges may be assessed on special admissions and passes. Returned checks are subject to a $25 fee.


    Regular Screenings: $10 / $8 members

Ticket Information:

Refunds and Cancellations: All programs are subject to change due to unforeseen

    circumstances. NO REFUNDS, NO EXCHANGES. Phone and online orders cannot be changed after order is placed. Festival is not responsible for lost, stolen, or forgotten tickets or passes. In the event that a program is cancelled, exchange passes will be issued only to ticket holders at the theatre.

Rush Tickets: Rush tickets for sold-out shows will be offered at the theater‘s box office

    approximately 10 minutes prior to the screening. The number of tickets available is dependent on the number of unoccupied seats. Cash only.


    MATINEE PASS: $35 Good for admission for one to all matinee screenings (beginning at 5:00 pm or earlier).


    FILM ROW PASS: $40 Good for admission for one to any 5 regular screenings at Film Row Cinema. Not good for special admission programs.

    FESTIVAL PASS: $125 Good for admission for one to all regular screenings. Not good for special admissions programs.

    POLICIES ON PASSES: Passes must be presented to the theater box office on the day of the show for a ticket. Passes cannot be redeemed in advance of the day of the show. Please arrive early. Admission is not guaranteed in the event of a sell-out. Even if you have a ticket, you must be

    in the theater ten minutes before the film‘s published start time or we reserve the right to sell your seat in the event of a sell out.

Opening Night: Shelter

    Film Only: $15 / $12 members. Film & Gala: $45 / $40 members.

Spotlight Film: A Four Letter Word

    Film Only: $10 / $8 members. Film/Party: $20 / $18 members.

Special Event: Starrbooty

    Film Only: $10 / $8 members. Film/Karaoke Party: $20 / $18 members.

Special Event: Bears

    Film Only: $10 / $8 members. Film & After-Party: $17 / $15 members.

Special Event: Showtime’s Official L Word and Itty Bitty Pink After-Party

    Film Only: $10 / $8 members. Film & After-Party: $30 / $27 members. Party Only: $25 / $22 members.

Spotlight Film: 2 Minutes Later

    Film Only: $10 / $8 members. Film & Event: $17 / $15 members.

Closing Night: The Curiosity of Chance

    Film Only: $15 / $12 members. Pre-party & Film: $30 / $27 members. Film, Pre-party & End of Fest Celebration: $45 / $40 members.




    Opening Night Gala

    Chicago History Museum

    6:00 PM Reception / 8:00 PM Screening


    Jonah Markowitz, US, 2007


    A heartfelt debut feature about first love, Jonah Markowitz‘s romantic surfer tale, proclaimed by many as the best gay film of the year, is awash with sweet first kisses, masculine tenderness, and compelling drama.

    Having given up an art school scholarship to hold his dysfunctional family together, young Zach (played by soulful dreamboat Trevor Wright) settles for a dead-end job at a local diner and an on-again/off-again relationship with his sexually frustrated girlfriend. He also cares for his neglected nephew, leaving just enough spare time for his two passionsart and surfing. One day, while

    picking up his surfboard from ―Richie Rich‖ pal Gabe‘s house, Zach runs into Gabe‘s older brother, Shaun (Brad Rowe from Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss), a gay Hollywood writer who has recently

    returned home to San Pedro. As Shaun joins Zach on an impromptu trip to the beach, the two are gradually swept away by more than just the killer waves, and their developing attraction catches Zach off guard. What's a sexually confused dude to do?

    The alt-rock soundtrack adds depth to the unpretentious script, and the stellar ocean scenes are nearly as gorgeous as the cast. Wright and Rowe mesh with natural, seamless chemistry, while Tina Holmes (best known as Maggie on Six Feet Under) stands out as Zach‘s selfish, boozehound

    sister. The skilled performances enhance writer/director Markowitz‘s assured, award-winning movie.

A classic coming-of-age story with a refreshing edge, Shelter is not just about sexy surfers riding

    the waves (and each other). It‘s about the grin-while-you're-driving moment you realize the

    exhilarating rush of new love is more than just infatuation.

    97 min

6:00 PM Opening Night Gala at Chicago History Museum (1601 N. Clark St.)

    We‘re rolling out the pink carpet at The Chicago History Museum … surfing style. Look out for hotties in wetsuits to get you in the mood for our opening night film about surfer boys in love. Do the Watusi to beach party music while enjoying hors d‘oeuvres provided by Whole Foods, as well as an open bar sponsored by Stella Artois and Ketel One‘s extravagant martini ice bar.

This event is sponsored by Chicago History Museum and Out at CHM


    Film and Gala: $45 / $40 for members

    Film Only: $15 / $12 for members


7:00 PM

    Landmark‘s Century Centre Cinema

    Butch Jamie

    Michelle Ehlen, US, 2007

    In writer/director/star Michelle Ehlen‘s award-winning debut film, a frustrated and desperate actor

    takes some secret cross-dressing liberties and finally lands a breakout role. OK, it sounds like Tootsie. But it‘s a damn good and really gay Tootsie. Not to mention that you don‘t have to see

    Dustin Hoffman in a dress.


    Frustrated by her lack of success in the acting world and spurred on by her roommate‘s surprisingly successful acting cat, super dyke Jamie stops femming it up for casting calls and reclaims her true form, Butch Jamie. Much to her dismay, Jamie lands a role in an independent film as Steve. Jamie reluctantly accepts the part, and even starts having fun as she prepares for the role with priceless hetero-male quips such as "Yeah, I banged her. She was good. I was better."

Now, Jamie must confront an array of on-set obstaclesfrom being oddly short for a man, to

    having ethical reservations with her secrecy, to a hardcore crush on all-American Jill who falls for the film‘s new petite vegetarian man (uh oh).

A quirky, gender-bending comedy full of wit and community inside jokes, Butch Jamie is a well-

    rounded tale of the surprising liberation of pretense on the path to finding yourself. 84 min

7:00 PM

    Film Row Cinema


    Kirk Shannon-Butts, US, 2006

    Rising young filmmaker Kirk Shannon-Butts, proclaimed by some to be a young gay Spike Lee, has catapulted onto the scene with his first feature-length film, which dares to ask the question

    can you fall in love in one day?

Set amidst the hustle of vibrant Harlem, Blueprint follows the impromptu romance of independent

    and reserved college student Keith and street-smart Nathan. What ensues is a day of intimacy and passion for the unlikely couple, one that begins in the rhythm and chaos of the city, then travels via a motorcycle road trip away from the confines of the urban world and into the woods and beyond. As Keith and Nathan experience nature and each other, they strip away their clothing, their identities, and their masks to reveal themselves to one another and the world.

    Blueprint is a film that honors the history of cinema while authentically portraying a modern-day love story of two African American mensomething sorely absent from the typical film landscape.

    That is, until now.

    75 min

9:00 PM

    Film Row Cinema


    Cherisse Deaton, US, 2007

    Underneath is the charming story of a conflicted young lesbian‘s empowering journey of self-

    discovery. It‘s also one of the very few films on festival circuit written and directed by African American women (writer Katrina Deaton plays the main character, and her partner, Cherisse Deaton, directs).

    Most people would consider sexy tomboy Taylor Hayes lucky. She‘s educated, has a job she loves, a fabulous boyfriend, and a group of friends with whom she can talk about anything … well, almost

    anything. But Taylor can barely keep her jaw off the floor when she‘s around a hot lady!


    She spends most of her time concocting elaborate lies to hook up with the beautiful women she craves, and her friends are none the wiser. Taylor is happy enough to deceive the people she loves until she meets a gorgeous waitress named Mya. Though both women are in relationships with men, their chemistry is undeniable, and the love they feel for one another is too big to remain unspoken.

Also Screening: Ma Rainey’s Lesbian Licks (Robert Philipson, US, 2006), a re-creation of a 1928

    blues number with explicit lesbian lyrics, the first of its kind.

    Total: 111 min

9:30 PM

    Landmark‘s Century Centre Cinema

    The Shadows

    Guillermo R. Rodriguez, US, 2007

    Horror novelist Stephen Grimes is a writer on the verge of a new mystery. With his publisher and editor breathing down his neck, his ex-wife harassing him about his divorce settlement, and his sister interrupting his flow, Stephen is nearing the end of his rope. Little does Stephen know, there is about to be a twist in his own plot.

    On a late night drive one fateful evening, Stephen accidentally hits young Emmet and rushes him to the hospital. While there, Stephen discovers that a terminal illness, not a publication date, is his real deadline. Rather than bemoaning his fate, Stephen forms a tentative friendship (and subsequent heated affair) with Emmet, who mysteriously happens to share his last name.

    Suddenly, Stephen is no longer tied to his desk, trying to pump out an entire manuscript in just two weeks. He‘s finally letting go—trading in his tweed jacket for tight tank tops, dancing the night away, and having passionate sex with his hot new boyfriend. As the blossoming romance encourages him to escape his life and become the person he always was, things seem to be looking up. But there is something lurking in The Shadows, Stephen‘s unfinished novel, something that won‘t let

    him go so easily.

    80 min


12:00 PM

    Landmark‘s Century Centre Cinema

    Secret Society of Girls

    What do girls do behind closed doors? As the girls in this program discover the beauty of each other, their lives change forever. Mysterious, fascinating, charming, and at times disturbing, these films highlight the intimacy and emotional connections that can only truly exist between girls.

    Girl’s Room (Maria Gigante, US, 2007): A meek schoolgirl surprisingly discovers a new friend in an eerie restroom in this locally made short with eye-popping cinematography and a wonderfully apt soundtrack.


    Donkey Girl (Ties Schenk, The Netherlands, 2006): Daydreamer Farouzi is a young Dutch-Arabic girl whose only true friend is her donkey Soufiane. But when a self-willed girl comes by the fishery on a scooter, Farouzi jumps on her donkey to search for her fortune.

    The Storm (Paris Pickard, US, 2007): Inspired by the siren story from Homer‘s The Odyssey, The

    Storm is a visual interpretation of the temptation illustrating the challenges of leaving your comfort zone in order to understand it, expand it, and ultimately weather the storm. The Sisterhood of Night (Jeffrey Moss, US, 2007): In a small Midwestern town, a group of young girls have formed a secret nocturnal society and taken a vow of silence. But when one girl breaks her vow, damage is done and the girls‘ silence leads to outrage throughout the town.

    Sexy Thing (Denie Pentecost, Australia, 2006): On a dry suburban day, a 12-year-old is caught between the conflicting worlds of family, friendship and imagination.

    Hollow Bones (Nicholas Verso, Australia, 2007): Plagued by bad dreams, and returning home from the hospital after a long illness, Alex struggles to assimilate back into the strange suburban world. But a new friendship with fellow outsider Marianne challenges her perspectives. Total: 79 min

12:00 PM

    Film Row Cinema

    Dangerous Hearts

    New York City, LA, and other big cities are prominent in these shorts, where innocent outsiders encounter some rough strangers on the tough city streets.

    D 4 Delivery (Heland Lee, US, 2007): This short touches on the cultural nuances of an immigrant struggling to survive, and the alienation he feels in a city that can be unwelcoming. Area X (Dennis Shinners, US, 2007): A young outsider on the run in NYC encounters a slick and charming hustler.

    Dirty Love (Michael Tringe, US, 2006): Questioning teen Derik jumps the train to LA, gets seduced by a hustler, and manages to find himself.

    Embedded (Matthew Toffolo, Canada, 2006): A simple dinner may have huge implications for two incompatible couples whose fears and insecurities keep them together.

    Donny & Ginger (Jon Bush, US, 2007): Ginger, a 20-year-old Latino drag queen prostitute is out working the industrial streets of East LA when she meets Donny, a hard-assed cop about to finish the late shift.

    Nourishment (Marc Salterelli, US, 2007): At a nonprofit food service, unexpected visitors distract Nat as he intakes a newly diagnosed HIV-positive client.

    Alonso’s Deadline (Mario Galarreta, US, 2007): A recently widowed neuroscience professor, Dr. Alonso, finds new hope in an unlikely connection with a young school janitor. Time Will Tell (Kelly West, Australia, 2005): What do you talk about when you don‘t know how to say goodbye?

    Lost and Found (Shrenik, India, 2007): Two strangers enjoy a stimulating bumpy ride on a crowded local bus in Delhi.

    Total: 91 min

1:45 PM

    Landmark‘s Century Centre Cinema

    Nordic Boys in Love


    These dramatic films feature sexy young men who find that love is not always convenient, simple, or easy to contain. Directors from Denmark and Sweden take the viewers inside the worlds of three young mena teen interested in exploring his sexuality with a straight friend of his parents, a quiet young man in love with his boisterous roommate, and an insecure man on a camping trip who finds his first love.

    Three Summers (Carlos Oliveira, Denmark, 2006): Every summer Thomas goes with his parents to a summer house, but only looks forward to seeing his older neighbor Jørgen. This summer he has a secret to tell.

    Lucky Blue (Håkon Liu, Sweden, 2007): A Swedish summer night and a camping site. It‘s about

    grand emotions and first love in this story of Olle, who, in spite of his insecurities and fears, finally finds the courage to express love in his own way.

    Flatmates (Kompisar) (Magnus Mork, Sweden, 2007): Great friends Björn and Hampus move into a flat together, but underlying tension between the boys, one straight and one gay, highlights the confusing line between tenderness and abuse.

    Total: 71 min

2:00 PM

    Film Row Cinema

    Finn’s Girl

    Dominique Cardona, Laurie Colbert, Canada, 2007

    Filmmakers Dominique Cardona and Laurie Colbert (My Feminism, Thank God I’m a Lesbian)

    make their first venture into narrative form with this intelligently crafted, emotional drama about one small family‘s tribulations and the eventual path to renewal.

Doctor Finn Jefferies is a thoroughly modern lesbianfeisty, happy, committed, and passionate.

    But with the untimely death of long-term partner Nancy, Finn‘s world is turned on end. She

    struggles to find her footing on the domestic front with willful pre-teen daughter Zelly Bean while encountering extensive professional hurdles at both her laboratory and her partner‘s clinic—under

    constant threat by anti-abortion activists. As the situations at home and at work intersect and escalate, a new romance adds another element to Finn‘s already convoluted life. Is the grief-

    stricken Finn ready for love again so soon?

    Finn’s Girl remains engaging and entertaining throughout, succeeding on a personal level by delicately balancing the upheaval in Finn‘s contentious world with the amusing misadventures of Zelly and pals Eve and Max. On a broader scale, Cardona and Colbert craft a social and political exploration of women‘s rights and the broad issues of GLBT family life without losing sight of the

    personal beauty of the tale.

    88 min

3:30 PM

    Landmark‘s Century Centre Cinema


    Whether it‘s a lovelorn gay zombie, a (possibly) impregnated playboy, a tender yet masculine underwater sea creature, or a faghag that could drive you to murder, these shorts will hit you right in the funnyboner. It has never been more fun to be gay than when watching these absolutely fagulous films.


Masturbation: Putting the Fun Into Self-Loving (J.T. Tepnapa, US, 2001): In Masturbation, Dr.

    Sigmund Winston teaches the students of the 1950s how to put more excitement into self-loving. This film serves as the inspiration for this year‘s film, And The Award Goes To … also screening in

    this program.

    Daddy (Sidney Karger, US, 2007): New York singleton Wayne discovers his carefree life may be in jeopardy when, after a one-night stand, he learns he may be pregnant.

    And the Award Goes to … (J.T. Tepnapa, US, 2007): J.T.‘s film is nominated for best short film on Hollywood‘s biggest night. But beyond on-stage ―thank yous‖ and ―lies‖ comes the true question:

    Just how does one make a film?

    Gay Zombie (Michael Simon, US, 2007): If you think it‘s hard to find a good man, try being a closeted zombie with decaying flesh.

    The Caress of the Creature (Stewart McAlpine, US, 2006): A tender yet masculine (and possibly gay) sea creature kidnaps a construction foreman and takes him to his underwater lair. Day Stripper (David Jahn, US, 2007): A group of ladies hire an incompetent stripper to surprise a co-worker.

    Do Not Bend (Pierre Bonhomme, Canada, 2007): Sometimes even a monster home in the suburbs isn‘t enough to contain the baggage of one complicated couple.

    Ooh Mojitos! (Gentry Harrison, US, 2007): A faghag‘s obsession with gay men and lime-mint

    flavored cocktails just might drive a scruffy punk boy over the edge in this hilarious dark comedy.

    Total: 83 min

4:00 PM

    Film Row Cinema

    The Two Cubas and Voodoo Woman

The Two Cubas

    Carolina Valencia, Canada, 2006

    The Two Cubas takes an intimate look at the lives of two gay men, close friends who have grown up under Fidel Castro's 40-plus year regime.

    José Luis has been invited to Germany, and applies for a tourist visa to visit Berlin, and possibly, as many Cubans do, stay and make a life for himself there. His best friend, successful dancer José Rodriguez, knows that Cuba will always be his home, though he has lost many of his friends and lovers to defection abroad.

    The Two Cubas looks at the strong family and personal bonds that sustain and strengthen gay culture and the heartbreak that results when a member of the family decides to leave.

Voodoo Woman

    Carolina Valencia, Canada, 2007

    Carolina Valencia‘s film is a powerful first person account of the director‘s journey to Cuba to consult with Voodoun priests about her own gender transformation. Voodoo Woman is a

    compelling story that mesmerizes us with the exotic mysticism of the Cuban island and its mysterious religious practices. Carolina‘s journey is our own as well — as everyone searches to

    find the ―self‖ to which they need to be true.

    Total: 90 min


5:30 PM

    Landmark‘s Century Centre Cinema

    Back Soon

    Rob Williams, US, 2007

    A thought provoking fable about fate and the all-consuming power of love, Back Soon is an

    evocative film infused with elements of the supernatural and magical realism.

    When Logan loses his beloved wife in a car accident, he doesn‘t know how to pick up the pieces. After nine months of mourning, he decides to sell his home, and a mysterious man named Gil, who claims to have a peculiar attraction to the house, purchases it within an hour. Though Gil and Logan both identify as straight, they are drawn to each other, and the nature of their relationship becomes increasingly complex. When the origins of their feelings are revealed to be something otherworldly, Logan and Gil must struggle to make meaning of the love that both confounds and consumes them. Does Logan love Gil, or does he merely love the memory of his wife? Are Gil‘s feelings his own?

    Director Rob Williams explores the perplexing subject of friendship between the two men, and then completely turns the issue upside down. Seeing two staunchly ―heterosexual‖ characters in a passionate embrace is a cinematic experience both rare and electrifying. Equal parts mystery and myth, Back Soon is a romantic tale about the incomparable power of love.

    83 min

6:30 PM

    Film Row Cinema

    Lez Be Friends

    Glenn Gaylord, US, 2007

    Set in 1969 Greenwich Village following the Stonewall riots, Lez Be Friends is a wacky, loving

    homage to the great sitcoms of the '70s. Putting a gay(er) twist on Three's Company, producer

    Stephen Israel (Boy Culture) and writer/director Glenn Gaylord (Boychick) tell the story of Ricca

    Pike, a butch lesbian who must pretend to be straight in order to live with her two (inevitably shirtless) gay male roommates, lest she incur the wrath of their lesbo-phobic landlord, Truman DuBois (played by Robert Michael Morris, Mickey from HBO's The Comeback).

In episode one (―Stonewalled‖), Ricca and her best friend, Jamie, move from Ohio to The Big Apple.

    While apartment hunting, they meet hunky Stonewall Inn bartender Blake, who is desperately trying to find two new roommates. Faster than you can sing ―come and knock on our door,‖ the unlikely trio agrees to shack up if only they can overcome one major obstacle: convincing the lesbian-hating, southern-dandy building owner that Ricca is a hetero girly girl.

    Episode two (―All's Kwell That Ends Kwell‖) places the kids in a very hairy situation: a crab infestation that finds the roommates on a funny, frantic hunt for patient zero. 70 min

Spotlight Presentation

    7:30 PM

    Landmark‘s Century Centre Cinema


A Four Letter Word

    Casper Andreas, US, 2007

    In a kitschy follow up to 2004‘s Slutty Summer, writer/director Casper Andreas dares to answer the

    timeless question … Can a playboy overcome the complications of the scariest four letter word in the gay dictionary … love?

An unabashed manwhore, party boy Luke starts his day like any otheruntangling himself from

    the limbs of his previous night‘s conquest (in this case conquests) and heading to another grinding

    day of work at the local Chelsea sex store. But when Luke‘s new crush, macho man Stephen, calls him a gay cliché, Luke has a whole new approach to (gasp) monogamy. But is Stephen everything he appears to be? Amidst bar hoppers, monogamists, addicts, and activists, Luke‘s quest to answer that question may unearth answers his heart is not ready to handle.

    With a delightful set of queer, straight, and everything-in-between characters rounding out the ensemble, A Four Letter Word is like a sex-crazed gay sitcom with a pulse, and maybe even a

    lesson about that elusive word. In the end of this vibrant crowd-pleaser, our protagonists may just discover that being true to yourself may be the best way to deal with the many complications of that Four Letter Word.

    85 min

A Four Letter Word Spotlight Party:

    Following our Spotlight Presentation, Reeling is hosting an official after-party in celebration of this fun and sexy film. A Four Letter Word will certainly get you in the mood to grab the nearest hottie

    and dance the night away to the beats of our fabulous DJ. And you can always take a break and enjoy hors d‘oeuvres and drinks provided by Stella Artois and Stolichnaya Russian Vodka.

    Spotlight Film and Spotlight Party: $20 / $18 for members

    Film Only: $10 / $8 for members

8:30 PM

    Film Row Cinema

    The Two Sides of the Bed

    (Los dos lados de la cama)

    Emilio Martinez-Lazaro, Spain, 2005

    ―Love has no rules‖ could be the motto of three Madrid couples whose lives intertwine in this frothy

    Spanish hit, a bisexual-romantic-musical-comedy sequel to 2002's award-winning The Other Side

    of the Bed.

    Best friends Javier (a standout performance from sensitive hunk Ernesto Alterio) and Pedro are back three years after the previous film, seemingly more mature and ready to commit. Javier is about to marry the delicately beautiful Marta, who's showing signs of cold feet. Why? Because Pedro's steady girlfriend, the fiery chanteuse Raquel, is also Marta's secret lady lover. Meanwhile, the guys' close buddy Rafa thinks he's happily coupled with Pilar, who's actually having an affair with single pal Carlos. When the bold, drunk, and alluring Carlota comes into the picture, all bets are off. Confused? So are they!


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