Quiz 3--Chapter 3 The Shaping of the Nation

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Quiz 3--Chapter 3 The Shaping of the Nation

    Chapter 3 The Shaping of the Nation (1066-1381)

I. Multiple choice

    1. Under Williams rule, the ____ were at the bottom of the feudal system.

     A. barons B. freemen C. villeins D. lawyers

    2. Henry II was the first king of the ____ dynasty.

    A. Windsor B. Tudor

    C. Malcolm D. Plantagenet

    3. In Henry IIs reign, a ____ law was gradually established in place of the customs of the manor.

     A. local B. private C. civil D. common

    4. The Great Charter was signed in ____and had ____ clauses.

     A. 1251, 63 B. 1251, 73

    C. 1215, 63 D. 1215, 73

    5. In 1265 ____ summoned the Great Council, which has been seen as the earliest parliament.

    A. Henry III B. the Pope

    C. Barons D. Simon de Montfort

II. Fill in the blanks

    1. Under William, the ____ system in England was completely established. 2. The property record in Williams time is known as ____, which was compiled in 1086. 3. In Henry IIs day, the country was divided into six circuits, and the ____ system replaced old English

    ordeals by fire and water and old Norman trials by battle.

    4. ____s grave became a place of pilgrimage in and beyond Chaucers time after he was murdered.

    5. In 1215, the barons charter, known as Mangna Carta or ____ was approved, which contained 63 clauses. 6. In the Hundred Years War, the French heroine ____ led the French to drive the English out of their country.

    By 1453, Calais was the only part of France that was still in the hands of the English. 7. ____ was the deadly bubonic plague, which reduced Englands population from four million to two million

    thby the end of the 14 century.

III. Explain the terms

    1. Domesday Book 2. the Great Charter 3. Simon de Montfort 4. the Hundred Years War

    5. Joan of Arc 6. the Black Death 7. the Lollards


    I. Mutiple choice

    1.C 2. D 3. D 4. C 5. D

    II.Fill in the blanks

    1. feudal 2. Domesday Book, 3. jury

    4. Thomas Becket 5. the Great Charter 6. Joan of Arc

    7. Black Death

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