Chronology of British Government

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Chronology of British Government

     Chronology of British Government Monarch Date of Rule Deeds Events Comments

     Germanic/Scandinavian Rule

     871-899 1. DefeatedDanlawAnglo-Saxon

     expansion & Wessexline

     regained land

     2. established navy

     and garrison

    Alfred the Great 3. introduction of

     Christanity to

    Dames, first

    public schools for


    descendances and


    4. Anglo-Saxon


    Edward the Anglo-Saxon elder Wessexline;

    Son to Alfred Athelstan Anglo-Saxon


    Son to

    Edward Edgar the 959-975 Anglo-Saxon Peaceful Wessexline Ethelred the 978`1016 Invaded England Anglo-Saxon Unready Wessexline;



    King of

    Denmark Canute 1016-1035 1.chosen as king by Scandinavian

    Witan;2.United Conqueror

    England, Denmark and


    Edward the 1042-1066 1.facilitated the Son of Confessor Norman Ethelred the

    Conquer;2.Norman Unready

    feudal system adopted

    Harold 1066 defeated Norwegians Earl of Godwinson Wessex

     Norman French Rule

     1066-1087 5-steps to strengthen 1. defeated Harold William the

    William I reign in England: and crowned Conqueror, 1.crushed all William I at French duke resistance,built castles Westminster connected to for protection Abbey on the Wessex 2.broke up Saxon Dec.25,1066 Line who earldoms established favored by centralized royal Edward the government. Confessor 3.vicomtes

    4.slovent royal treasury, royal coinage

    5.allied with Roman

    Catholic Church

    William II 1087-1100 Murdured William

    ndRufus, 2

    son to

    William I

    rdHenry I 1100-1135 Altered the relationship 3 son of between King and his William I followers:1.chose

    bishops 2.accepted

    money from Barons

    instead of military


    Stephen &Maud 1135-1154 1.20-years of civil war Stephen:Gra

    and anarchy; ndson to

    2.agreement to William I;

    Stephens rule and Matilda:

    Henry IIs succession. Daughter to

    Henry I

     Angevin French Plantagenents

    Henry II 1154-1189 1.reform of legislative Son to Maud system

    2.claimed vast territories in France and Ireland

    through various family


    3.altered the

    relationships between

    secular and religious


    -murdered of Thomas

Becket/failure in

    reforming canon law;

    4.invaded and

    established English

    kingdom in Ireland.

    Richard I 1189-1199 1.Three Crusades for Oldest control of holy sites in surving son the Near East; of Henry II; 2.imprisoned by Richard the Christan allies for Lionhearted ransom

    3.fought in France

    ndJohn 1199-1216 1.raised property taxes; In 1215. Tenant Rights 2 surving 2.struggles with Pope movement & Magna son of Henry Innocent III and invasion Carta II

    of Philip Augustus

    Henry III 1216-1272 1. civil war in 1263 Son to John

    and baronial Disarstrous


    2. establishment of


    Edward I 1272-1307 1.began the Hundred 1.1348-1349:DavastatiSon to Henry Years War against war; on of black death III

     resulting in the death

    of 3/8



    2.1351:the futile

    Statute of Laborors

    Military control over

    laboring class

    underwent changes:

    shift from old

    knight&castle system

    to expert


    3. Tensions between

    classes hightened

    by religious


    4. nationalism

    aroused, English

    gained popularity

    Richard II 1377-1399 Confiscated the estates 1.1378-1380,Head Son to the

    of his uncle John, Tax imposed by John Black Prince,

    violating the law of of Gaunt; Grandson to

    inheritance 1381, Peasants Revolt Edward III


    Henry IV 1399-1413 1.Rebelled by cousin Grandson to

    Henry, defeated Richard Edward

    2and forced him to III,consin to

    abdicate and murdered Richard


    2.illegally seizing

    power-lost the protection

    of laws of

    inheritance-spent much

    of his reign suppressing


    Henry V 1413-1422 Asserting authority both

    in France&at home

    Henry VI 1422-1461 Deposed by Edward War of Roses Weak King

    Yorkist and murdered (1455-1485) with divided

    (1461) government


    Edward IV 1461-1470 Briefly ousted from Grandson of

    1471-1483 power by his brother Edward III

    Clarence & his

    previous supporters in


    Edward V 1483 Murdered

    Richard III 1483-1485 Defeated and killed in The Battle of Brother of

    the Battle of Bosworthy Bosworthy Edward IV

    by Henry Tudor


    HenryVII 1485-1509 1. united the House Grandson of

    of Yorkists and EdwardIII;

    Lancastrian by Earl of

    means of marriage Richmond.

    with Yorkists

    Elizabeth and

    established the

    Tudor House.

    2. the Star


    ation of his


    3. Mortons


    treasury deficit

    into a surplus;

    4. the threat of

    revocation to gain

    trading prileges

    for English

    merchants abroad;

    5. Education funds

    HenryVIII 1509-1547 1. Cardinal Son of Henry

    Wosley-last III;selected

    established the by Privy

    concept Council;Wels


    r as basis of

    English foreign

    policy,1521 crisis

    2. creation of the

    Royal Navy,

    strengthening central administrative &maintaining

    adequate supervision of local government

    3. 1535-incorporrate

    d Wales &

    England on equal

    terms in the first

    Act of Union;

    4. Middle-class


    Parliament in

    favor of the King

    5. Anti-clerical



    Act of Supremacy-

    Dissolution of


    6. 1537-1542: Irish anarchy, Pilgrimage of Grace by Catholic

    the Statute of

    the Six Articles

    Edward VI 1547-1553 Parliaments effort of Uncles

    religious unity served as


    Mary I 1553-1558 1.Married to Catholic Elder Spanish King daughter to PhilipII,turning England HenryVIII,sea vassal of Spain; lected by the 2. Lost the last French Privy lands-the Port of Council, Calais-as a result of Roman supporting Spain against Catholic, French in war; Bloody 3. appointed Catholic as Mary.

    the Archbishop of

    Cantebury and Catholic

    worship returned to local churches.

    Elizabeth I 1553-1603 1.two disarstrous 1. crisis: war with Younger policies aggravated the Catholic Spain daughter of Irish problems: caused by HenryVIII, a. granting the Catholic hatred of Protestant, aristocracy commercial Protestantism and Catholic and estate monopolies in English rivalry for illegitimate, Ireland for global Intelligent, money&support; trade&ultimate highly-educab.sent poorly trained control of oceans; ted, proud, highly ambitious and the destruction of calculating, avaricious favorites as Spainish Armada self-control, military commanders to in 1588 and GB rivaled by Ire. ruled the sea; Mary Queen

     2. 1597-1601:Hugh of Scots, A

    ONeil Revolt politician

    3. the flourishing of and a

    culture survivor.




    Johnson, Francis

    Bacon, Harvey,

    Gilbert, King

    James Bible of


    4. the economic

    prosperity based

    on individual

    enterprise in many


     The Stuart and Commonwealth

    James I 1603-1625 1.peacefully united the 1.1621. The House of Grandson of England and Scotland in Commons drew up the Henry VII, politics; Great Protestant-first Son to 2. New ways to raise of the great documents Queen Mary revenue without of English Revolution. of Scots, parlimentary 2. 1624, Chales highly-educaapproval:selling betrothal to French ted, nobilities&awarding Catholic Princess. conceited Elizabethan monopolies 3. the origin of GUY and stubborn 3.the failed attempt of FAWKES Day.

    openly seeking a 4. 1607, the

    Catholic Spanish establishment of the princess as first English colony in daughter-in-law,starting North America on the the fires with Parl. Atlantic coast at 4. No bishop, no king. Jamestown, Virginia Favored the High for commercial Church. reasons.

    1620, the second at



    founded by Pilgrims

    for religious reason.

    5. 1609,the first

    English factory

    establish in India.

    Charles I 1625-1649 1.1628, the Petition of Son of James

    Right, first stating I, beheaded

    some most basic rules by order of

    of modern the RUMP

    constitutional parl.


    2. 1629, King

    dissolved parliament

    and imprinsoned 9

    leaders in London



    ment rule;

    3. 1638, Scottish

    rebellion: fuse of the English Revolution.

    4. Charles reconvened

    the parliament in need of money-Short

    Parl.-soon dissolved.

    5.Scotts invaded

    England-Long Parl. of

    the Revolution-Parl.

    abolished taxes and unpopular royal

    administrative courts & meet every 3 years.

    6. Irish rebellion, massacring northern Irish Protestants; 1641, Grand Remonstrance.

    7. the Civil War


    Oliver 1649-1658 1. claimed the Patriotic Englishman,

    Cromwell England republic strong-minded,

    as stubborn, no

    Commonwealth; pathological

    2. 1651, the drive for power,

    Navigation puritan, Lord

    Act-embargo on Protector

    Dutch Shipping;

    3. 1654,solved

    Scottish and Irish

    problems with


    4. 1652,English

    ships defeated the

    Dutch and

    mastered the

    northern sea.

    5. Dissolved the

    Rump and


    himself as Lord

    Protector, chose

    New Parliament

    based on the only


    constitution of


    Instrument of


    6. Puritans passed

    blue laws in an

    effort to impose

    puritan lifestyle in

    the country

    Richard 1658-1660


     Restored Stuart

    Charles II 1660-1685 1. dissenters were Selected by

    excluded by parliament;

    Parliament chief

    particularly in the minister of

    accsess to Uni, Parliament

    resulting in the dominates

    domination of a the

    nonconformist monarchy;

    consciense in period of

    public life; public 2. Disarsters:the pursuit of

    Black pleasure,


    ;the Great Fire in morals,festiv

    London e court life 3. Dutch War of and indecent


    d seized


    supremacy from

    the Dutch.

    4. 1670, the Hudson

    Bay Company

    was granted

    exclusive right to

    trade by the

    Hudson Bay in


    James II 1685-1688 1687, issued a The bloodless Youger son

    Declaration of Glorious Revolution of Charles, Indulgence (1688-1689) outspoken 1688,fled to France. Catholic, I

    exiled by


    William III 1688-1702 1. Bill of Rights Rule by

    &Mary II 2. 1690,Battle of Mary, the

    Boyne, James II elder

    and his daughter of

    supporting Irish James II and

    Roman Catholic her husband,

    defeated, thus William of

    Irish R.C were Orange

    deprived the

    rights of

    education and



    3. 1701, Parliament

    passed the Act of


    sing the crown to

    the Protesetant

    Sophia, which

    directly paved

    way for the



    the Parls right to

    decide who

    would rule.

    Ann 1702-1714 1702,first English Daughter of

    daily newspaper:the James II

    Daily Courant

    1707,England and

    Scotland formally

    united under the name

    of Great Britian.

Hanoverians(German Line)

    MonarcPrime Party Deeds Events Comments

    h Minister

     1. Status:the First Lord 1. the emergence of Grandson of

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