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    stThe 31 International Congress

    on Imaging Science:

    Imaging Science and Technology in the Digital Era

    May 12-16, 2010

    China National Convention Center, Beijing, China

    held jointly with nd1. The 2 Beijing International Conference on Imaging

    2. The 2010 Academic Annual Conference of CSIST

Second Announcement and Preliminary Programs


    International Committee for Imaging Science (ICIS)

    Chinese Society for Imaging Science and Technology (CSIST)


    Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication (BIGC)

    China Lucky Film Corporation

    Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS (TIPC)


    Chinese Society for Imaging Science and Technology (CSIST)

    China International Conference Center for Science and Technology (CICCST)

    Cooperating Societies

    The Society for Imaging Science and Technology (IS&T), The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain (RPS),

    The Imaging Society of Japan (ISJ), The Society of Photographic Science and Technology of Japan (SPSTJ),

    Korean Society for Imaging Science and Technology (KSIST), German Society for Photography (DGPh) .

    Supporting Organization

    China Association for Science & Technology (CAST), National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)

    Peking University (PKU), Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT), Chinese

    Chemical Society (CCS), China Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (CSMPTE) and The Chinese

    Optical Society (COS)

ICIS2010 Second Announcement and Preliminary Programs

    Table of Contents

    Program Committee???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????1 Conference Overview????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????2 Conference At-a-Glance????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????3 Information for Presentation??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????3 General Information??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????4 Payment Information?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????5 Conference Registration and Hotel Reservation????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????6 Technical Program ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????10

    Program Committee

    Principal Scientist, Xerox Corporation General Chair ORGANIZING COMMITTEE Dr. Jia-Ling PU, Prof. Honorary Chair Dr. Hiroyoshi Naito, Prof. Secretary, ICIS Dr. Gary L. House Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka Vice President of BIGC Eastman Kodak Company(retired) Prefecture University, Japan Phone: (+86-10) 6026-1003 Chair Dr. Wan-Tai Yang, Prof. Dr. Li-Qian MA Program Co-chair (NA) Dean, the School of Material Science China Lucky Film Corporation Zhigang (Zeke) Fan, Ph. D. and Engineering, Beijing University of Secretary General Principal Scientist Chemical Technology, China Dr. Zhen-Sheng ZHAO, Prof. Xerox Corporation Chinese Academy of Science Phone: (+1-585) 422-6072 Dr. Jie WEI, Prof. zfan@xeroxlabs.comMembers The School of Materials Science and Program Co-chair (JAPAN) Dr. Jia-Ling PU Engineering, Beijing University of Dr. Hiroyoshi Naito, Prof. Vice President of BIGC, China Chemical Technology, China Osaka Prefecture University Phone: (+81-72) 254-9266 Prof. Xin-Hou LIU Dr. Wolfgang Schmidt Director,Tianjin Institute of Industrial Senior Project Manager, Felix Schoeller Program Co-chair (EUROPE) Biotechnology, CAS Service GmbH & Co.KG, Germany Dr. Wolfgang Schmidt Senior Project Manager Prof. Bao-Sheng LIU Dr. Jia-Ling PU, Prof. Felix Schoeller Service GmbH & Co. Vice CEO, Founder Electronics Co., Vice President, Beijing Institute of KG Ltd., China Graphic Communication, China Phone: (+49-514) 3800-853 Dr. Wan-Tai YANG Prof. Fu-Shi ZHANGDean, the School of Material Science Program Co-chair (CHINA ) Dept. of Chemistry, Tsinghua and Engineering, Beijing University of Dr. Wan-Tai Yang, Prof. University, China Chemical Technology, China Dean, the School of Material Science and Engineering,Beijing University of Prof. Wei XUE Prof. Lei YAN Chemical Technology The Graduate School of Beijing Institute Head of Beijing Key Lab of Spatial Phone: (+86-10) 6443-2262 of Technology, China Information Integration & Its Application, Peking University, China Prof. Zhi-Ying QI Dr. Jie WEI, Prof. Member of the Executive Board, Dr. Zhen-Sheng ZHAO, Prof. Beijing University of Chemical International Federation for Science Vice-director of Technical Inst. of Phys. Technology Editors, China & Chem., CAS, China Phone: (+86-10) 6445-4598 Prof. Ge-San LIU Ms. Gui-Ping NIU PROGRAM COMMITTEE Dean, Film and TV Technology Standing Vice Secretary General of Dr. Zhigang (Zeke) Fan Department, Beijijng Film Acadeny. CSIST, China


    Imaging Science and Technology in the Digital Era

    Conference Overview

    The establishment of International Committee for Imaging Science (ICIS), under the original name of

    International Committee for the Science of Photography (ICSP), can be traced back to 1889 when its

    first congress: the International Congress on Photographic Science (ICPS) was held in Paris. Since then,

    it has upheld its goal of providing a platform for imaging scientists and researchers to exchange

    information on the latest developments in imaging science and technology, and to promote friendship

    and cooperation among these individuals by establishing a framework and mechanism for organizing stinternational congresses on imaging on a regular basis. ICIS2010, the 31 Congress in this series, under

    the theme Imaging Science and Technology in the Digital Era, places a special focus on digital

    imaging and its applications over a wide spectrum of topics, covering all aspects of imaging science,

    technology and related applications.

    By the end of 2010 February, 280 papers were received from both home and abroad, including 11

    plenary and keynote talks, in spite of the difficult situation created by the still running global

    economical recession.

Highlights of ICIS2010 include:

    ? Four tracks of technical sessions. The four tracks are Track A: Digital Imaging and the Related

    Technologies; Track B: Color Science & Technology/Evaluation Methods; Track C: Digital and

    On-demand Printing/Publishing Technologies and Systems; and Track D: Novel Imaging and

    Related Functional Materials.

    ? Eleven plenary and keynote talks. Reviewing the past and indicating the future of imaging

    science and technology in different areas, the 11 plenary and keynote talks will be addressed by

    leaders and experts from both industry and academic institutes. Stephen Hoover, VP Tech, Xerox;

    Shinpei Ikenoue, Senior Adviser, Fujifilm; Hee Dong Park, Director, Information Display R&D

    Center; Koji Hirakura, President, ISJ; Werner Zapka, Manager, Advanced Application Technology

    XAARJet AB; David Harbourne, President, Fusion UV Systems, Inc., USA; Qian LIN, Director,

    Multimedia Interaction and Understanding Lab, HP Labs are on the list of plenary and keynote


? On-site exhibition. An on-site exhibition will be held during the conference to provide

    opportunities for imaging and related companies to showcase their latest products and


? Conference prize for oral and interactive presentations. In order to encourage young scientists

    and promote imaging science among them, the Organizing Committee has decided to set up a prize

    for excellent oral and interactive presentations by young authors. A screening committee will be

    organized to determine the winner.

? A variety of one day tour with English-speaking tour guide. Beijing boasts many places of

    historical interest, for example, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, the Great Wall,

    Summer Palace, the Ming Tombs, the Temple of Sleeping Buddha, the Fragrant Hill Park, the Art

    Factory. The successful 2008 Beijing Olympics has left Beijing with many new and enviable

    facilities, such as the Bird Nest (the National Stadium), Water Cube (the National Aquatic Center),

    the Olympic Park, the Big Egg (the National Center for the Performing Arts), and etc. One day

    tour to those spots will be organized and implemented on optional basis. Please apply upon



    ICIS2010 Second Announcement and Preliminary Programs

    Conference At-a-Glance

    Registration (in the CNCC main lobby, enter from C1/C2 entrance of CNCC):

    Wednesday, May 12th (7:30 a.m.8:30 p.m.)

    Hardcopy Technologies and the Carbon Footprint, ? Wednesday, May 12th

    Koji Hirakura, ISJ. Registration (the whole day) ? History and Outlook of Industrial Inkjet Printing, Meeting of Session Chairs and Plenary Werner Zapka, Advanced Application Technology Moderators (21:30) XAARJet AB.

    Thursday, May 13th ? The Evolution of UV Photo Polymerization in

    Global Industrial Markets and the Promising Opening Ceremony (Morning) Outlook for the Future of the Technology, David Plenary Talks (Morning) Harbourne, Fusion UV Systems, Inc., ? The Future of Print and the Digital Printing ? Mobile Image Capture and Consumption, Qian Revolution, Stephen Hoover, Xerox Corp. LIN, HP Labs. ? Challenge to Digital ImagingPast, Present Oral Presentation Session (Afternoon) and Future, Shinpei Ikenoue, Fuji Film.

     Conference Banquet (18:00) ? The Past, Present and Future of Display

    Technology, Hee Dong Park, Information Saturday, May 15th Display R&D Center. Oral Presentation Session (Morning)

     Oral Presentation Session (Afternoon) Interactive Presentation Session (Afternoon)

     The General Meeting of ICIS (19:30) Sunday, May 16th

    Friday, May 14th (Optional)One day tour (the whole day)

     Plenary Talks (Morning)

    Information for Presentation

    ICIS2010 Outstanding Paper Award

    The Organizing Committee has decided to set up conference prize entitled as ICIS2010 Outstanding Paper Award” for excellent oral and interactive presentations by young authors. A screening committee

    will be organized to determine the winner. Author who is qualified for the prize must be younger than

    45 years old (including 45). Winner will be announced and publicized on the conference official

    website and a printed certification will be mailed to the winners address after the conference.

Information for Presentation

    By the end of 2010 February, the Organizing Committee of ICIS2010 had received more than 280

    paper contributions, including 11 plenary and keynote papers and 92 from overseas. To include all the

    presentations in the four tracks over the conference time, time length for oral presentation will be shortened to 15 minutes including 3 minutes for question and answer, and the 5-minute oral

    briefing for interactive paper is moved to and integrated with the 3-hour interactive presentation

    session. Author of interactive presentation is expected to be standing by his/her poster board throughout the interactive presentation session. Except for the manuscript in both Word format and

    PDF format, the authors of interactive papers should have their poster display prepared before the


    Shown below are instructions for authors to prepare poster display:

    ? One piece of board with the size of 90cm(width) ?120cm(height) will be provided for each

    interactive paper and please prepare your poster display within this size. The number and a A4 size


    Imaging Science and Technology in the Digital Era

    hardcopy of your poster will be put on top-left of the board to indicate your position for poster


    ? Please email your poster in PDF format to the Organizing Committee of ICIS2010 th( before April 20, 2010.

We advise you to use a minimum amount of text in your poster and to use color figures to present the

    results. The conference prize for the best poster presentation will be awarded to the most

    excellent ones.

    General Information

    Hotel Accommodation Venue

    China National Convention Center Grand Hotel ICIS2010 is being held at the China National

    and North Start Huiyuan Service Apartments Convention Center (CNCC), Beijing, China, May

    --Yayuncun Hotel, located in the same block and 12-16, 2010. CNCC is proudly China's newest

    very close to the conference venue CNCC, are and largest international conference venue, with

    specified as the official hotel for ICIS2010. sound multi-functions and world-class facilities.

    Rooms at discounted rate are very limited and Sitting in the center of the Olympic commercial

    available provided reservation is made before circle between Beijing's fourth and fifth ring thApril 10, 2010. For detail, please see the roads, CNCC boasts an enviable location. It

    chapter of Conference Registration and Hotel stands right next to the major facilities for 2008

    Reservation. Beijing Olympics, with only 30 minutes drive to

     the airport. And the subway station is connected

    with CNCC's basement which enables people to Passport and Visa quickly go to the city center, the airport, the A valid passport and visa are required to enter Beijing railway station, the central business China. Upon receiving your registration form, the

    district, Tian'anmen Square and many other China International Conference Center for tourist attractions. It takes only one hour from Science and Technology (CICCST) will send you CNCC to the renowned Great Wall and Ming an invitation letter which also serves as the Tombs. document for applying entry visa at the nearest

    Beijing, the Capital of China, is the nation's Chinese Embassy or Consulate General. leading political and cultural center. It boasts a long history as capital city since Liao Dynasty Traffic from the Airport to the Official (916-1125), more than 7300 cultural relics and Hotel historic sites, and more than 200 scenic spots, Taxi service is available from Beijing such as the Forbidden City, the Temple of International Capital Airport all day. The cost Heaven, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall and from the airport to the conference official hotel is etc. The successful 2008 Beijing Olympics has approximately RMB 90 (equivalent to left Beijing with many new and enviable US$13).Go to the conference website to print out facilities, such as the Bird Nest (the National a note which indicates you are going to the Stadium), Water Cube (the National Aquatic conference official hotel in Chinese and show it Center), the Olympic Park, the Big Egg (the to the taxi driver. National Center for the Performing Arts), and etc. All of them have already become the new icons Reconfirmation of Departure and must-see attractions of Beijing. All international and domestic airline tickets


    ICIS2010 Second Announcement and Preliminary Programs

    should be reconfirmed by calling your airline bank or financial institution for a 0.75% office in Beijing 72 hours in advance of commission. You must show your passport to do departure. so.

    Information Working Language For general information and online registration, The working language of the Conference is please log in: English and no translation is provided. For information about registration, tours, hotel Weather reservations, visa applications, cancellations, and Beijing is sunny and hot in May with average payment, please contact: daily temperatures of 25? (77?), with highs Ms. Melody GUAN around 30? (86?) and lows around 20? CICCST/ Congress ICIS2010 (68?). RM 60741, Suyuan Apartment, Beijing

     Friendship Hotel No. 1, Zhongguancun Nandajie,

    Haidian District, Beijing 100873, P. R. China Insurance

    +86-10 6218 0723; +86-10 6218 0723 (fax) The registration fee does not include insurance for accident, sickness, or loss of personal

     property. Attendees are advised to purchase their

    For all other questions, please e-mail the Chinese own before leaving their home country.

    Society for Imaging Science and Technology

    (CSIST) at or Currency Exchange The RMB is the only currency used in China.

     Exchange centers can be found at airports, hotels,

    On-site Exhibition and tourist shopping centers. The exchange rate

    On-site exhibition is possible and invited. Those is set by the Bank of China and is currently

    wishing to showcase their technologies, $1 = RMB 6.83. To change RMB back to foreign

    equipments or products during the conference, currency, you must have your original exchange

    please contact CSIST by email to receipt. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or phone call to Diners Club, JCB, and other credit cards are

    +86-10-8254-3686 or send fax to accepted in many department stores and hotels. It

    +86-10-8254-3687(fax).is possible to withdraw cash from ATMs using

    these cards. The Bank of China and most hotels

    cash traveller’s cheques issued by any foreign

    Payment Information

    The registration fee, hotel deposit, and tour fees ? Address: 1 Fuxingmen Nei Dajie, Beijing should be paid in RMB and made payable by the 100818, China following methods: Please do write “ICIS 2010” and the participant’s

    name in the place of “Message”. (Very Payment

    Important) Bank transfer

     ? Beneficiary: CICCST

    Credit card ? Beneficiary Bank: Bank of China, Head

    Visa Card, Master Card, American Express, Office

    Diners Club and JCB Card will be acceptable. ? Amount No: 00038018091014

    Please fill in the necessary information, sign your ? Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ


    Imaging Science and Technology in the Digital Era

name on the Registration Form and fax or mail it

    to CICCST. There will be 4% bank charge for Before After Before ststthMay 1, 2010 May 1, 2010 May 10, 2010 the credit card.

     Registration 70% refund 50% refund 30% refund Fee Bank draft

    Please drawn on: CICCST/ ICIS2010 Tour Fees 70% refund 50% refund 30% refund Mail it to: Ms. Melody GUAN

    CICCST/ Congress ICIS2010

     RM 60741, Suyuan Apartment, Beijing

    Friendship Hotel No. 1, Zhongguancun Nandajie, Before After thth April 10, 2010 April 10, 2010 Haidian District, Beijing 100873, P. R. China

     Hotel deposit 70% refund No refund On-site Payment

    Cash, traveller checks and credit card (Visa Card ,Master Card, American Express, Diners Note Club and JCB) are acceptable Below information should be reflected in your refund letter if you paid by bank: registration Note name / registration number / refund reason / th? After April 30, 2010, the payment by bank amount / receiver’s name / bank account number will not be accepted. If you do, the money / bank name / bank address / swift code / ref no. / will be refunded to you after the conference signature through the bank, and please pay your fees by credit card or on site. Confirmation ? In order to avoid any trouble in money Your registration, tour reservation, hotel transfer, please keep the copy of your reservation and all payments will be confirmed remittance invoice or receipt. upon receipt of your registration form and ? No personal check is acceptable for the payment within 10 days. above payments. ? Bank charge will be borne by the participant.

     Cancellation and Refunds

     Cancellation must be made by writing to the

     CICCST for receiving the refund. The money

     will be refunded to you after the conference by

    the same way which you paid before.

    Conference Registration and Hotel Reservation

    meals during the conference. Conference Registration

    After finishing registration, accompany Registration is required for all participants.

    spouse is entitled to: admission to all sessions Registration fees indicated below include:

    and events of the conference and conference admission to all sessions and events of the

    banquet. Registration fee as follows: conference, a copy of printed and CD conference

     proceedings, coffee/tea breaks, conference

     banquet, 3 lunch and 2 dinner coupon tickets for


ICIS2010 Second Announcement and Preliminary Programs

    Number ststof Until April 1 After April 1 Room Discounted Rooms Name of the Hotel Type Price available

    for Cooperating 3600 3800 ICIS2010 Societies Member

    680.00 Standard 100 (include one Room Students 2800 3000 breakfast) China National

    Convention 880.00 Deluxe Center Grand 10 (include one Room Non-Member 3800 4000 Hotel breakfast) 1400.00 Accompanying Suites 3 (include one 1800 2000 Spouse breakfast) Note North Start Huiyuan Standard 310.00 1. There is 4% bank charge for the credit card. Service Apartments Room 80 (include two --Yayuncun Hotel (Two-bed 2. Registration without payment will not be breakfast) room) processed.

    Registration Desk Note A registration desk will be set up in the lobby of 1. Please complete and return the Registration CNCC during the congress, please enter the main Form with the hotel deposit (one day’s room lobby from C1/C2 entrance of CNCC. thrate) to CICCST before April 10, 2010. Participants are requested to go to the registration 2. Reservations without deposit will not be desk for registration and pick up the conference processed. kit. 3. Your hotel deposit will be forwarded before the congress to the hotel and the amount will Hotel Reservation be deducted from your account when you China National Convention Center Grand Hotel check out. and North Start Huiyuan Service Apartments 4. Any changes of a reservation should be --Yayuncun Hotel, located in the same block and notified to CICCST, but not to the hotel. very close to the conference venue CNCC, are 5. Deadline for the room reservation is thspecified as the official hotel for ICIS2010. April 10, 2010. During the conference period of time, i.e., May 12-16, 2010, a special block of rooms at a Tour Information discounted rate is being held and available to One day tours with English-speaking tour guide conference attendees. The discounted rate is are available on optional basis and need available for 3 days prior to and 3 days after reservation. Detail information is available and thththese dates, i.e., between May 9 and 19, 2010, reservation can be made at the registration desk. based on availability. Early reservations are Shown below are possible routs for your assigned on a priority basis to conference reference. The tour fees indicated include lunch, attendees provided they are received by April 10, entrance tickets and English-speaking tour guide. 2010. To guarantee a room, a deposit equal to ? LT1: May 13 08:30-17:00 RMB260 / person one night’s housing must accompany the The Fragrant Hill Park - The Temple of reservation request. Sleeping Buddha - Lunch Summer Palace. Shown below in the table are rooms and ? LT2: May 14 08:30-17:00 RMB280 / person discounted rates for your reference. To get more Forbidden City - Lunch - The Temple of information and book room, please visit official Heaven. website: ? LT3: May 15 08:30-18:30 RMB320 / person


    Imaging Science and Technology in the Digital Era

    The Great Wall - Lunch - The Ming The Great Wall - Lunch - The Ming

    Tombs-The Art Factory Tombs-The Art Factory ? LT4: May 16 08:30-17:00 RMB280 / person Please be noted that LT1LT2 and LT3 are

    Forbidden City - Lunch - The Temple of intended for accompany persons, and LT4 and

    Heaven. LT5 are for conference delegates.

    ? LT5: May 16 08:30-18:30 RMB320 / person


ICIS2010 Second Announcement and Preliminary Programs

    stThe 31 International Congress on Imaging Science (ICIS 2010)

    Registration Form Reg. No .

    stPlease submit this form by fax or email before April 1, 2010 to:

    Ms.Melody Guan

    China International Conference Center for Science & Technology (CICCST)

    Fax: 86 -10 - 6218 0723


    ?Delegates Information

    ?Prof. ?Dr. ?Mr. ?Ms. Given Name Surname Birthday Nationality Passport No. Organization _Occupation____ _ Phone Fax Email __ Mailing Address Note: The information of birthday is used for The ICIS2010 Outstanding Paper Award for Young Researchers ? I do not need visa application form

    ? I need the visa application form and visa will be issued in ___________(city)_________________(Country)

    Accompany person Full name___________Occupation_________nationality_______Passport No.______ ___ Note: Please click there to choose the visa issued city.

    ?Registration Fee SubTotal (1):RMB___ __

    stst Until April 1 After April 1

    Cooperating Societies Member ?3600 ?3800

    Students ?2800 ?3000

    Non-Member ?3800 ?4000

    Accompanying Spouse ?1800 ?2000 ?Hotel Accommodation SubTotal (2):RMB___ _ ? CNCC Standard Room (680.) ? CNCC Deluxe Room (880.)

    ? CNCC Suites (1400.) ? Yayuncun Hotel Standard Room (310.)

    Check-in date: Check-out date: Total Nights: Share With: (Full Name); Special Requests: Note: One day’s hotel deposit will be charged and the others will be paid after you check in the hotel.

    ?Local Tour Reservation SubTotal (3 ): RMB____ ? LT1:RMB260 × Person (s) = RMB ? LT2:RMB280 × Person (s) = RMB ? LT3:RMB320 × Person (s) = RMB ? LT4:RMB280 × Person (s) = RMB ? LT5:RMB320 × Person (s) = RMB


    ? Bank Transfer ? Bank Draft ? Payment On-site ?Credit Card (?Visa Card ?Master Card ?American Express ? Diners Club ? JCB) Credit Card No.: Expiry Date: Total Amount (1)+ (2)+ (3): (RMB) Date of Transferring: Name of Cardholder: Signature of Cardholder: Date of submitting this form Month / day / year


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