The effects of military weapons or technology

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Date: 20/3/2010 Title: The effects of military/weapons technology. Modern warfare is a formidable display of technological expertise. Military force plays an important role in the national defense for every country, which can affect many other fields in this fast moving world. The research and development effort for military technology is an important part of many..

Date: 20/3/2010

    Title: The effects of military/weapons technology.

    Modern warfare is a formidable display of technological expertise. Military force plays an important role in the national defense for every country, which can affect many other fields in this fast moving world. The research and development effort for military technology is an important part of many countries innovative activities and of the government’s technological policy. Since weapons and fire forces are dangerous

    things, it deserves a specific discussion not only of its remarkable size but also of its quality and nature. This essay will discuss the effects of military technology.

    Nowadays with the acceleration of military development and the breaking out of regional war like the war on Iraq, it is momentous for authorities to initiate technology of weapons. There are definitely advantageous effects of complying with such historical trend. Ameliorating arms will strengthen the national defense of a country thereby ensuring the interdependence of sovereign rights. And sovereignty is the foundation of the stability of social orders, economic growth and the happiness of citizens. Without this qualification, everything else would be the castles in the air. So, from a state’s perspective, military science will never be excessive for a country.

    Moreover, today’s competition of weapons lay special emphasis on technology which means far distance control, automatically function and utilization of comprehensive

    area such as biology, physics and chemistry, rather than sword and duel.

    What’s more, taking advantage of the advanced military can enable an authority to make profits, gain the foreign currency. Take the united states for example, the exportation of military weapons make contributions to the GDP approximately 25%. It is the business of weapons that give the America exorbitant profits, thus establishing it as the leader of global economics as well as the creditor of the powerful nations like the United Kingdom, Germany and France. That also set the cornerstone the US’s political leader. Advancing the military industry will also cause connected effects on other industries. For instance, raising the employment, promoting the research of other fields which boosting economic condition from other angles.

    Not only does the progressing of military science benefit a country or a distinct, but also encourage the peace of the whole world. Strong countries can take their responsibilities of striking terrorism with the latest arms. Besides, the relationships between different countries can be balanced and modified by the equal control of weapons. None of them will start a war easily without contemplating the results. This point can be best illustrated by nuclear weapon which becomes the balancer of international bonds.

    However, military technology has some bad effects as well. To begin with, large expenditures for military research and development have a contradictory effect on economic development. The concentration of innovative activities in military projects

    diverts resources for the development of commercial technologies and increases the competition for limited resources in R&D funds, scientists, laboratories and specialized plants. For example, the US Defense Department research and procurement programs have created a huge market, using the public funds for new weapons technology. About 70 percent of all Defense Department acquisitions of hardware have been used in other fields over the past thirty years including missiles, aircrafts, space, electronics and communication equipment. Many achievements of military technology cost a great quantity of money which can be used in other field’s development. According to Vernon, “the US military establishment is likely to provide a market whose size cannot be matched in other countries.” The cost of lands

    and developing high technology brings people so many burdens to pay their taxes. At the same time, it has a bad influence on economy development.

    Secondly;the developing of military industry will threaten the world peace. In reality, some politician or government tend to use military method to solve disputes among nations. While some other country declare that the reason why they develop military industry is that they need keeping power balance between nations, “just like peer pressure,” says Kakodkar?M?Smith “if other person has a gun, with one or other

    reason, I would need one.” That would put things into a vicious circle. Once one country developed a new weapon, other countries will spend a huge amount of money on military immediately .Then it will end with war some day and the only reason for this is stupid military competition.

    Thirdly;the process of weapon technology development may cause pollution . This point can be best illustrated by nuclear weapon. If workers don’t care enough about nuclear weapons, there would be nuclear leak. Hence the radiation such as the gamma ray will cause a genic mutation. In other words, you may give birth to a gorilla, and or easy to get cancer. Besides, some eco-weapon may do harm to the whole ecosystem. For example, the eco-weapon may change one kind of plant, and then this change will influence the animal which feed on this kind of plant. And because of the food chain, the whole ecosystem will be destroyed.

    In conclusion, the developing of weapon technology can bring both benefit and damage to human beings. It can promote the development of economics and consolidate national defense. However, it can also destroy the world peace and cause pollution. From my aspect, this is totally depended on ourselves. In other world, the main point is that we should develop weapon technology with right motivation.

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