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     . 完形填空。?10分,Book1 Unit1 Test We live in computer age (时代). People 1 scientists, teachers, writers and even . 单项选择。?15分, students use computers to do all kinds of work. But more than 30 years ago, 2

    ( )1. Will people live to be 300 years old? _________. couldnt do much. They were very big and expensive. Very 3 people were interested

    A. No, they arent B. No, they wont C. No, they dont D. No, they cant in them and knew how to use them. Today computers are smaller and 4 . But they

    ( )2. There will be _________ pollution this year than last year. can do a lot of work, many people like to use them. Some people 5 have them at

    A. fewer B. much C. less D. many home.

    ( )3. I think people here are friendly. Do you agree _________ me? Computers become very important because they can work 6 than people and

    A. with B. to C. on D. from make fewer mistakes. Computers can 7 people do a lot of work. Writers now use

     Where is Miss Wang? 8 . Teachers use them to help teaching. Students use them to ( )4. computers to

    9 She went to Hainan Island last week and will return _________ six days. . Computers can also remember what you 10 them. Computers are very useful

    A. ago B. later C. after D. in and helpful. They are our friends. Do you want to have a computer? ( )5. _________ will they play? ( )1. A. like B. as C. and D. with

    They will play football. ( )2. A. students B. scientists C. teachers D. computers

    A. What subject B. What sport C. What food D. What language ( )3. A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

    ( )6. I will see you again _________. ( )4. A. cheap B. cheaper C. more expensive D. expensive

    A. a day B. every day C. one day D. everyday ( )5. A. even B. still C. already D. yet

    ( )7. I hope your dream will _________. ( )6. A. fast B. faster C. slow D. slower

    A. come true B. come out C. come in D. come on ( )7. A. help B. make C. stop D. use

    ( )8. Everyone wants to _________ to the moon for vacations. ( )8. A. write B. play C. study D. learn

    A. walk B. run C. swim D. fly ( )9. A. sing B. study C. dance D. watch

    ( )9. This coat doesnt fit him well, as he has _______ a huge body and the coat is ( )10. A. put in B. put on C. put into D. put up

    _______ small.

    A. so; such B. so; so C. such; such D. such; so 三、阅读理解?10分,

    ( )10. How many birds can you see in the trees? We live in the computer age. People use computers to do much of their work. But few

     I can see _________ birds in them. people know how to look after them. Remember the following when you use your computer:

    A. hundreds of B. five hundreds C. hundred of D. five hundreds of 1. Keep your computer in a cool, dry room. Too much or too little heat is bad for ( )11It _______ that everyone here _______ smiling. computers. Damp is also bad for them.

    A. seems; loves B. seem; love C. seems; love D. seem; loves 2. Do not let people smoke near your computer. Smoke of all kinds is very bad for ( )12. Please pass me two _______. many parts of a computer.

    A. pieces paper B. pieces of papers C. pieces of paper D. piece papers 3. Do not eat of drink when you are near your computer. Pieces of food and a little ( )13. Kids won’t go to school if they ________ computers. water in the keyboard are also bad for a computer.

     A. will have B. has C. will has D. have 4. Keep your screen clean and do not have it too bright. They are bad for you eyes. ( )14. --- Why do you always feel ___? Make sure the screen is not too far from or too near to your eyes. Some people use different

    --- Because I have no friends and have to stay at home ___all the time. glasses when they use a computer.

    A. alone; alone B. lonely; alone C. alone; lonely D. lonely; lonely ( )1. Computers can ___ people to do a lot of work.

    ( )15. What do you think our life _________ in 50 years? A. use B. help C. make D. take

     . will be B. will be like C.will like D. be like ( )2. Few people know how to ______ their computers.

     A. look at B. try out C. look for D. take care of

    ( )3. A computer works well at a temperature of ______.

     A. 0? B. -5? C. 20? D. 35? 5. The students will work in the supermarket.(对划线部分提问)

    ( )4—Smoke isn’t good for many parts of a computer, is it? --- ____________. _________ _________ the students _________?

    A. Yes, it is B. No, it isn’t C. Yes, a little D. Not at all

    ( )5. A dirty screen or a very bright screen is ______ for your eyes. . 根据汉语意思完成下列句子!每空一词。?19分,

     A. bad B. good C. useful D. helpful 1. 没有人知道将来会发生什么事。

     No one knows what will happen _________ _________ _________. 四,根据句意及首字母填空。?10分, 2. 他喜欢安静地独居。

    1. He wants to be an a_______________ like YangLiwei when he grows up. He likes __________ ___________ quietly. 2. There is a tall b_______________ in front of the post office. 3.100年后学校将会是什么样子;

    ____ people in the store than before. 3.. There will be f________________ will schools ________ ________ in 100 years? 4. Today is Sunday. Lets go s____________. 4. 明天的天气会怎么样呢;

    5. You can dress more c_____________ at the weekends. _______ ______ the weather _______ _______ tomorrow? 6. I hope to have a robot in the f________________. _______ ______ the weather _______ tomorrow?

    5. 我到通化后!我就爱上了这座城市。 7. If you don’t study hard, it’s i_______________to study English well.

    I _________ _________ _________ _________ this city after I got to Tonghua. 8. We all feel sad, because he tells us an u _______________story.

     9. The baby is too young to d______________ himself.

    八,书面表达。?15分, 10. In big cities, air p______________ is quite serious. What will your life be like in 10years?描述你10年后的生活?如居住环境、生活水平、 事业、家庭、爱好等的变化,。词数(70左右 . 用括号内所给词的适当形式填空。?10分, 1. They ____________ ( not have ) any classes next week. ________________________________________________________________________ 2. Betty _____________ ( write ) to her parents yesterday. 3. Sally _______________ (play) tennis five years ago. ________________________________________________________________________ 4. There ______________(be) much paper and two books on the desk. 5. Look! Many girls _______________ (dance) over there. ________________________________________________________________________ 6. _______________ ( predict ) the future is very difficult. 7. I saw many boys ______________( play ) football just now. ________________________________________________________________________ 8. We are trying _______________( learn ) English well. 9. It is boring _____________(do ) such simple jobs. ________________________________________________________________________ 10. There are many children_____________ ( wait ) for the school bus. ________________________________________________________________________ . 按要求改写下列句子!每空一词。?12分, 1. They clean the classroom every day.(tomorrow代替every day) ________________________________________________________________________ They _________ _________ the classroom tomorrow. 2. Will the flowers come out soon? (作肯定回答) ________________________________________________________________________ _________, _________ _________. 3. Well go out for a walk with you. (改为否定句) ________________________________________________________________________ We _________ _________ out for a walk with you. 4. Tonghua will have a fine day. (改为一般疑问句) ________________________________________________________________________ _________ Tonghua _________ a fine day?

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