Step-By-Step Installation of RAC on HP-UX dcvf

By Floyd Andrews,2014-06-28 16:34
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Step-By-Step Installation of RAC on HP-UX dcvf

    If the cluster is a 2 node configuration, any of the available disk subsystems provided by HP or their vendors are supported. Each of the disk arrays are dual-ported to each node, meaning that each array has a cable directly connecting it to each node.

? Disk Subsystem Options (see the RAC/HP certification matrix):

    2-4 nodes:

    A3311A Deskside fast/wide

    A3312A Rackmount fast/wide

    2-8 nodes:

    Fibre Channel such as EMC Symmetrix

? RAM Memory allocation: Minimum 256 MB. Use the following command to verify

    the amount of memory installed on your system

    $ /usr/sbin/dmesg | grep "Physical:"

    ? Swap Space: Minimum 2 x RAM or 750 MB, whichever is greater. Use the following command to determine the amount of swap space installed on your system: $ /usr/sbin/swapinfo -a (requires root privileges)

1.1.2 Software

? OS version >11.0 64bit

    ? HP Serviceguard Extension for RAC (formerly called Serviceguard OPS Edition) >11.09 Confirm with HP what version of Serviceguard is certified with the specific OS version.

    ? Oracle Version 9.x is a 64bit Application and is available for HP 64bit Operating systems only. Verify that the OS is running a 64bit Kernel:

     #/bin/getconf KERNEL_BITS

    ? Use SAM and ensure that the following OS Kernel Parameter Settings are set to a minimum of these values:

MAXDSIZ 536870912 bytes

    MAXDSIZ_64BIT 2147483648 bytes

    SEMMNS 2000

    SEMVMX 32768

    SHMMAX 1073741824 bytes or Available physical memory

    SHMMIN 1

    SHMMNI 100

    SHMSEG 10

    SEMMNI 70

    ? When using HMP (Hyper Messaging Protocol) instead of UDP for the interconnet protocol, the file /opt/clic/lib/skgxp/skclic.conf contains HMP configuration parameters that are relevant to Oracle

     CLIC_ATTR_APPL_MAX_PROCS = Maximum number of Oracle processes.

     CLIC_ATTR_APPL_MAX_NQS = Being obsoleted. Set to the same as CLIC_ATTR_APPL_MAX_PROCS

     CLIC_ATTR_APPL_MAX_MEM_EPTS = 5000 Maximum number of Buffer descriptors.

     CLIC_ATTR_APPL_MAX_RECV_EPTS = Maximum number of Oracle Ports = CLIC_ATTR_APPL_MAX_PROCS

     CLIC_ATTR_APPL_DEFLT_PROC_SENDS = 1024 Maximum number of outstanding sends

     CLIC_ATTR_APPL_DEFLT_NQ_RECVS = 1024 Maximum number of outsdanding receives on a port

    ? If the HMP cannot be used UDP may be sufficient over both HyperFabric cards or Ethernet cards where HMP can only be used over the HyperFabric interface. There are no addition settings when using UDP protocol.

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