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    Three women stroll along as they window shop. SABRINA HEPBURN, in her mid thirties, NADINE LEHMAN in

    her late thirties and ARIEL, in her early forties.


    So how is it working out with Paul?


    That is an unmentionable name in my



    Sabrina! Two days ago you liked him

    just fine.


    A classic shedding.

    Nadine feigns a shudder.

    Ariel listens attentively then is shocked by a little bit

    of nothing in a lingerie store display.


    A whole façade that was a man shed

    like an evil conniving…snake’s skin.


    How long did it take?

    Ariel falls behind, eyes the lingerie more contemplatively, angling her head slightly. Sabrina and Nadine continue unaware.


    A couple of weeks of wasted life.


    For me it usually took till a few

    days after I slept with them. I’m so

    glad I found Fred.

    Nadine puts a hand on her heart; Sabrina smiles with her.


    If I can find someone, you can too. Sabrina rolls her eyes.


    In the distance Ariel nods her head, “Ok, I can see that.” She comes out of her reverie with a shock finding

    her friends in the distance; she heads their way.


    Arrrgh. This whole dating thing is

    getting old.

    Ariel suddenly steps in beside them.


    Oh Sweetie.


    I am down to the point where I would

    settle for a nice guy. Isn’t that

    awful? Forget romance. Forget good

    sex. Forget true love.

    I am willing to settle now. Nadine and Ariel are sympathetic.


    Three men run along a park trail. DAVIS WILDER, late

    thirties. FRANK TAYLOR, mid-thirties and MORTIMER, late



    And your love life Davis?


    What love life? A comedy of errors



    The saga continues.

    Mortimer makes a body gesture of, “What else is new?” Davis gives a distressed glance to Frank.


    Saga? Has it become that bad? Frank shrugs his shoulders; Mortimer nods his head yes.


    You would think with several billion

    women on this planet I could find

    just one I’m compatible with and

    passionate about.



    Maybe that’s the problem.

    Davis throws a questioning glance, Frank shrugs.


    That means there are hundreds, maybe

    hundreds of thousands of women you

    would fit with. But they’re floating

    around within those several billion.

    Are they on another continent? Around

    the corner? Next door? How do you get

    yourself to the right place at the

    right time to meet them?


    How do you know when and where? I’m

    not so sure it’s supposed to be this

    hard. It should be fun. You make it

    seem complicated and hopeless.


    Hopeless is being in the right place

    and time; but it’s a bad day and

    maybe you notice them but don’t pick

    up on it and walk right by.


    Thanks for the pep talk Frank. I will

    just resolve myself to being single

    for the rest of my life.

    Frank consoles him with a pat on the back. Mortimer adamantly shakes his head, “No, that is not true.”


    Sabrina, Nadine and Ariel sip drinks and watch the crowd at an edge table that overlooks a large landscaped plaza full of a variety of people involved in various activities on a sunny day.

    A TABLUE -

    A young couple in love, a happy couple with a new baby, parents with several kids all playing together. An older couple with a son in his twenties talk together animatedly.

    ON THE PATIO the three notice an ELDERLY COUPLE that affectionately hold hands while on a stroll.


    The Couple come to some steps. He holds her arm with support as they climb. On top she smiles a gratitude to him that he returns. Unabashedly they kiss, hold each other deeply for a moment and exchange loving adoration. ON THE PATIO the ladies fill with warmth at the site.


    That. That is what I want. All

    encompassing. Not wanting to spend a

    moment apart. Still enjoying each

    others company in thirty years.

    They watch wistfully as the couple goes by arm in arm.


    Davis readies to tee off, Frank and Mortimer look on. Mortimer easily juggles golf balls in one hand without paying attention.


    “To serve and obey,” it’s even in the



    Maybe the vows need to change. It’s

    about complimenting each other,

    working together. You do things for

    your other because it feels right.

    Davis swings with a solid hit. They all watch the trajectory.


    What do you expect from a male

    dominated church?


    Times change.


    But do people change with the times?

    When you finally hit the altar you

    can write your own vows.

    Frank readies to tee off.


    It’s getting harder to see that.


    You’re still a young pup.



    I don’t feel so young.


    When you’re sixty you can be jaded, but not yet, and not then either.


    I’m just ready for something that really works for me, that’s all.

    Frank tees off.


    Nadine leafs through a magazine; Sabrina reads a book,

    Ariel reads over her shoulder.


    There are multiple soul mates for all of us. One is usually better suited for us than the others.

    Then there is your twin flame, your split apart, your true other half. So far I’ve run into a soul ache rather than a soul mate.


    Oh honey. A friend who wasn’t finding

    the right guy told me how to manifest a man.

    Ariel reacts with approval, very mime like.


    Manifest A Man? Sounds like an, “As

    seen on TV” ad.


    And with, “A money back guarantee.”


    Ok, I’m game.


    The idea is that your thoughts can create what you need. It’s simply a matter of putting the correct ideas out into the universe.



    If I think enough about Harrison Ford, one day he will show up at my door?


    Harrison Ford?! How about Mel Gibson?


    Or Hugh Grant.


    Antonio Banderas.


    How about all of them! Manifest a harem of men.


    Except, apparently you will be sent who you need. If you need Mel Gibson, he’ll be there. If you don’t, someone

    else that fits the bill.

    And you can’t just sit around the house. You have to get out and help make it happen.


    What do I have to do?


    First you have to be clear on what you want. What you really want.


    Like do I want a handsome actor in my life? He might have obnoxious habits, like squeezing the toothpaste from the middle.


    Leaving the toilet seat up.


    Channel surfing constantly. That’s

    it. No actors.


    What do you mean actors? That’s most


    Nadine glances at her watch.



    I better go. Fred will be home soon.


    Send him my love.


    Will do sweetie.

    She gives Sabrina a hug. Ariel waves goodbye; strangely Nadine does not notice and exits.

    Sabrina sips coffee while Ariel studies her.

    BEHIND ARIEL a MOTHER, FRIEND and a young baby, GRACIE in a stroller take a table. Sabrina looks past Ariel to Gracie with a smile. Ariel smiles back to Sabrina. Sabrina waves goofy fingers and makes silly faces. Ariel develops a concerned surprise at the antics directed to her. Ariel gives a wild look to Sabrina who laughs at Gracie’s reaction.

    A confused Ariel waves her hand in front of an oblivious Sabrina. Sabrina puts her hands to her heart with a dreamy sigh and wistful smile. Ariel turns to discover Gracie and releases her confusion then is also caught up in the motherly moment a baby can bring on first site. The Mother turns Gracie’s stroller, she can no longer see

    Sabrina and Ariel, she immediately cries.

    Ariel faces Sabrina again like the joke is on her. Sabrina mimes, “Oh no!” with a pout then gathers her

    things. The concerned Mother checks Gracie who ignores her and tries to find Ariel.

    Ariel turns her back to leave as Gracies cries

    intensify. Ariel spins, looks around and behind herself. Returning her eyes to the crying baby and puts a hand up to her chest miming a, “Who me?”

    Gracie nods yes as her tears soften.

    Ariel with motherly concern kneels down in front of Gracie who is down to sniffles. The Mother satisfied that all is fine continues her conversation.

    Ariel gives Gracie a THREE STOOGES HAND CROSS with proper SOUND EFFECTS over the eyes. She smiles with a, “Better?”

    The baby laughs, nods yes. Ariel gives an, “All right”

    gesture then Gracie excitedly BABY TALKS.



    It can take a while to get used to

    being in human form.

    Gracie intently observes her with more TALK.


    Damp diapers…tight restrictive body…

    ahh no freedom to fly.

    It’s a lot different from where you

    come from. But the rewards of life

    are worth it.

    The baby continues to speak its’ tongue.


    Thought you were done coming back to

    Earth? If you’re here, you still have

    some things to learn. Perhaps you’re

    here to serve others! Now that would

    be cool. Don’t you think?

    Gracie nods in agreement. Ariel tilts her head up and sideways like she is getting something on her radar. She notices Sabrina at the register with the SOUL MATE book.


    Ok sweetie, I have to go. You are

    going to be all right.

    The baby nods yes with a big smile. Ariel trails Sabrina as Gracie’s eyes follow them. The Mother looks to the child with a loving smile and adjusts her blanket.


    Davis and Frank sit at the end of the bar with drinks in front of them. Mortimer, without a drink, leans against a bar chair. Frank notices a WAITER coming their way with a huge tray of food and beverages hefted over his shoulder.


    That food looks good, you hungry?


    Maybe a snack.

    The Waiter rounds the corner next to them and slips, careens over. Mortimer physically catches him and the tray, pushes them magically back into balance.


    The Waiter is astounded that he stands upright; then that

    the tray is unspoiled, not a drop spilt.

    The people around him pay no attention to Mortimer who

    seems unconcerned now facing Davis and Frank.


    You should have been on the floor.


    I was at a point of no return. Guess

    someone is looking out for me.


    I should say so.

    The Waiter exits, Frank and Davis’s curious gazes go

    right through Mortimer as their eyes follow him. They

    glance at each other and shake off trying to explain it.


    You know it’s not as bad as it seems.

    Just on a run of bad luck.


    Maybe. I’ve had some good

    relationships but everything seems so

    transient. Bouncing around from one

    to the next; no feeling of stability.

    Kind of like I’m in a big pinball

    game of romance.


    There’s an image.


    Your relationships seem the same.


    I like not settling down too long.


    Sounds lonely; to live your whole

    life moving from one short term

    relationship to the next with no one

    to look forward to growing old with.



    Thanks for waking me up. My life is a

    mess. Whether it’s fear of

    commitment; which my Mother thinks,

    or whatever. I’m happy. Really.



    I just want the best for you.


    I know. Thanks.


    It’s just… I’ve always known that

    there was someone else I am supposed

    to be with.


    What about Janet? It wasn’t her?


    Wow… I truly loved her. We talked

    about getting married, having kids,

    the type of house we would buy.

    I could see all that with her… I was

    content except for that… feeling.


    So that’s what pulled you two apart?


    Pretty much… I really wanted what we

    had but she sensed that I was still

    kind of keeping my eye out.


    What if dream lady is only a dream? Mortimer reacts strongly with a glance to Frank that he

    is wrong then to Davis that he is right. Mortimer puts

    his hand on Davis’s back near his heart.


    She’s not. I know this with all of my


    Davis fills with resolve.

    EXT. DAVIS’S APARTMENT – FRONT DOOR - NIGHT Davis enters, spies something, his face registers a

    surprised frustration.

    ON THE DOORKNOB hangs an elaborate rope decorated with

    beads, pieces of bone and natural crystals. He picks it up exactly as the phone rings inside.

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