HSE checklist of drilling rig

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HSE checklist of drilling rig

HSE Checklist of Drilling Rig

1. General HSE requirement (200score)

    Inspection item & contents Evaluation & Score

    1. Targets and commitments5 score

    1.1 The operation team lays HSE targets in obvious places, including the contents such as zero injury, zero accident and 2 score

    zero pollution, etc.

    1.2 The operation team has control plans for annual and monthly hazards and key hazards and conduct effective 3 score

    control of identified safety hazards.

    2. Management responsibilities10 score

    2.1 There are HSE supervisors in the operation team. 2 score

    2.2 There are specific HSE responsibilities for all posts. 2 score

    2.3 The post responsibilities are complete, in which the responsibilities of the administrative heads at least include

    the contents such as providing resources, organizing to conduct hazard identification, organizing to work out risk reduction and control measures, holding HSE activity 23score meetings and carrying out inspection and supervision, etc.; the responsibilities of employees at least include those to the operation items they participating in or taking charge of, the equipment and facilities they managing or using and well control, etc.

    2.4 Assess the responsibility fulfillment condition of each 3 score post timely.

    3. Document control10 score

    3.1 The documents for grassroot control include: procedure documents, operation documents and other regulations applicable to grassroot teams, grassroot HSE construction standards, SOP, documents of Party A, operation and 2 score

    maintenance regulations of equipment and facilities, emergency treatment plans and various confirmatory records, etc.

    3.2 Establishment units should establish “List of Controlled Documents” to register various regulations and operation 2 score guidelines except regulatory official documents, so as to avoid omission.

    3.3 Grassroot teams should establish “Record Management List” to register various records which should be filled in or 2 score

    kept in work, so as to avoid omission.

    3.4 The external documents or information related to HSE, such as requirements of Party A to well site safety devices, information of local governments on emergency 2 score early-warning and documents issued by higher authorities, etc. should be registered as received document (information)

    properly, so as to avoid omission.

    3.5 The document distribution should be registered in accordance with different application scope of each 2 score

    document, so as to ensure the documents can be recovered


    Inspection item & contents Evaluation & Score

    timely upon invalidation and avoid misuse. The system

    documents and other controlled documents got by the operation teams should be kept properly to avoid loss.

    4. Capacity training and consciousness10 score

    4.1 Establishment units should work out “Project HSE Training Plan” which at least include the contents such as HSE management idea of the Company, onsite HSE 6 score management requirements, post HSE patrol checklist, post HSE operation instruction and safety experience sharing, etc. and the time scheduling.

    4.2 Relative posts are required to be taken by personnel with 4 score effective certificates.

    5. Hazard identification, risk evaluation, risk control and alteration management25 score

    5.1 Before a project is started, the grassroot team should identify the newly added hazards caused by variation of operation environment or temporary alteration of personnel, equipment and facilities, technology and design (e.g. there are injection wells and underground pipelines near the well site, the factors including infectious diseases, native diseases, water sources, food sanitation and drinking water 10 score

    sanitation of the construction site, the residential areas and farmland possibly involved in the operation, and personnel’s

    capacity, new technologies, new processes, new equipment and new materials, etc.), work out corresponding risk control and reduction measures based on the identified newly added hazard factors and form an HSE operation plan.

    5.2 Establishment units identify hazardous operation factors every day by means of work safety analysis and work out 5 score control and reduction measures aiming at the newly added risks having been identified.

    5.3 The regulations such as operation and maintenance

    regulations of equipment and facilities should be revised and perfected aiming at the permanent alteration caused by 5 score

    variation of equipment and facilities and the establishment units should keep the corresponding lasted documents.

    5.4 The relevant operating personnel communicate the 5 score related newly added risks to ensure control of them.

    6. Facility and material management20 score

    6.1 Establishment units should master the basic condition of their own equipment and facilities and register all the 2 score

    equipment and facilities.

    6.2 Prepare operation and maintenance regulations based on the complexity and operation features of the equipment 2 score and facilities and their contents should include risk control measures.

    6.3 Establish special equipment account and clearly define 2 score


    Inspection item & contents Evaluation & Score

    the inspection period and the last and next verification dates, etc. of the special equipment.

    6.4 Accounts are established for all kinds of safety protection articles and appliances used on site, including safety

    helmets, safety belts, positive pressure respirators, safety 2 score valves and earthing devices, etc., in which their periods of validity and inspection dates are clearly defined, thus ensuring that they are used within periods of validity.

    6.5 Accounts are established for all kinds of slings and slings

    to clearly specify the specifications, model numbers, 2 score utilization scopes and discard criteria of different slings and slings.

    6.6 Accounts are established for all kinds of fire fighting

    facilities and materials used on site to clearly specify their 2 score specifications, model numbers, quantities, placed positions and equipping dates.

    6.7 Establish accounts for the monitoring and measuring devices such as instruments, meters and alarm apparatuses, 2 score

    etc. and conduct periodic verification for them.

    6.8 Establish an equipment patrol inspection system, so as to find and deal with the hidden troubles, abnormities and faults 4 score

    existing in the equipment timely.

    6.9 Establish a list of hazardous chemicals and include the onsite used gasoline, diesel, oxygen, acetylene gas, liquefied gas and chemical agents, etc. in the list for 2 score

    management, and establish corresponding MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

    7. Management of related parties10 score

    7.1Carry out entry education for non-operating personnel

    who enter the site, such as inspectors, visitors and 4 score

    deliverymen, etc.

    7.2 Evaluate the HSE performance of the contractors and feed back the evaluation results to the Company, so as to 6 score

    adjust and update the related parties of the Company.

    8. Operation control25 score

    8.1 Carry out startup acceptance and hold pre-shift meeting

    to communicate based on the requirements of Party A, the 6 score operation scheme and the operation process, etc. and clearly

    specify concrete working targets and operation procedures.

    8.2 Clearly define the utilization status of tools, appliances and process equipment by means of safety colors, labels 2 score and scutcheons, set warning signs for dangerous areas and

    parts on the work site and strengthen visual management.

    8.3 Identify the dangerous operation items of the team, at least including: well site hotwork operations, confined space 5 score operations such as entering circulation tanks, altitude

    operations such as working on monkeyboard, earthwork


    Inspection item & contents Evaluation & Score

    such as excavating anti seepage pools, temporary power utilization and hoisting operations, etc.

    8.4 For cross operations at a same location or operation items possibly involving in many types of dangers 3 score operations, operation permits should be handled as per different dangerous operation features.

    8.5 Measure or analyze the oxygen or harmful or toxic gas before and during confined space operations with danger of 3 score suffocation, combustion or explosion, such as circulation


    8.6 For the operations in which the involved materials, tools, appliances, personnel, operating specifications and 3 score procedures are altered or those failed to be completed within the specified terms, operation permits should be rehandled.

    8.7 Clear and recover the site after an operation is finished, release the energy isolation measures as per given procedures and methods and carry out risk analysis and 3 score confirmation before release of the measure, and notice the

    personnel of relevant parties; the personnel in charge closes the operation permit and sign on it as required.

    9. Well control management30 score

    9.1 The drilling crews establish well control leading groups, in which the group leaders are taken concurrently by the

    administrative heads and the members are compose of 5 score watching toolpushers, HSE supervisors, machinists and electricians. The members of the leading group have corresponding responsibility division.

    9.2 Well control operators go on duty with certificates and the drillers, watching toolpushers and toolpushers of drilling crew 2 score

    should have effective well control operation certificates.

    9.3 The well control equipment such as BOPs and their control systems, choke and kill manifolds, liquid-gas

    separators, relief lines, inner blowout prevention tools, etc. 5 score conform to design (detailed rules) requirements and their installations, pressure tests and management are conducted as per designed requirements.

    9.4 Carry out blowout prevention drills periodically after well control equipment are installed, not less than one time 2 score

    monthly for each shift and each operating condition.

    9.5 During operations, the drilling crews should conduct well control inspection periodically and carry out closed-loop 2 score rectification for problems being found through inspections by themselves and higher departments.

    9.6 Carry out study and propaganda of well control management stipulations, relevant documents, meeting 2 score

    minutes, standards and systems.

    9.7 Identify well control risks for operation wells, work out risk 5 score


    Inspection item & contents Evaluation & Score

    reduction and control measures and include them in the project HSE work plan, work out well control emergency activity procedures and include them in the emergency

    treatment plan of the drilling crew, and carry out corresponding drills.

    9.8 Equip corresponding HS monitoring and protection 2

    devices for sour oil and gas wells and conduct period 2 score


    9.9 If overflow, well kick and blowout occur on drilling site,

    shut the well, take emergency measures and report it to 5 score

    Party A and the Company timely.

    10. Emergency preparation and response10 score

    10.1 The establishment unit should determine the emergencies possibly occurring in the well site based on the hazard identification results, prepare emergency treatment plans which at least include the emergencies possible 2 score occurring, treatment measures which should be taken by

    each post, emergency resources and emergency contact modes, etc., and report them to the higher department for the records.

    10.2 The emergency treatment plans should be distributed to relevant posts and the involved external emergency

    supporting units, or conduct necessary training in the 2 score contents of the emergency plans to ensure that the plan involved personnel can understand and master their contents.

    10.3 Equip emergency materials and equipment as required

    by the emergency plans, carry out periodic inspection and 2 score maintenance and conduct detection if necessary to ensure the emergency facilities and equipment complete.

    10.4 Carry out training and retraining (when necessary) in 2 score utilization of emergency equipment.

    10.5 Carry out emergency drill and review of the emergency plans to evaluate their scientificalness and validity, and then 1 score

    conduct necessary revision and perfection on them.

    10.6 If there are living quarters, factories and schools, etc.

    around the operation site, their contact modes should be 1 score available and they should be informed of the emergency plans.

    11. Supervision & inspection30 score

    11.1 Before spudding, the personnel in charge of grassroot teams organize relevant personnel to carry out stself-inspection as per the “HSE Inspection Table before 1 8 score

    Spudding” and fill in the “Record of Self -Acceptance

    Inspection before Spudding”.

    11.2 The major personnel in charge of operation teams 8 score organize relevant personnel to carry out at least twice


    Inspection item & contents Evaluation & Score

    complete onsite HSE inspections per month and fill in the records.

    11.3 The operating personnel of each post should carry out 2 score inspections per day during the operations.

    11.4 Stop and rectify various behaviors against regulations

    being found during various inspections, fill in “Account of Behaviors against Regulations in Establishment Units”, and send warning letters to randomly selected violators; the 6 score violators to whose two times of warning letters have been

    sent should be dismissed if breaking regulations for another time; and the employees whose violation led to accidents should be dismissed immediately.

    11.5 For similar problems being found during inspections, analyze the causes at the same time of rectification and take corrective or preventive measures; for the problems being 6 score

    found through inspections conducted by Party A and the Company, organize rectification and feedback timely.

    12. Accidents, events and measures15 score

    12.1 Report the accidents timely after occurrence (including accidents of relevant parties), protect the accident sites and 3 score cooperate Party A and the Company to carry out accident investigations.

    12.2 Treat every accident based on the principle of “Four

    Points of Not Letting Pass” and transmit the preventive 8 score

    measures to all employees.

    12.3 After an abortive accident occurs, report it to the relevant higher departments timely, look for accident causes seriously and take corresponding remedy measures; the

    units reporting abortive accidents timely should not be 4 score

    punished and those concealing, not reporting or reporting abortive accidents late should be punished based on Management Method for Awarding and Punishment for HSE.


    2. Layout & equipment HSE requirement (800 score)

    Inspection item & contents Evaluation & Score

    1. Onsite Layout60 score

    1.1 Well Location3 score

    1.1.1 Distance of oil/gas wellhead away from high-voltage

    line or other perpetual facilities may not be less than 75m; its distance from residential house may not be less than 100m; its distance from railway or expressway may not be 1.5 score

    less than 200m, and its distance from populous or dangerous places such as school, hospital or large oil depot may not be less than 500m.

    1.1.2 As to the wells of sulfur-bearing oil/gas fields, the

    distance of wellhead away from residential house shall be

    based on the principle that the residential house cannot be 1.5 score affected by the diffusion of H2S. The wellhead shall be selected at an open location, so that the prevailing wind can pass through easily.

    1.2 Gate Direction2 score

    1.2.1 The gate shall be built again the gale and oriented 1 score towards the roads accessing the well site.

    1.2.2 The gate of wells of sulfur-bearing oil/gas fields shall 1 score face the prevailing wind.

    1.3 Well Site5 score

    1.3.1 The wellsite entrance shall be placed with “HSE 0.5 score instruction”, “safety warning sign” in turn.

    1.3.2 The well site shall be level and solid and can bear the large vehicles. There shall be no pit, pooling or oily dirt in 0.5 score

    the well site.

    1.3.3 The drain gutters accessible to waste water tank shall be set up at well site, below the drill floor and generator 1 score

    room and in the bump room according to the needs.

    1.3.4 Cofferdams or rubble walls for flood protection, anti-corrosion and pollution resistance shall be set up while carrying out the drilling operations in riverbed, sea beaches, lakes, salt-field, reservoir, wet land, aquaculture 1 score farms, and a flare pit with special area of no less than 3200m shall be built in the environment sensitive area, and

    the distance of the pit center away from the wellhead shall be over 75m.

    1.3.5 The mud pit and waste water pit shall be enclosed by warning line, the bottom and surrounding shall be paved by 1 score

    plastic clothing or disposed by concrete.

    1.3.6 Various solid wastes from the drilling operations shall be classified, stored and disposed in the place designated 1 score


    1.4 Building layout in well site5 score

    1.4.1 Comprehensive mud logging instruments room, mud 1 score logging room, drill fluid test room and engineering duty


    Inspection item & contents Evaluation & Score

    house shall be placed in front right of the gate, and their distance away from the wellhead shall be no less than 30m. Their emergency lamps shall be in good condition.

    1.4.2 The place where material house, rig manager room

    (foreman room), drilling supervisor room shall be set up in the place in favor of the production, and their distance 1 score

    away from the wellhead shall be no less than 30m and their emergency lamps shall be all in a good condition.

    1.4.3 The distance of living area of the drilling crew away from the wellhead shall be over 100m, and it shall be at the 1 score upwind direction or side upwind location of local gale at the well site.

    1.4.4 Comprehensive mud logging instruments room, mud

    logging room, drill fluid test room and engineering duty 1 score house for sulfur-bearing oil/gas fields shall be set up at the upwind direction of well-site gale.

    1.4.5 The distance of generator room away from the wellhead shall be no less than 30m. The generator room

    for mechanical drilling rigs shall be laid out at the left or in 1 score the rear of well site. The generator set or SCR/MCC room for electric drilling rigs shall be placed side by side in the rear of well site.

    1.5 Well-site power transmission cables10 score

    1.5.1 The Power transmission cables from the generator room to the camp area shall adopt the armored cables. The Power transmission cables from generator room to fuel 1 score tank are easily subject to the mechanical damage and shall also adopt the armored cables. The main circuits of the well site shall adopt YCW oil-resistant rubber-sleeve cables.

    1.5.2 The overhead cables shall not cross the fuel tank area, and the outlets of diesel generator exhaust pipes and 1 score

    blow-out pipelines.

    1.5.3 Output circuit of special distribution box for temporary power supply shall be equipped with the leakage circuit 1 score breaker and its installation location shall be out of the blast-proof area.

    1.5.4 The power transmission lines shall have a reasonable

    alignment and layout. Two or more power cables shall be 1 score banded neatly and it is prohibited to use the iron wire to band and pave the power cables.

    1.5.5 Electric equipment and lamps for drill floor, generator room and purification system shall be controlled by

    separate switches, and the distribution cabinet and 1 score

    equipment shall be in good condition, and rubber mat shall be paved on the ground in front of distribution cabinet.

    1.5.6 An entire conductor shall be used for the cable, in 1 score special case, the conductor joints of the cable may not be


    Inspection item & contents Evaluation & Score

    over 2 joints. The overhead treatment shall be made at the joints of cable conductors.

    1.5.7 Shell of electrical rooms must be grounding by taking 2multi-strand copper wires of no less than 16mm as the

    earth conductor, and the conductor shall be tightly 1 score

    connected and subject to resistance test, whose resistance shall be not more than 4Ω. The test shall be recorded.

    1.5.8 The repetitive grounding of power supply system at well site shall be no less than three points, and the earth 1 score

    resistance shall be less than 10Ω.

    1.5.9 The well site lighting, electromagnetic brake and blowout preventer remote control console shall adopt the special electric lines and shall be separately controlled, 1 score

    free from the control of the main power supply switch at the

    well site.

    1.5.10 The safety sign “Danger! High Voltage” shall be set 1 score up at the distribution box (cabinet, switchgear).

    1.6 Duty House5 score

    1.6.1 The house shall be clean, free from any impurity and 1 score the cabinet and chairs shall be complete and intact.

    1.6.2 The signs of “Bans of Sinopec Group for Violation of Regulations”, “10 Regulations of Bohai Drilling Engineering Co., Ltd”, “Bans for Hoisting Operation”, “Outline for Construction and Operation”, “Structure Diagram of Design 2 score Wellbore”, “Patrol Inspection System for Various Posts of Drilling Crew”, “Illustration for Four Seven Acts”, and “Policy & Goal of Bohai Drilling Engineering Co., Ltd” shall be hung on the walls of duty house neatly and cleanly.

    1.6.3 Air-conditioners and emergency lamp shall be clean 1 score and in good condition.

    1.6.4 The circuit breaker is not expired. 1 score

    1.7 Facilities and Power transmission lines of comprehensive house20 score

    1.7.1 Oxygen/acetylene gas bottle room6 score

    a) The door of acetylene bottle room shall be put up with 0.5 score the safety signs “Caution Explosion”, “keeping Ventilation”..

    b) The door of oxygen bottle room shall be pasted with the 1 score safety signs “No Mixing” and “Keeping Ventilation” .

    c) Oxygen/acetylene bottles shall be placed on the special supports and they shall be covered with the safety caps 1 score and shock absorbers. The empty bottles or full bottles shall be separated, and posted by the certificate of conformity.

    d) After the operation of acetylene equipment is finished or before transporting the acetylene bottles, it is necessary to shut off the valve of acetylene bottle and blow off the 1 score

    pressure of hose to zero and detach the instrument, and then reel the hose and place it into the acetylene bottle


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