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Ward(s) affected: All Wards

Report of Head of Leisure & Community Facilities

    1. Purpose of Report To seek permission to allow advertising within all Council car

    parks on car park lighting columns to enable new security measures to be

    introduced at no cost to the Council. (Subject to planning approval)

    2. Recommendations Members are recommended to:

2.1 Request the Car Park Manager to develop proposals for advertising on car park

    lighting columns in Council car parks ( enabling improved lighting or CCTV cameras

    at no cost to the Council ), and to circulate the detailed proposals to Members of

    this committee prior to seeking planning approval.

2.2 Subject to approval of the Chair and Vice Chair of this committee, and securing

    planning permission, for the Car Park Manager to procure the agreed scheme.

3. Background

3.1 Craven District Council operates 26 car parks, both free and Pay & Display,

    throughout Craven.

3.2 Advertising rights are currently sold on the reverse of Pay & Display car park tickets

    which substantially reduces the cost of these tickets to the Council.

3.3 One of the main concerns for car park user safety, fear of crime, is inadequate

    lighting in car parks. Many of the Councils car parks require improved or

    replacement lighting columns at an estimated cost of ?1000 per column.

3.4 The current CCTV system for Skipton has 5 CCTV cameras within Skipton car

    parks. This system currently costs the authority ?55,000 to monitor and is of limited

    use. There are no plans to expand the current CCTV system.

3.5 The Council does not currently have an outdoor ‘inform and warn’ system.

    4. Partnership Opportunity

4.1 Companies are available that are able to supply lighting column media innovations

    and whilst working in conjunction with the relevant local authority departments, will

    totally fund the provision of new and/or replacement lighting columns/CCTV


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4.2 These systems would provide the Council with new lighting column, designed to

    meet all EU regulations, a duel sided advertising poster platform and an integrated

    two line LED display screen.

4.3 The integrated two line LED display screen would facilitate an ‘inform and warn’

    system for Craven. Providing instant messaging on a panel at the top of each duel

    sided advertising poster platform. This would be controlled and updated by the

    Council from a central location. The ‘inform and warn’ messages can cover a wide

    range of subjects, from local traffic speed reminders, road closures, or civic events

    through to emergency messages concerning crime or civil matters. This messaging

    system would remain the sole domain of the Council, who may offer this system to

    other relevant bodies such as the Police or the Fire Services. The messaging

    system is controlled via a strict, secure and audited protocol, which is managed by

    the partner company, at no cost to the Council.

4.4 The partner company would undertake to finance and project manage the entire

    process, whilst working closely with the relevant Council Departments to consider

    all aspects of financing, contract administration, planning and installation, through to

    marketing and advertising sales.

4.5 The partner company could also provide unused display units for publicity of

    Council/Community material. E.g. fostering and adoption, car crime prevention or

    election awareness. This is estimated to be 6/8 weeks per display per annum of

    free promotional space.

4.6 The Council would also benefit from a share of the revenue generated from each

    poster site through a revenue share scheme.

5. Implications

5.1 Financial Implications the outdoor media represents no cost to the Council as

    the partner company would provide all required finance for provision and roll out of

    lighting columns and advertising panels. All on-going maintenance is funded by

    advertising revenue. The partner company will provide and install brand new

    lighting columns free of charge, which will incorporate the lit advertising panels and

    LED system panels whilst matching the existing street furniture profile. This will

    result in the saving of approximately ?1000 per brand new fitted lighting column.

    Under the contracted terms of any revenue share scheme the Council will likely

    receive 20% of gross advertising revenue calculated by independent auditors

    quarterly and supplied by cheque or bankers draft in arrears. It is forecast that each

    lighting column will produce an income from advertising of ?1000 - ?1250 per

    annum direct to the Council.

    The Council would remain responsible for the purchase, maintenance and running

    costs of lanterns and/or CCTV cameras. This would be done from existing car park

    budgets. The partner company would be responsible for all advertising poster

    platforms (including the integrated LED display screens) maintenance and running


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    Any CCTV provision through this system would be unmonitored with evidence being

    recorded to equipment stored within the CCTV camera column. Should Craven

    District Council want any additional CCTV cameras through this system to be

    monitored there would be an additional cost to connect any CCTV cameras to the

    CCTV monitoring station.

5.2 Legal Implications the advertising contract duration will need to be negotiated

    but typically is 20 years.

    Advertising permission would need to be obtained through Planning by the partner

    company in order to proceed with this proposal.

    All advertising content will at all times adhere to the Advertising Standards Board

    Regulations. These Regulations exclude all forms of party political advertising and

    the partner company would need to allow the Council the power to veto any

    contentious advertising material.

    5.3 Contribution to Corporate Priorities the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 places an

    obligation on all local authorities to develop and implement safer community

    strategies. The provision of modern public lighting, the possibility of increased

    surveillance via the use of expanded CCTV coverage and the implementation of an

    emergency alert system that offers instant accessibility to the community at all times

    to deliver crime reduction initiatives and increase community well being.

5.4 Risk Management current car park lighting requires improvement and this

    proposal will reduce these costs to the council.

    6. Consultations with Others Safer Craven Community Partnership and Planning


     There are concerns that have been identified by Planning Colleagues concerning

    the number of advertising boards that could be proposed for each car park and

    advertising sign illumination. It is possible to remove the illumination from the

    advertising signs and any proposals for advertising sign schemes in each car park

    will require planning consent.

7. Access to Information : Background Documents none

8. Author of the Report Shane Reffin, Car Parks Manager, telephone 01756

    706421; e-mail:

9. Appendices

    Appendix A pictures of a lamppost media solution with integrated ‘inform and

    warn’ LED display screen.

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