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    A Boom in Adult Education




    Presently, more and more adults spend their spare time trying to improve themselves. As we know, a lot of adults work in the daytime. After working hard all day, they rush home, gulp down their meals and hurry out to study in the night school.

    But why is there a boom in adult education? There are several

    reasons. Firstly, people know clearly that knowledge is power and that it

    is never too old to learn. Secondly, without knowledge, you cannot be

    qualified for a good position. More knowledge means more opportunities

    for better jobs and quicker promotion, while lack of skills and knowledge

    might deprive one of the opportunities to be promoted. Moreover, in

    today's competitive society, if you want to be a cut above the rest, you

    have to learn as much as possible.

    In a word, people go back to school for the common goal to improve themselves, which, in turn, helps to raise the intellectual standard of the whole nation. As college students, we should make full use of our school time, try to master more skills and at the same time put our knowledge into practice.

    A Boom in Adult Education

     Every Tuesday and Friday evening sees Miss Li, my neighbor and a secretary in a company rush home after a hard days work, gulp down her

    meals and then hurry out to catch the bus for her English class. Miss Lis

    case is not unique, and now more and more city adults spend their leisure time trying to improve themselves at school or college.

     There are a number of reasons for people to go back for their

    education. Some peoplelike Miss Li, are doing it to acquire another

    degree or diploma to impress the society. To them more knowledge, or rather, more credentials mean more opportunities for better jobs and quicker promotion. Other peopleespecially those who are laid off or out

    of employment go to vocational school to prepare to return to the job market. They are eager for new skills so that they can be qualified for the jobs in retail trade, administration, education and other service categories to which they are strange because most of them were blue-collar workers in the factory. There are also people who come to take such courses as

    Chinese traditional medicine, painting, calligraphy and photography. As their working weeks decline people begin to have time to fulfill their old dream of their hearts desire.

     Out of necessity or out of interest, people go back to school for the

    common goal——to improve themselves, and this boom in adult

    education, in turn, helps to raise the intellectual standard of the whole


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