8960 IQ Calibration

By Francisco Bradley,2014-11-15 19:23
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8960 IQ Calibration

8960 IQ Calibration

    July 2, 1999

    Test Equipment

    This adjustment procedure does not require test equipment. Adjustment Interval

    This adjustment should be performed at least once every two years. Assemblies Requiring Adjustment

    IQ calibration must be performed after replacing the ROM_BASEBAND_GENERATOR, VECTOR_OUTPUT, SYNTH_DOUBLER, or HARD_DISK_DRIVE assemblies. Adjustment Procedure

    ; Turn on the test set and let it warm up for a minimum of 15 minutes. ; Remove all cables, connectors and adapters from the test set. ; Press the System Config key to display the System Config Screen .

    ; Press the right-hand MORE key (2 of 2).

    ; Press F7 (Service).

    ; Use the knob to select `Cal. first IQ Modulator'. The calibration process will take a few

    minutes to complete.

    ; Use the knob to select `Cal. second IQ Modulator'. The calibration process will take a

    few minutes to complete.

    System Config Screen

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