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Name …………. Female Sex

    Han photo Nationality

    D.O.B 30 Jan ………….

    Address ………….

    Serial No ………….

     The People's Republic of China national


    resident identity card

    Issuing authority: Futian, …………. City Public Security Bureau Branch Validity: 2004.06.08-2024.06.08



    1. Residents Booklet have the force of law with proof of citizenship and relationship

    between family members. It is the main basis for the Household Registration

    Office to investigating and verifying the situation of the residence. House owner

    and family members should hand in the Residents Booklet when the household

    registration officer investigate and check the household registration

    2. House owner should keep the Residents Booklet safely. It should not be altered,

    transfer, lend. Please report Household Registration Office. when being lost.

    3. The rights of registration of Residents Booklet belong to Household Registration

    Office. Any other unit or individuals shall not make any records in the booklet

    4. House owner should register the changes of family members or the other contents.

    5. All family members moving out of residence jurisdiction should hand in Residents

    Booklet to Household Registration Office.

Residence Type Non Agricultural Residence Name of House Owner

Residence Number Address

    Certified Seal of

    Certified Seal of Guangdong Province Household Registration Office

    Public Security Bureau

    For Hukou certificate only (seal) ……… Local Police Station

    ………city Public Security Bureau

Undertaker’s Stamped signature : ……… Issue Date: 28 Mar 2000

    Permanent resident population's register

    Householder r or Relation Householder Name with TheHouseholder

     Male Former Name Sex

     Han Place of Birth Nationality

     Native place Date of Birth

    Religious Other Dwelling Place in the Belief City/Town

    Blood Citizen ID Number Height Group B

    Military Marital University Spouses Highest Academic Status Service

     Staff Place of Work Occupation Previous Dwelling Place Before Moving into 27 Feb 1989 Gunagzhou City Guangdong

    the City/Town and Date of Moving Province

    Previous Dwelling Place in the City/Town and 01 Nov 1994 Date of Moving into Present Dwelling Place

    Seal of Registrar: ……… Issued Date: 28 Mar 2000


The People's Republic of China

housing ownership certificate

    Manufactured under the supervision of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of People’s of Republic China (2008


Buding Registration No: ______

According to People’s Republic of China Property Law》?housing

    ownership certificate is the proof of owner who have housing ownership

    Registrar(Seal): _______ Real Estate Management and Housing Security Bureau

Housing ownership certificate _______housing ownership NO _________


    state of mutual



    Registration Time

    property of


    Purpose of Residence


    floors Others Buildings Building Building inside

    22and area(m) area(m) fixtures

state of Land Source of

    land No land-use right

     From To



     Land No:

Department of Filling Certificate(seal):

    ________City Real Estate Property Registration Certification Center

Real Estate Plan


    1. This card is the right to enjoy housing ownership proof. 2. Housing owners, interested persons have right to inquiry the

    registration authorities about the housing information according to the

    law .

    3. This card records the matters inconsistent with the housing register,

    unless there is evidence that housing register are errors, subject to the

    Housing Register.

    4. In addition to housing registration agency, other units or individuals

    can not add terms or stamped with official seal.

    5. This card should be properly kept and, if lost, damaged, may apply for

    a replacement.


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