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Unit 7 Telephone

    Part 1

    ? Useful Expressions

     1. Could I speak to Ned Mosby, please?

    2. Could I take to your manager, please?

    3. May I speak to Chris, please?

    4. Can I take a message?

    5. Could I take a message for you?

    6. Do you want to leave a message?

    7. Could you like to leave a message?

    8. Hello. This is John here. Whos speaking?

    9. Yes, speaking.

    10. This is Kate speaking. Whos that?

    Dialogue One

     A: Hello. This is Longman Company. Can I help you?

    B: Yes, Id like to speak to Mr. Smith, please.

    A: Whos speaking, please?

    B: This is Mr. Bush.

    A: Hold on the line, please. Im afraid Mr. Smith is engaged now. I

    see. Well, could I speak to his secretary, please?

    B: I see. Well, could I speak to his secretary, please?

    A: Just one moment. Ill put you through.

     C: Hello, Mr. Smiths secretary speaking.

    B: Oh, hello. This is Mr. Bush. Im just calling to confirm my

    appointment with Mr. Smith for this afternoon.

    C: Yes, Mr. Smith is excepting you at 3 oclock.

    B: Fine, Ill be there at three. Thank you.

    C: Goodbye.

    B: Goodbye.

    Dialogue Two

     A: Id like to speak to Dr. Johnson.

     B: Sorry, but hes not in. May I take a message for you?

     A: This is Robert Jordan. Would you ask him to call me back, please?

     B: OK, Ill tell him.

    Dialogue Three

     A: Good morning. Wilson Association.

     B: This is Brown speaking. Id like to speak to Mr. Thomas, please.

    A: Im sorry, but Mr. Thomas left the office a few minutes ago.

    B: Thats bad! Ive been trying to call him for the last ten minutes, but

    your line has been busy. Will he be back soon?

    A: Im afraid mot. Hes gone for the rest of the day.

    B: Is there anywhere I can reach him?

    A: I dont believe so. Hes going out of town on business. May I take

    a message?

    B: I have a business appointment with him for tomorrow morning at

    ten oclock, but Im afraid I cant make it.

    A: Would you like to make another appointment?

    B: Unfortunately, Im leaving town rather unexpectedly, and I may be gone for several days.

    A: I see. I can tell Mr. Thomas that you phoned.

    B: Thank you.

    A: Bye-bye.

    Part 2

    ? Useful Expressions

     1. A moment, please.

    2. Hang on a moment, please.

    3. Can I put you through to his secretary?

    4. Hold the line, please.

    5. Can I leave word for her to call me tomorrow?

    6. Could you take a message?

    7. Ill call him back.

    8. Tell him to give me a call when he returns.

    9. Tell him Ill call later.

    10. Have him call Hilton Hotel 438-3754. Dialogue One

    A: Hello. Is Bob there, please?

    B: Hold on a second, please. Im sorry. He has gone out.

    A: Oh. This is Paul. When will he be back?

    B: He will be back at about seven oclock.

    A: Can I leave a message, please?

    B: Yes, certainly.

    A: Please tell him Ill call him at the office tomorrow afternoon.

    B: All right. Ill tell him when he comes back.

    A: Thank you very much.

    Dialogue Two

     A: Hello, may I speak to Mr. Baker, please?

     B: Hold on a second, please. Ill see if hes in. Im sorry, Mr. Baker

    has just gone out. Whos calling?

     A: This is Jone. Can I leave a message?

     B: Yes, certainly. Whats that?

     A: Please tell him to call Mr. Baker at the Grand Restaurant. Its


     B: OK, Ill have Mr. Baker call you as soon as he comes back.

     A: Thank you.

     B: Youre welcome.

    Dialogue Three

     A: Good morning!

     B: Can I speak to Miss Cooper please?

     A: Would you hold on a second, please? Miss Coopers extension is


     B: Engaged. Oh dear! Could you tell her its a long-distance call?

     A: Im sorry, sir, I cant interrupt her. Im sure she wont be very long.

     B: How long do you think shell be?

     A: I really cant say how long shell be.

     B: Can I leave a message, please/

     A: Yes, certainly.

     B: Can you tell her Im waiting to speaking to her?

     A: Yes, sir. Ill ring her on an inside line if you like.

     B: Thank you very much.

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