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     年级 Review unit 1 1 课时! 1 课时 备课教师 余红蓉 备课时间 201139 3 21 星期 本期总计第 14 课时

    1. Master the words and phrases in this unit .

    2. Read the dialogue fluently . 3. Use the dialogue in their daily life .

Master the words and phrases in this unit . PPT 核心 Understand the grammar points --- past form . 问题


    教学环节 时间 教师行为 期望的学生行为 补充


    1. Greeting 2 1. Greetings . 1. Greetings .

    and warm up. min 2. Ask some questions 2. Answer to the

     questions .


     2.Review 5 1.Ask some Ss to read 1. Look at the

     the words min the words on the paper paper, Read the

     2. Ask the Ss to words after the

     remember them. other Ss ..

     3. Play the PPT ,ask the 2. Try to remember.

     Ss to fill in the blanks . 3. Fill in the blanks

     on the PPT.

     3 Review the 5 1. Ask some Ss to read 1. Read the

     phrases min the phrases for the phrases

     others . 2. choose the right

     2. Play the PPT, Let one for the

     the Ss look at the picture .

     picture and say a


     4. Review the 10 Ask the Ss to finish the Finish the four dialogues . min dialogue according to dialogues as

     the book . quickly as

     possible .

     5 . Lets show 5min Ask four Ss to show the The other Ss listen

     dialogue and check their answers.


     6.Group work 3 Ask the Ss to read the Read the dialogue

    min dialogue in different in different roles.


    6.Group show 10 Let the Ss show their Play the dialogues

    min dialogue in groups one in groups .

    by one .

    Review Unit 1

     ?. Words ?. Phrases ?. Dialogues


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