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CONTACT Paul Kleyman, ASA

     National Council on Aging and the American Society on Aging March 26-30, 2008 Washington, DC

    CONTACT: Paul Kleyman, ASA, (415) 974-9619; For updates, other releases or to submit a Press Registration:

    National Council on Aging & American Society on Aging


    March 2630, 2008, in Washington, D.C.

    Maya Angelou to Keynote Major Aging Conference

    Gail Sheehy to Lead Closing Plenary on America’s Caregiving Crisis

    More Than 700 Educational Sessions and 1,000 Presenters Expected

    ―Don’t bring me no rocking chair,‖ says Maya Angelou in her famous poem ―On

    Aging.‖ The Pulitzer Prize-winning author will deliver the keynote address on March 27,

    one week before her 80th birthday, and will rock the souls of more than 3,500 health and

    service professionals expected to attend the Aging in America Conference. This annual

    conference of the National Council on Aging (NCOA) and the American Society on Aging

    (ASA) will be held at the Marriott Wardman Park and Omni Shoreham hotels in

    Washington, D.C., March 2630.

    At the first closing plenary session on Sunday, March 30, Washington Post columnist and author E.J. Dionne will share his thoughts on the campaign and the elections

    as well as issues affecting older Americans. Author of Passages Gail Sheehy will speak on caregiving in America in the second closing plenary session.

    Also, Critical Issues in Aging lectures and symposia will feature such leading

    authorities as Bill Thomas, founder of The Eden Alternative; Humphrey Taylor, chairman of

    the Harris Poll; Jennie Chin Hansen, president-elect of AARP; and Pulitzer Prize-winner

    Robert N. Butler, president of the International Longevity Center and author of The Longevity Revolution: The Benefits and Challenges of Living a Long Life (New York City: Public Affairs, 2008). And top business leaders from CVS Caremark, Duke Energy, the

    Business Roundtable and others will meet in a summit titled ―Seizing Business Opportunities With the NEXT Workforce.

     833 Market St., Suite 511 San Francisco, CA 94103 415-974-9600

    ―Our conference in the nation’s capital is a distinct opportunity for anyone interested in our field to learn, to network with colleagues and to discuss issues with policymakers,‖ said James P. Firman, NCOA president and CEO. ―It occurs during the midst of a

    presidential campaign and there will be plenty of debate and discussion about the direction

    of aging in America.‖

    ASA president and CEO Robert G. Stein noted, ―This conference brings together the

    stewards of the longevity revolution, and the professionals in aging who work to help older

    adults, throughout America and around the world, to age with the grace, dignity and respect

    everyone wants and deserves. Our conference community includes thousands of

    distinguished professionals in the field of aging, people with the knowledge and expertise to

    help guide and shape the changes that will affect every aspect of our lives and American

    society itself.‖

    The five-day conference will present more than 700 presentations and posters in 15

    focus areas, such as Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, the aging marketplace,

    diversity, health promotion and wellness, healthcare and long-term care, public policy and

    advocacy, and purpose and meaning in the second half of life.

    A series of Featured Lectures will examine the conflicts between anti-aging medicine

    and real science; continued efforts to privatize Social Security and Medicare; what America

    can learn from aging in China; late-life cognition and the aging brain; and the future of

    programs under the federal Older Americans Act.

     In addition, special lunchtime press briefings and other media sessions are scheduled

    Thursday, Friday and Saturday to announce new trends and developments in aging.


    ? Opening General Session, Thursday, March 27, 3:305:30 p.m. (Marriott Salons 1

    3): ―An Afternoon With Maya Angelou: Aging in America‖—The author of 12

    bestselling books, beginning with her classic memoir, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,

    Angelou approaches her 80th birthday this spring as a mesmerizing vision of poise and

    grace and captivates her audiences lyrically with vigor, fire and perception. In 1993,

    Angelou became the second poet in U.S. history, along with Robert Frost in 1961, to

    have the honor of writing and reciting original work at a Presidential inauguration. On

    the Pulse of Morning, at Bill Clintons presidential inauguration, was an occasion that

    gave her wide recognition for which she was awarded a Grammy award (Best Spoken


Word). This program is sponsored by CVS Caremark.

    ? On Sunday, March 30, the conference will conclude on a high note with two

    morning plenary sessions:

    ? Closing Plenary Session 1, 8:15 9:45 a.m.: ―Focus on 2008 Election and Aging

    Issues will feature Washington Post columnist and author E.J. Dionne who will share

    his thoughts on the topic.

    ? Closing Plenary Session 2, 10:30 a.m. to noon (Marriott Salons 1-3): ―Uncharted Passage: The Caregiving Crisis in Americawill feature Passages author Gail Sheehy who will facilitate a Socratic dialogue with prominent experts in aging.

    Currently writing a book about the caregiving crisis in America, including her personal

    experience, Sheehy plans to examine the fractured system of eldercare in the United

    States. This closing session will include a dialogue that Sheehy will facilitate with four

    members of the ASA Board of Directors: Robyn Golden, director of older adult

    programs, Rush University Medical Center, and 20062008 chair of the ASA board;

    Kathy Brandt, vice president of professional leadership, Consumer and Caregiver

    Services, National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization; Louis Colbert, director, Delaware County (Pennsylvania) Office of Services for the Aging; Lynn Friss Feinberg, deputy director, National Center on Caregiving, Family Caregiver Alliance, and 2007-

    2008 Heinz Senate Fellow in Aging in the Washington office of Sen. Barbara Boxer.

    These respected thought leaders in aging will discuss how Americans can navigate

    the rough and winding waterways of family caregiving. Sheehy will describe her concept

    of the many stages of caregiving, ranging from shock and immobilization to reclaiming

    one’s own life. Besides her groundbreaking book Passages: Predictable Crises of Adult

    Lfe (1976), Sheehy is the author of Sex and the Seasoned Woman: Pursuing the

    Passionate Life; a much-quoted biography of Hillary Clinton titled Hillary’s Choice; and Understanding Men’s Passages, among others. As a contributing editor to Vanity Fair since 1984, she won numerous awards for her in-depth character portraits of such world

    figures as Presidents Clinton and Bush, Margaret Thatcher, Saddam Hussein and

    Mikhail Gorbachev.



     Critical Issues in Aging sessions featuring major thought leaders in the field will

    address some of the most pressing issues facing older adults and the professionals dedicated

    to serving them. Critical Issues sessions will be presented as follows:

    THURSDAY, MARCH 27, 810 A.M.

    ? Healthcare Reform: After the 2008 Election with Humphrey Taylor, chairman of

    The Harris Poll, Harris Interactive. Whoever wins in November will have run, in part, on

    his or her plan for reforming the system. As a ―professional voyeur‖ of healthcare

    systems around the world, Taylor feels confident in predicting what the American

    healthcare system will look like in the coming years.

    ? Aging in Community: The Phoenix Rises featuring William H. Thomas, the Harvard-

    trained physician who created of the Eden Alternative to nursing home care and the

    author of the award-winning What Are Old People For: How Elders Will Save the World.

    Together with Janice Blanchard, director, Denver Office on Aging, he will discuss how

    many elders, who live in institutional long-term care, or who are aging in their own

    homes, are at high risk of the three plagues of old age: loneliness, boredom and

    helplessness. This session will illustrate how America can create strong, caring and

    supportive communities for people of all ages and abilities.

    ? Evidence-Based Research and Promising Practices for Healthy Aging with June

    Simmons, a winner of the 2006 Purpose Prize, present and CEO, Partners in Care

    Foundation, San Fernando, Calif., which she founded to develop effective innovations in

    healthcare delivery. Steve French is the managing partner of the Natural Marketing

    Institute, Harleysville, Pa. This session will highlight evidence-based model programs

    serving adults over 50, with a focus on physical fitness and fall prevention. Jeff

    Peterson is the director of state programs and advocacy for GlaxoSmithKline, Research

    Triangle, N.C.

    ? Addressing the Chronic Care Challenge Through Collaborative Care with John

    Wren, deputy assistant secretary, U.S. Administration on Aging; James P. Firman,

    president and CEO, National Council on Aging, Washington, D.C.; Robert Schreiber,

    MD, physician-in-chief, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, Mass.; and Robin E.

    Mockenhaupt, associate chief of staff, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The national


    spotlight is now on chronic illness, but it is focused almost exclusively on medical care,

    failing to see the critical role for the aging network. This session will propose an agenda

    for the aging network, describe what is currently being done and the challenges

    confronted, and offer concrete collaborative strategies for making improvements.

    ? Divided We Fail: AARPs Initiative for Health and Financial Security with Joanne

    Handy, member, AARP Board of Directors, and president and CEO, Visiting Nurse

    Association of Boston; Jennie Chin Hansen, AARP president-elect and senior fellow,

    University of California, San Francisco; and John Rother, group executive officer and

    public policy director, AARP. Handy and Hansen are both past ASA Board Chairs. Hear

    AARPs ideas for comprehensive healthcare reform and learn about Divided We Fail,

    AARP’s national effort to promote affordable quality healthcare and lifetime financial

    security for all Americans.

FRIDAY, MARCH 28, 810 A.M.

    ? The Longevity Revolution with Pulitzer Prize-winner Robert N. Butler, author of the

    new book, The Longevity Revolution, CEO, International Longevity Center-USA, New

    York City, and founding director of the National Institute on Aging. America’s leading

    geriatric physician will explain why and how America must reexamine its personal and

    social approach to aging so that the boomers and future generations may have a

    financially secure, vigorous and healthy final chapter of life.

    ? The Future of Long-Term Care in America with Assistant Secretary for Aging

    Josefina G. Carbonell and other key leaders in health and long-term care in the United

    States. Convened by the U.S. Administration on Aging, which Carbonell heads, this

    sessions will explore a range of national developments, such as the aging of the boomers,

    breakthroughs in research, innovations in technology, caregiving demands, healthier

    lifestyles and various financing strategies.

    ? Ten More Good Years: A Documentary Film on LGBT Issues and the Story Behind

    It with Michael Jacoby, president, LookOut Films, New York City. This compelling

    documentary film explores the reasons why many elders in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and

    transgender (LGBT) community often age alone, without financial stability and in many

    cases find themselves returning to the closetand how better outcomes can be achieved

    by understanding the options that will indeed produce 10 more good years.


    ? Igniting Change in the Connected Age with Allison Fine, senior fellow, Demos: A Network of Ideas and Action, and Sabrina Reilly, deputy director of

    RespectAbility, National Council on Aging, both of Washington, D.C. This session will

    address how the digital age can be a catalyst for developing a greater sense of

    community within the civic engagement movement, and how to link organizations in

    need of experienced individuals to help address critical community needs with the

    millions of boomers who want meaningful opportunities to serve.

    ? Technology in Support of Healthy Aging in the Community with Theresa Zayas Caban, senior manager, Health IT, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; Adam Darkins, chief consultant for care coordination, Department of Veterans Affairs; and

    Karen Dale, executive vice president for operations and strategic

    development, Volunteers of America, all of Washington, D.C. This session will examine

    the use of new technologies as potential models of practice, as well as the challenges and

    obstacles of technology-based programs to assist older individuals to maintain their

    health and remain safely in the community.

    ? Seizing Business Opportunities With the NEXT Workforce with Arthur Rothkopf, vice president, U.S. Chamber of Commerce; Donna Klein, president and founder, Corporate Voices for Working Families; Larry Burton, executive director, Business Roundtable, all three of Washington, D.C.; Christopher Rolfe, group executive and chief administrative officer, Duke Energy, Charlotte, N.C.; and V. Michael Ferdinandi, senior vice president, human resources and corporate

    communications, CVS Caremark, Twinsburg, Ohio. Learn from business leaders first-

    hand the strategies that companies will use to build growth with the NEXT workforce.

The ―Seizing Business Opportunities‖ Critical Issues in Aging symposium will kick off

    the daylong Workforce Summit, March 28, a workshop featuring intensive sessions

    focused on developing workplace innovations critical when dealing with an aging

    workforce. This event is being presented by NCOA’s Maturity Works Alliance (MWA). Attendees will include senior executives, human resources directors, thought leaders,

    policymakers, educators, and leading workforce development practitioners. The keynote

    speaker for the summit luncheon will be bestselling author Stedman Graham, who will


    address the topic, ―Diversity: Leaders Not Labels,‖ on the challenges and opportunities

    of today’s aging workforce.


    Among the topics to be examined in hundreds of concurrent sessions throughout the

    conference are building brains with computer games that might protect us from the effects

    of Alzheimer’s disease; debunking the myths of employing mature workers; reaching boomers and caregivers with effective business strategies; serving LGBT elders (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender); assisting those 50-plus with HIV/AIDS; facilitating life transitions for older women; improving cultural competence among health providers faced

    with growing ethnic and racial diversity; learning from artists ages 85 to 105; preventing life-threatening falls among older adults; recreating senior centers for aging boomers; mediating family crises; confronting alcoholism, substance abuse and gambling

    addiction among elders; creating elder-friendly communities; enhancing end-of-life care; combating elder abuse; humanizing the culture of long-term care; late-life love and counseling for older couples; civic engagement for older adults involved in productive

    activities; dispelling the stereotypes of aging; examining hoarding behavior among older people; disaster preparedness for seniors; managing the difficulties of old age through new technology; redefining retirement; aiding grandparents raising their grandchildren; celebrating purpose and meaning in older ageand much, much more.



    ? The fifth annual ―What’s Next Boomer Business Summit‖ will convene leaders in the

    emerging boomer marketplace at the Omni Shoreham Hotel from such top businesses

    and organizations as AARP, Microsoft, Yahoo!, American Express, Verizon, MetLife,

    DecisionStreet and Posit Science. This event is produced by Mary Furlong, author of

    Turning Silver Into Gold (New York: Financial Times Press, 2007). The keynote address

    on the hard challenges and new opportunities of today’s business environment will be

    presented by Vincent R. Reinhart, until recently a director of the Federal Reserve

    Board’s Division of Monetary Affairs. This year’s conference will focus on deals and

    distribution, highlighting companies and organizations that are reaching large numbers

    of boomers.


    ? The ―Second National Conference for Caregiving Coalitions,‖ sponsored by the

    National Alliance for Caregiving, will bring together partners in state and local

    coalitions to learn about fundraising, receive technical assistance and share best practices.

    To be held at the Marriott Wardman Park, the conference will involve the launch of the

    new Coalitions Network Advocacy Committee.

    ? ―Cutting-Edge Strategies for Senior Centers‖ is a training program designed to help

    centers effectively transition their operations to accommodate the growing and changing

    needs of the emerging 50-plus population. Participants will explore strategies for

    accomplishing such goals as attracting people ages 50-plus, enriching volunteer

    experiences, pursuing creative marketing strategies, increasing the center’s value to the

    community and creating new identities for their centers. The trainers have developed

    highly regarded models for senior center programs. This preconference program is

    presented by NCOA’s National Institute of Senior Centers. ? The Wingspread Conference 2008: Renewing Vision and Vigor to Older Adult

    Ministry‖ is a practical intensive seminar for faith communities and individuals working

    with older adult ministries. Presentations will identify community-action programs that

    work and provide a foundation for the strengths and values that older adults bring to

    congregations. This program is presented by NCOA’s National Interfaith Coalition on

    Aging and ASA’s Forum on Religion, Spirituality and Aging.


    Expanded events and activities will take place in this year’s Exposition and Learning

    Center. The Exposition Hall will feature more than 150 exhibitors representing a wide range

    of public and private enterprises. Go to

    to view a list of confirmed exhibitors to date, to find exhibit descriptions and to schedule

    interview and demonstration appointments directly with exhibitors using the online contact


     Highlights of the new Learning Center include the Technology Showcase of

    Innovative New and Emerging Technologies presented by the Technology Work Group of

    ASA’s Network on Environments, Services and Technology for Maximizing Independence (NEST). It will be located in Exhibit Hall B during exposition hall hours. Also, the 16th

    Annual Authors and Producers in Aging reception will be held Thursday, March 27, 5:307


p.m., in Washington 5, adjacent to the Hall. The Learning Center will also feature Program

    Exchanges on Saturday, March 29, 8 a.m.5 p.m. These are roundtable presentations of

    selected innovative programs from around the United States. Many of these presentations,

    and the content experts facilitating them, can yield interesting stories for reporters. These

    will be held in the Washington 5-6 rooms, alongside the Exhibition Hall.

    Exhibition Hours: Grand Opening Reception, Thursday, March 27, 5:307:30 p.m.; Friday, March 28, 10 a.m.2 p.m. and 46 p.m.; and Saturday, March 29, 10 a.m.4 p.m.

    Members of the media can apply for gratis press credentials at The awarding of press credentials will be limited and

    members of the press should not make travel or other arrangements until ASA notifies

    applicants about acceptance or denial. For more information, contact Paul Kleyman at the

    American Society on Aging, (415) 974-9619; fax: (415) 974-0300; e-mail: For information about NCOA, contact Scott Parkin, office: (202) 479-6975; cell: (202) 657-2894; fax: (202) 479-0735; e-mail:

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