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Jan Bauer

124 District 9 Ontario Lawn Bowls Association

     District 9

Chair Heather Comba, 8320 First Line, RR2, Campbellville, L0P 1B0

     (905) 854 2114;

    Vice Chair John Barker, 55-4101 Westminster Place, Mississauga, L4W 4X4

     (905) 281-3073; (Email preferred)

    Secretary Laura Seed, 40-561 Childs Dr, Milton, L9T 3Z1

     (905) 693-9802;

    OLBA Board Rep: John Barker

     Ontario Championships District Playdowns

    (Entries must be reported by the club district rep. 48 hours before each event)

     May 29/30 9.30AM Oakville WF/F

     June 19/20 9.30AM Brampton WP/P

     June 26/ 27 9.30AM Port Credit MP

     July 10/11 9.30AM Milton WS/S

     July 13/14 9.30AM Georgetown Sr.WT/T

     August 21/22 9.30AM Lakeshore Mimico Nv.WT/T

     District Meetings

     Sat. May 1 10.30AM Oakville Spring Meeting

     District Tournaments

    Proof of membership may be requested at any tournament


    Wed. 19 10:00AM Milton Friendship Trophy WT

     Bring lunch, 3x12 ends

    Sat. 22 10:00AM Milton President’s Trophy, pay BBQ MT

     Joan and Ed Hazel

    Wed. 26 10:00AM Brampton Women’s 2x14 ends, bring lunch WT

    Sat. 29 9:30AM Oakville District Playdowns WF/F

    Sun. 30 9:30AM Oakville District Playdowns (if needed) WF/F


    Wed. 2 10:00AM Oakville Harry Wiffen Memorial Trophy WT

     Bring lunch, 3x12 ends

    Sun. 6 10:00AM Georgetown Remax WP/MP

    Sun. 6 9:30AM Oakville McLean Memorial Trophy MP

    Wed. 9 10:00AM Georgetown Alice Gray Trophy WT

     Bring lunch, 3x12 ends

2010 Annual District 9 125

Sat. 12 10:00AM Port Credit Avenue Moving Company MP/WP

     3x12 ends

    Sun. 13 10:00AM Brampton Vi Smyth Memorial Tournament WP/MP

     3x12 ends, bring lunch

    Wed. 16 10:00AM Port Credit Skinner and Middlebrook Funeral WT

     Home, bring lunch, 3x12 ends Sat. 19 9:30AM Brampton District Playdowns WP/P

    Sun. 20 9:30AM Brampton District Playdowns (if needed) WP/P

    Sun. 20 10:00AM Georgetown TD Canada Trust Trophy WT/MT

    Wed. 23 10:00AM Milton Women’s Luncheon, 3x12 WT Wed. 23 9:30AM Oakville Revera Churchill Place Trophy P

    Sat. 26 9:30AM Port Credit District Playdowns) MP

    Sun. 27 9:30AM Port Credit District Playdowns (if needed) MP

    Wed. 30 9:30AM Oakville Mary Toten Trophy WT

     Luncheon, 2x14 ends


    Sun. 4 10:00AM Georgetown Georgetown Trophy WP/MP

    Wed. 7 10:00AM Brampton Luncheon, 2x14 ends WP

    Sat. 10 9:30AM Milton District Playdowns LS/S

    Sun. 11 9:30AM Milton District Playdowns (if needed) LS/S

    Sun. 11 9:30AM Oakville Astrazenca Trophy, Women Skip MP

    Tues. 13 9:30AM Georgetown District Playdowns Sr.WT/T

    Wed. 14 9:30AM Georgetown District Playdowns (if needed) Sr.WT/T

    Sat. 17 10:00AM Georgetown Die Mold Tools WT/MT

     Sons of Scotland Wed. 21 10:00AM Georgetown Bette Barkley Trophy WT

     Bring lunch, 3x12 ends

    Sat. 24 9.00AM Milton Milton Cup - Tax Free Money - Skins OT


    Wed. 28 10:00AM Milton Bring lunch, 3x12 ends WT


    Mon. 2 9:30AM Oakville Oakville Funeral Home for MT

     OLBC Trophy, bring lunch

    Wed. 4 10:00AM Port Credit Creative Memories WT

     Bring lunch, 3x12 ends

    Sun. 8 10:00AM Port Credit G.B. Auto, 3x12 ends MP

    Wed. 11 10:00AM Georgetown Toni Lozinski WT

     Women’s Luncheon Fri. 13 10:00AM Lakeshore Mimico Verna Ridley Trophy, sponsored by WT

     Bob’s Cruises (905 338 2077)

     2x14 ends, added prize money

    Sat. 14 10:00AM Georgetown Armstrong Trophy WT/MT

    126 District 9 Ontario Lawn Bowls Association

Wed. 18 10:00AM Oakville Revera Trafalgar Lodge WT

     Tournament, bring lunch, 3x12 ends

    Sat. 21 9:30AM Lakeshore Mimico District Playdowns Nv.WT/T

    Sun. 22 9:30AM Lakeshore Mimico District Playdowns (if needed) Nv.WT/T

    Wed. 25 10:00AM Brampton Women’s 3x12, bring lunch WP Sat. 28 10:00AM Brampton BOJAC Trophy, 3x12 ends MP/WP

    Sun. 29 10:00AM Milton Fred Robbins Trophy MT

     Hearing for Life, pay BBQ


    Wed. 1 10:00AM Port Credit Elsie Lounsbury Trophy sponsored WT

     by Lakeshore Honda

     2x14 ends, Luncheon Sat. 4 10:00AM Brampton A. & E. Tournament, 3x 12 ends MP/WP Mon. 6 9:30AM Oakville Goodale & Miller Century 21 Trophy MT

     Bring lunch

    Wed. 8 10:00AM Oakville Revera The Kensington Tournament WT

     Bring lunch, 3x12 ends Sat. 11 10:00AM Georgetown Chrysler Trophy, Women Skip MP/WP Sun. 12 10:00AM Port Credit Luncheon MP

    Wed. 15 10:00AM Georgetown Lillian Lawrence Trophy, sponsored WT

     by Jones Funeral Home

     Bring lunch, 3X12 ends

    Wed. 15 10:00AM Brampton Women’s Pairs/Mixed Pairs WP/MP

     3x12 ends

    Sat. 18 10:00AM Milton Prosperity One Trophy, pay BBQ MT

    Wed. 22 10:00AM Brampton Women's Triples WT

     Bring lunch, 3x12 ends Wed. 29 10:00AM Milton Women’s Triiples, 3x12 ends WT


    Sat. 2 9:30AM Milton Bowl & Curl, Scott’s Car Care OF


     Abbreviations used in District Events Listings

     Women Men Mixed Open

    Fours WF F MF OF

    Triples WT T MT OT

    Pairs WP P MP OP

    Singles WS S ---- OS

    Jitney WJ J MJ OJ

    Other Designations

    Senior Sr. Sr.MF Senior Mixed Fours

    Junior Jr. Jr.W Junior Women’s Pairs

    Novice Nv. Nv.S Novice Men’s Singles

2010 Annual District 9 127

    Club Listings District 9

Brampton Lawn Bowling Club (0905)

    Century Gardens Recreation Complex, 342 Vodden St. E., Brampton (905) 874-2812

Directions to Club: From Hwy. 401 (East or West) and Hwy. 403, take Hwy. 410 north to

    Clark Boulevard. Left on Clark to Rutherford Road (2 traffic lights). Right on Rutherford to

    Vodden Street East. Right on Vodden to Century Gardens Recreation Centre, left side.

    Use East parking lot.

    Club Mail To:

    Donna Young, 23-1020 Central Park Dr., Brampton, L6S 2M8 (905) 791-1868

    Tournament Contact(s):

    [All] Anthony Purcell, 32 Jade Cres., Brampton, L6S 3H1 (905) 791-3026

Georgetown Lawn Bowling Club (0910)

    Corner of Edith & William Streets, Georgetown

Directions to Club: Take Maple Avenue, from either Trafalger Road North or Hwy. 7

    South; Kentucky Fried Chicken on the corner of Maple and Edith Streets. Go along Edith

    to William Street.

Club Mail To:

    Shirley Chaplin, 16 Shelley St., Georgetown, L7G 3W9

Tournament Contact(s):

    [All] Liz Nelissen, 86 Wildwood Rd., Georgetown, L7G 4S8 (905) 877-4752

     No calls after 8 pm

     Lakeshore Mimico Lawn Bowling Club (0915)

    Royal York Road at Judson Street, Etobicoke (416) 557-0283

Club Mail To:

    Joyce Bradley, 1404-1515 Lakeshore Rd. E, Mississauga, L5E 3E3

Tournament Contact(s):

    [L] Gloria Finlayson, 93 MacDonald St., Etobicoke, M8V 1Y3 (416) 251-2565

    [M/Mx] Don Thompson,125 Redgrave Dr., Toronto, M9R 3V5 (416) 249-6734

128 District 9 Ontario Lawn Bowls Association

    Milton Lawn Bowling Club (0920) 43 Commercial Street, Milton (905) 878-5300

Directions to Club: Exit Hwy. 401 at Hwy. 25 South and proceed south 0.5 miles to Main

    Street at the end of the road. Turn left (east) on Main, go 2 blocks and turn right (south)

    on Commercial Street. Exit QEW at Hwy. 25 North and proceed north to Milton, to Derry

    Road. Turn left (west) on Derry,1 block to Commercial Street and turn right on

    Commercial Street

Club Mail To:

    Laura Seed, 40-561 Childs Dr., Milton, L9T 3Z1

Tournament Contact(s):

    [All] Laura Seed, 40-561 Childs Dr., Milton, L9T 3Z1 (905) 693-9802

     New Toronto Lawn Bowling Club (0925)

    Ninth Street & Lakeshore Drive, Toronto (416) 259-8776

Club Mail To:

    Elizabeth Newman, 30 Forty First St., Etobicoke, M8W 3N6 (416) 255-9606

Tournament Contact(s):

     No Tournaments planned for 2010.

     Oakville Lawn Bowling Club (0930) 111 King Street, Oakville (905) 842-1849

Directions to Club: QEW to Trafalgar Road. South on Trafalgar to King (south of

    Lakeshore). West on King to Navy. Club on NW corner of King and Navy Streets.

Club Mail To:

    Oakville LBC, Box 69645, 111 King St., Oakville, L6J 7R4

Tournament Contact(s):

    [L] Nina Byford, 223 Rebecca Street, Unit 2, Oakville, L6K 3Y2 (905) 844-3719


     [M/Mx] Trish Hyland, 4098 Powderhorn Cres., Mississauga, L5L 3B9 (905) 820-0088

2010 Annual District 9 129

    Port Credit Lawn Bowling Club (0935)

    1375 Cawthra Road (Community Centre and Arenas) (905) 274-2674

    1/2 mile south of the QEW, Mississauga


Directions to Club: Half a mile south of the QEW on Cawthra Road, Mississauga; turn

    east into Cawthra Park.

All Club Mail Goes To:

    Port Credit Lawn Bowling Club, P.O. Box 20005, Applewood Village Postal Station

    Mississauga, L4Y 4L2

Secretary: Mary Elliott, (905) 276-2321

Tournament Contact(s):

    [All] Cathie & Don Stephan, 143 Prince Edward Dr., Toronto, M8Y

    3W3 (416) 233-4665

     Oakville Lawn Bowling Club

    111 King Street, P O Box 6945

    Oakville, L6J 7R4 (Intersection of Navy and King)

    Clubhouse phone May through September: 905-842-1849

    District Playdowns Fours

    Sat. May 29/30 9:30AM Women’s and Men’s Fours WF/F

    Ladies’ tournaments

    Wed. June 2 10:00AM Triples Harry Wiffen Memorial Trophy WT Wed. June 30 9:30AM Triples Mary Toten Trophy, Lunch provided WT Wed. Aug. 18 10:00AM Triples Revera Trafalgar Lodge Tournament WT Wed. Sept. 8 10:00AM Triples Revera, The Kensington Tournament WT

    Ladies’ entries to Nina Byford - 905-844-3719

    Men’s tournaments

    Wed. June 23 9:30AM Pairs Revera Churchill Place Trophy P

    Mixed tournaments

    Sun. June 6 9:30AM Mixed pairs McLean Memorial Trophy MP Sun. July 11 9:30AM Mixed pairs AstraZeneca Trophy MP

     Woman skips

    Mon. Aug. 2 9:30AM Mixed triples OLBC Trophy MT

     Sponsored by Oakville Funeral Homes Mon. Sept. 6 9:30AM Mixed triples Goodale & Brad Miller MT

     Century 21 Real Estate Trophy

    Men’s and Mixed entries to Trish Hyland: 905-820-0088

    Come play on one of the best greens in Ontario

130 District 9 Ontario Lawn Bowls Association

    Brampton Lawn Bowling Club

    Century Gardens Recreation Centre

    342 Vodden St. E., Brampton L6V 2N2


    2010 Ladies' Tournaments

     Wed. May 26 10:00AM Women’s Triples WT

     Bring Lunch, 2x14 ends

     Wed. July 7 10:00AM Women’s Pairs

     Luncheon, 2x14 ends WP

     Wed. Aug. 25 10:00AM Women’s Pairs WP

     Bring Lunch, 3x12 ends

     Wed. Sept. 22 10:00AM Women’s Triples WT

     Bring Lunch, 3x12 ends

    2010 Mixed Tournaments

     Sat. June 12 10:00AM Vi Smyth Memorial WP/MP

     Trophy, 3X12 ends

     Sat. Aug. 28 10:00AM BOJAC Trophy WP/MP

     3x12 ends

     Sat. Sept. 4 10:00AM A. & E. Tournament WP/MP

     3x12 ends

     Sat. Sept. 15 10:00AM Women’s Pairs/ WP/MP

     Mixed Pairs, 3x12 ends


    Phone or mail entries to:

     Tom Purcell

     32 Jade Crescent

     Brampton, L6S 3Hl


2010 Annual District 9 131

    Milton Lawn Bowling Club 2010

    43 Commercial St.



    Milton Cup

    Sponsored by:

    thSaturday, July 24, 9:00AM


    $$$ SKINS FORMAT $$$

    Lunch Included - Entry Fee $105/team

    Bowl and Curl

    Sponsored by North End Nissan

    rd Saturday, October 2, 9:30AM


    2 Games Bowls & 1 Game Curling (16 teams)

    $100/team - lunch/beer

    Events below start at 10:00 am

     Wed. May 19 Friendship Trophy, bring your lunch 3x12 ends WT

     Sat. May 22 President’s Trophy, pay BBQ MT

     Wed. June 23 Women’s Luncheon, lunch included WT

     Wed. July 28 Women, bring your lunch WT

     Sun. Aug. 29 Fred Robbins Friendship Trophy, pay BBQ MT

     Sat. Sept. 18 Prosperity One Trophy, pay BBQ MT

     Wed. Sept. 29 Women, bring your lunch WT

    For all events contact:

    Laura Seed 905-693-9802 or

    132 District 9 Ontario Lawn Bowls Association


    1375 Cawthra Road,1/2 mile south of the Q.E.W,

    Club Phone: (905) 274 - 2674

    Web site:



     Wed. June 16 10:00AM 3x12 ends Sponsor WT

     Skinner and Middlebrook

     Funeral Home

     Wed. Aug. 4 10:00AM 3x12 ends Sponsor WT

     Creative Memories

     Wed. Sept. 1 10:00AM 2x14 ends, Luncheon WT

     Elsie Lounsbury Trophy

     Sponsor Lakeshore Honda

    Entries to:

    Cathie Stephan: (416) 233-4665 or


     Sat. June 12 10:00AM 3x12 ends Sponsor MP/WP

     Avenue Moving Company

     Sun. Aug. 8 10:00AM 3x12 ends Sponsor MP

     G.B. Auto

     Sun. Sept. 12 10:00AM 3x12 ends, Luncheon MP


     Cooksville Cleaning Services

    Entries to:

    Don Stephan: (416) 233-4665 or

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