Correspondence Meeting Report Sheikh Khalifa Medical City

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Correspondence Meeting Report Sheikh Khalifa Medical City

Meeting Report


    Meeting Report: Sheikh Khalifa Medical City Medicine Update 2007, The ththHilton Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 24-26 April 2007.

    By: Al Hajeri OM, Majdi G, BeshyahSA

    symposium which provided a concise update

    on the diagnosis and management of Hep C. To The Editor: The SKMC medicine update 2007 was held at the Hilton Abu-Dhabi ththbetween 24 and 26 April, with the focus of

    the conference being “recent advances in The symposium focused on blood borne HCV Medicine”. Through no coincidence, the in IV drug users, the importance of conference and its themes were designed to “individualization of treatment of Hepatitis C match the changes and challenges that infection and the latest updates on the healthcare providers now face in the rapidly management of HCV in dialysis patients. evolving healthcare system in Abu-Dhabi and

    the UAE in general. The second day: There was one previous medical update held “The Emirates Annual Lecture 2007” on the by SKMC in 2002. The organising committee burden of cardiovascular disease in the UAE declared that this will be an annual event with and the Gulf delivered by Dr Wael Almahmeed a pledge to help the health care professionals was a great star for the second day. It was attain a unique knowledge edge, gain further followed by the cardiology session which insight into recent advances in medicine and included “The Recent Advances in the meet the continuous medical education (CME) Management of Valvular Heart Disease” needs for the Emirate. This seemed to be in presented by Dr Abdulmajeed Alzubaidi, “The line with the expansion of the educational role Advances in Heart Failure Management” by Dr of the SKMC. Sherif Bakir, and “An Update in the

    Management of Atrial Fibrillation” by Dr Overview of the Conference: Mohamed Rehan. The session ended with a

    very interesting presentation by Dr. Samir

    Aljabbari summarising the recent advances in The faculty was mainly from SKMC and other the management of STEMI with special major institutions in the UAE. The conference emphasis on emergency management tailored was credited for a total of 20 CME hours to available skills and resources. including two satellite symposia held on the

    first and last days of the conference providing

    updates on “Hepatitis C infection” and A quick run through the new and emerging “Diabetes”. The main programme was anti-diabetes agents by Dr Salem Beshyah organised on discipline-based sessions each was the first presentation in the endocrinology consisting of three to four presentations session; it was followed by a very informative followed by panel discussion. overview on the principles and practical

    aspects of insulin pump therapy by Dr.

    Mahmoud Benbarka. The next presentation The first day at a glance: covered controversial aspects of subclinical

    thyroid disease and the session ended by The first day started with the official opening discussing the diagnosis and management of ceremony and the opening of a osteoporosis in Arab women by Hussain Al pharmaceutical exhibition that was organised Saadi from Al-Ain. in parallel with the conference. A small

    reception was followed by the first satellite

     Libyan J Med, AOP: 070710 Meeting Report

    After a very delicious lunch the attendees by Dr. Urooj Ahmed. Finally, recent updates enjoyed a very stimulating Haematology/ on Hepatitis C and Irritable bowel syndrome Oncology session which started with an were discussed. The travellar’s diarrhoea by update on Thalassemia given by Dr. David Dr. Wadih Saad was ,as usual, hilarious but Spence followed by novel approaches in the very informative. All the attendees will treatment of multiple myeloma by Dr. Nameer definitely remember his talk the next time they Alsaadawi. The next presentation very nicely stop to eat outside home. summarised the recent approaches to breast

    cancer management by Dr. Mussawar Iqbal The last session was on internal medicine and and a quick overview of immune haemolytic infectious diseases, started on adult attention anaemia concluded the session. deficit disorders by Dr. Yousif Abullaban,

    followed by a presentation on antimicrobial The last session of the second day was resistance by Dr. Juha Vuorte. Geriatrics dedicated to rheumatology and pulmonary updates were then reviewed by Dr. Shaista medicine. A very informative presentation Ahmed who talked about aging gracefully. The about antiphospholipid syndrome by Dr. session ended by an update on evidence Khostanteen was followed by biologicals in based medicine from Dr. Mohammed Noshi. Rheumatic disease by Dr. Stewart Graham.

    The pulmonary presentations commenced by The conference ended by another satellite an update on the management of bronchial symposium. A global and regional prospective asthma concentrating on novel treatment on diabetes was displayed by Dr Salem methods by Dr. Patrick Killorn. The last Beshyah, and Dr. Nabil El-Naggar from Saudi presentation of the day was about obstructive Arabia talked about targeting the core sleep apnoea-hypopnea syndrome by Dr. pathology in diabetes. Wagih Djazmati.

    Final remarks: The last day:

    The SKMC Medicine Update 2007 was very A very exciting discussion about “Ethics in highly rated by all attendees we encountered. medical practice” was “The SKMC Annual The comments heard were complimentary and Lecture” delivered by Dr. Abdulkarim Saleh strongly positive for all speakers and the who chairs the medical ethics board at SKMC. content of their presentations. The feedback After the prolonged discussions and forms will predictably give the organizers and comments provoked by his presentation a speakers a good sense of satisfaction. The coffee break was essential. registration fees of AED 600 (USD 150),

    inclusive of a bag and all the presentations on The nephrology session started after the break CD for later revision , in addition to 2 lunches, with a very practical update on the 2 dinners and 5 coffee/tea breaks in this 5 star management of hypertension by Dr. Yassin venue, is certainly affordable. We are sure that Elshahat followed by an overview of the delegates will be looking forward to the SKMC advances in the management of acute renal Medicine Update 2008 and we hope they will failure by Dr. Mohammed Hassan. Clinical recommend it to all their colleagues. The outcomes of renal transplantation in the Middle chairman and the organizers deserve a round East were then summarised by Dr. Ali of applause. Alobaidli. To close the session, Dr.

    Abdulkarim Saleh had engaged the audience

    in a trip to a very promising future with his

    presentation about Klotho, the novel anti aging

    gene expressed in the kidney.

    The neurology session started by an update

    on epilepsy by Dr. Taoufik Alsaadi followed by

    recent advances in stroke management. The

    newest developments in the management of

    multiple sclerosis were then discussed by Dr.

    Yousif Salam. The gasteroenterology session

    then started with updates on inflamatory bowel

    disease by Dr. Alain Giguere, followed by a

    discussion of upper gastrointestinal bleeding

     Libyan J Med, AOP: 070710

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