Cordyceps History

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Cordyceps History

     Cordyceps History

    Any Combination of MediMushrooms Capsules may be taken together.

    100% Natural Product.


    Cordyceps sinensis

    “Elixir of Life” Builds up stamina for better endurance.

    Boosts immune system.

    Reduces cholesterol levels.

    Improves memory and concentration.

    Delays muscle fatigue.

    Stimulates sexual drive.

    Provides anti-oxidant properties.

    Manufactured under strict Pharmaceutical Control

    General Info:

Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis) is one of the most valuable medicinal mushrooms used in

    Traditional Oriental Medicine, as well as in modern clinical practice.

In China and Japan Cordyceps is called “Winter worm, Summer grass” or Caterpillar Mushroom

    for a very good reason it is a fungus that sprouts out of the dead worms or insects.

It grows in highlands of Far East on the sunny sides of the mountains in Tibet, Nepal, China, India

    and Japan in severe conditions of low temperatures and lack of oxygen.

    This amazing mushroom can be found in areas over 12,000 feet above sea level.

Tibetan herdsmen first discovered Cordyceps mushroom over a thousand years ago in the high

    plateaus of that region thinking it was a type of grass. They noticed that when their sheep and

    yaks grazed on this strange looking “grass” they became stronger and healthier. Later Chinese

    herbalists began to use Cordyceps for human ailments. The mushroom was used as a cure-all

    but was especially thought to be an aphrodisiac and a supplement for healthy male sexual


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The difficulty in collecting cordyceps made it one of the most expensive mushrooms used in

    traditional Chinese medicine. In previous centuries it was affordable only to the Imperial family.

    Based on its heeling properties it was well known as “Elixir of Life”.

Cordyceps collected in the wild is richer in its properties than the cultivated one, but wild

    Cordyceps is usually very expensive reaching prices of over $1000 for just 100 grams. Wild

    Cordyceps from the Tibet Mountains is regarded to be the most valuable in the world.

According to ancient records, Cordyceps improves the function of circulatory, respiratory,

    digestive, urinary and hormone systems.

Cordyceps is used in China as a support product for sexual function and as an energy booster.

    It restores energy, acts as an anti-aging aid and promotes longevity.

In clinical conditions Cordyceps has been shown to stimulate and restore the function of

    compromised immune system in various conditions including chronic fatigue, cancer and

    respiratory disorders, especially asthma. It has also been demonstrated that Cordyceps

    enhances blood circulation and can lower LDL cholesterol while raising beneficial HDL


This magnificent mushroom contains anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, as well as regulates

    the kidney dysfunctions and liver disorders.

Cordyceps assists in building up stamina for better endurance and increases the energy levels

    thus improving the performance.

In 1993 a team of Chinese women athletes achieved nine world records in the World Outdoor

    Track and Field Championships in Germany. One of them broke the record for the 10,000

    meter-run by 42 seconds. An astounding result .

Besides the intensive training, the large credit was given by the team to the use of Cordyceps.

    Chinese athletes use Cordyceps as a safe alternative to dangerous performance-enhancing


    After this event the world seriously focused the attention on the evaluation of the

    pharmacological properties of this mushroom.

The powerful aphrodisiac properties of Cordyceps have elevated this mushroom to one of the

    highest pedestals.

Scientific studies performed recently by Beijing Medical University of China and in Japan have

    demonstrated a 64% success rate among men suffering from impotence using Cordyceps in

    comparison with 24% of men taking other forms of medication. It increases the sex drive.

    Along with Reishi and Shiitake, Cordyceps is among the most beneficial of mushrooms.

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    Nutritional Components:


    Cordycepic acid




    Bioactive Properties and Health Benefits:

     Energy booster increases the number of red blood cells (erythrocytes), which

     contain the pigment hemoglobin and transports oxygen and carbon dioxide to

     and from the tissues, thus enhancing physical endurance and resistance;

     Cardio-vascular tonic enhances the performance of cardiac muscle and

     improves the vasomotor function (constriction and dilatation) by strengthening

     the blood vessels; improves the blood circulation;

     Anti-hypertension effect dilates (widens) coronary artery thus increasing the

     blood flow; it is considered to play a major role as a calcium antagonist in

     lowering blood pressure and preventing angina pectoris and myocardial infarct;

     Anti-diabetes increases the secretion of insulin;

     Sex drive stimulant and Anti-impotence effect suppresses the phasic and

     tonic contraction of corpus cavernosum penis; improves the general sexual


     Stomach and intestinal function tonic prevents the formation of stress related

     stomach ulcer and improves the function of digestive system;

     Kidney tonic prevents the toxic process in kidney, stimulates


     Liver protection prevents the formation of fibroid liver tissues; reduces the

     ascites (accumulation of liquid in abdominal area) caused by liver cirrhosis;

     normalizes the biochemical status of the liver (GOT and GPT liver function tests);

     Anti tumor effect boosts the function of the depressed immune system;

     Anti oxidant properties assists in delaying the aging process by preventing

     the formation of peroxide lipids; improves memory and concentration; prevents


     Diuretic properties being a source of D-Mannitol, one of the sugar alcohols

     that is known for a long time as a usable osmotic diuretic agent; it can be

     effective in relieving brain oedema (excess of watery fluid collected in the

     cavities or tissues of the body), brain pressure accentuation and ocular


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