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    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

    At the beginning, Li mubai told Yu xiulian directly, “during my meditation training, I came to a place of deep silence. I was surrounded by light. Time and space disappeared. I had come to a place my master had never told me about. I didn’t feel the bliss of enlightenment. Instead, I was surrounded by an endless sorrow.” He cannot bear such feeling; the desire is the biggest enemy for Li.

    But what was the desire for Li, the love between him and Yu xiulian? Actually it was admitted by most people, it was even legitimate in a way that he can show it to everyone. That love was under control for years while Yu was similar to his wife all the time. And that is the reason why he showed his love to Yu when he was dying.

    But his love to Yu jiaolong was so strong, fierce that made him lost.

    Obviously, Li had known that Yu jiaolong was the man in black which leaded him to teach her. But at that time Yu jiaolong insulted that Wudang was dirty tavern and brothel, the place where people free their desire.

    Then the conversation between Li and Yu xiulian made it clearer.

    Li: That's not for her.She should come to Wudan and become a disciple.

    Yu xiulian: But Wudan does not accept women.

    Li: For her, they might make an exception.

    Li wanted Yu jiaolong so much that he decided to make an exception which was the rule he insisted all his life. That confess make us take his emotion to Yu jiaolong serious.

    But what is the role of Yu jiaolong in Li’s heart? A disciple?

    Yu jiaolong felt his love so she said, “Is it me or the sword you want?”

    At that time we can make sure that the desire of Li was to occupy Yu jiaolong which cannot be accepted by Jianghu. Yu jiaolong was beautiful, free and look down upon rules, which wake his desire. Li could control his love to Yu xiulian because both of them belonged to the system which requires them to play their roles in Jianghu. As Yu xiulian said, “To repress one's feelings only makes them stronger.” Li cannot control his love to Yu jiaolong, or free.

    Yu jiaolong once asked Li, “And if I use them to kill you?”

    Li replied, that's a risk I'm willing to take. The translation is not very accurate; in Chinese the words Li said is not only risk, but also meant that share everything even lives. It is a kind of occupation.

    Then we analyze Yu jiaolong. Why did she fall in love with Xiao hu, a robber? The director spent long time which used to show that she loved Xiaohu

    just because he conquered her. What about Li? Obviously Li also conquered her so she deserved to be his disciple if he could win her.

    But their love was deviant and cannot show to others, especially for Li. Li even deceived himself at the beginning.

    At the last, when Li sacrificed his life to save Yu jiaolong’s life, the desire disappeared and he can show his sincerely love to Yu xiulian. Finally he got his true peace.

    The movie wants to show, it is not Jianghu, but one’s desire that make him don’t know what to do. Everyone has deep desire which may be deathful if one do not know how to control it. Sometimes one tends to deceive himself to scarify his vanity or to play the role the society provide.

    When it refers to Globalization, the movie contains too much Chinese culture elements like the morals of Confucianism, the Dao of Taoists and so on, which make audience excited and interested. But the movie does not try to extend them. The result is that the director told a western story in Chinese way. The confession at last was totally western which was romantic and moving. Li contained traditional Chinese culture and western culture which make audience understand him easier.

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