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    Integra Medical Center

    Newsletter September 2009

     Opening a path for a healthier future….

    At Integra Medical Center (IMC) our vision is

    to contribute powerfully to the well being of

    patients from all over the world, in need of

    innovative, cutting edge, and parallel therapies.

    From the patient that is abandoned or rejected

    from mainstream medicine to people committed

    to maintain or optimize their good health.

    Our mission is to provide state of the art

    therapies with tremendous biological power to Dr. Omar D. Gonzalez, MD slow down; stop the progression or reverse the

    Dr. Omar David González, MD attended damage many conditions cause. UANL in Monterrey for his MD degree (1975-1983). He has furthered his education Our goal is to validate our therapies with the in the French Superior School of Acupuncture and other Alternative Medicine proper clinical trials and in the meantime treat courses in Europe and in Mexico. He has the ones in need that trust us based on our participated in advanced courses of

    Acupuncture & Herbology at the Beijing many years of experience and multiple Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute. He is successful anecdotal cases. one of the first accredited specialists in Human Acupuncture by the Instituto

    Politecnico Nacional (IPN). He also attended Our everyday project at the moment is to deal specific courses in Geriatrics, Obesity, and with autoimmune conditions like systemic and Nutrition at IPN and two years of training skin Lupus, dermatomyositis, scleroderma and in Anti-Aging at Monterrey Univ and IPN.

     others; difficult eye retina problems; hopeless Dr. Gonzalez has developed different patients with neurological diseases like Ataxia, methods to treat many conditions with Parkinson’s disease, ALS, Cerebral palsy, Placenta Stem Cell Treatment since 1991

    with more than 2,000 implants. His approach Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal injuries; Internal to medicine is to incorporate the best Organs conditions like heart, liver or kidney techniques available with the optimal insufficiencies. All of this with our exclusive results and minimal or no side effects. Dr. Gonzalez believes in a multi-disciplinary method designed by Dr Gonzalez and delivered approach to medicine. He practices state-of-only in IMC. the-art stem cell therapy and combines the best of European, North American,

    traditional and Chinese medicine.

    August 2009

     More Information is Available FINANCING AVAILABLE Contact: Dr. Omar D. Gonzalez One Application, Multiple Loan Options Loan amounts from $1,000 to $50,000 Rates as low as 8.99%* Phones: US 1-956-501-1167 12 Month Interest Free Loans* Mexico 001-899-937-0260 No Pre-payment Penalty 001-899-937-0303 Country Calling Codes * based on borrowers credit record Email: STEM CELL BASICS* Most of the 300 trillion cells that make up the Visit Dr. Gonzalez’s website: human body are fully specialized for particular functions in organs such as the heart or the brain, or in tissues like muscle, fat and bone. Others play a supply or defensive role in the blood or immune system. Each cell type has a specific lifespan and function, which is dependent on the desired activity of the cell. Some cells are replaced; others live for Questions for Dr. Gonzalez: the duration of a person’s life. For example, blood _______________________________cells only live for a few weeks, and are replaced at a rate of several billion each day, where as brain cells, _______________________________may last a lifetime. Stem Cells are the foundation of normal growth and development of any organism and serve as a biological repair _______________________________ system for the body. _______________________________ Stem Cells, the “building blocks” of the body, have the remarkable potential to develop into many _______________________________different cell types. Serving as a repair system for the body, they can theoretically divide without limit _______________________________to replenish other cells. When a stem cell divides, each new cell has the potential to either remain a _______________________________stem cell or become another type of cell with a more specialized function, such as a muscle cell, a red _______________________________blood cell, a nerve cell, a heart cell or a brain cell, just to mention a few. _______________________________ Stem Cells are the body's master cells and differ _______________________________ from other kinds of cells in the body. All stem cellsregardless of their sourcehave three general _______________________________ properties: Stem Cells are capable of dividing and renewing themselves for long periods through cell _______________________________ division and contribute to the body's ability to renew and repair its tissues. Stem Cells remain unspecialized until a _______________________________ signal from the body tells them to develop into specific cells like a heart, nerve, or skin cell. Stem Cells can develop, or "differentiate" to become cells with more specialized functions.

    *Information from International Stem Cell Institute website


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