New Renewable Energy Firm Upgrades Operating System, Desktop Tools

By Danny Marshall,2014-03-31 00:10
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Customer Solution Case Study New Renewable Energy Firm Upgrades Operating System, Desktop Tools to Grow Business For more information about other

    Windows Vista and the Microsoft Office System

    Customer Solution Case Study

     New Renewable Energy Firm Upgrades

    Operating System, Desktop Tools to Grow


    “For a developing company like Frontline, it’s critical

    that we have the software to help us grow the Frontline BioEnergy business. Windows Vista and Office Professional

     1-99 employees 2007 are helping us work more efficiently so we can United States Life sciencesBiotechnology

     Heartland Technology Solutions deliver on our first industrial-scale project.”

     Norman Reese, General Manager, Frontline BioEnergy

    Frontline BioEnergy is using the Windows Vista? operating system Frontline BioEnergy, which is based in Ames, Iowa, has 10 employees and 12 and the 2007 Microsoft? Office system to help staffers meet the computers. The company creates equipment that converts plant material into challenge of its first major contract with a client in Minnesota. fuel for use in industrial facilities such as

    ethanol plantsFrontline partners and staff are also using Windows Vista and the .

    new desktop tools to manage a growing amount of customer and

     project datawith improved connectivity and security capabilities? Windows Vista? Business

    ? 2007 Microsoft? Office system to stay in touch with the office during client visits.

    ? Microsoft Office Outlook? 2007 ? Microsoft Office PowerPoint? 2007 Business Needs the valve from the natural gas pipeline and ? Microsoft Office Visio? 2007 Based in Ames, Iowa, Frontline BioEnergy’s turn on the valve from the cornfield.” ? Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 goal is to become the leader in biomass ? Microsoft Visual Studio? 2005 gasification technology in the United States. Recently, Frontline signed its first big

    The company designs and builds equipment contract to build the commercial equipment

    that converts biomass (plant material such for an ethanol plant in Minnesota, driving the

    as corn stalks) into fuel. Frontline’s need for more staff. “We like to use the best ? Dell Inspiron 6000

    proprietary equipment uses a thermal tools we can to improve our employees’ ? 2 Dell Precision WorkStation 370

    process called gasification that converts efficiency and the security of our computer-? Dell DM051 biomass into a combustible gas. Customers aided design (CAD) modeling data, the ? 2 Dell Precision WorkStation 380 are companies that want to use a more lifeblood of our business,” says Reese. “We ? Dell M700 Laptop environmentally friendly fuel source than needed to improve how we manage natural gas for their industrial facilities. customer, vendor, and supplier data for this

     big project. Because the new client is in For more information about other Microsoft According to General Manager, Norman Minnesota, my partners and staff will be on customer successes, please visit: Reese, Frontline helps customers “turn off site a lot of the time, and we needed a more

    mobile devices to share important business the tools to manage a growing amount of reliable, secure mobile platform to stay information at a moment’s notice. customer data and project information connected to the office.” relating to our new contract, including ? Gold Certified Partner Frontline staff easily acclimated to the new vendors and suppliers,” says Curtis. Heartland Technology Solutions to deploy the To meet these goals, Frontline decided to operating system and desktop productivity “Using Office Outlook 2007 with Business Windows Vista? operating system and the work with Microsofttools. “Even though I’ve never used a Tablet Contact Manager, we’ve eliminated client 2007 Microsoft Office system. PC before, Windows Vista is so intuitive and data duplication because everyone has logically designed there was virtually no access to the latest information in one ? diagrams within Office learning curve,” says Travis Curtis, Design place.” Reese and his partners are also PowerPoint 2007 to deliver more Solution Technician. “With thousands of documents using SmartArtcompelling, professional presentations to Heartland Technologies provided Frontline to reference, we also appreciate [Windows] new and prospective clients. with a personal computer, portable computer, Vista’s improved file search capability, which and a Tablet PC pre-installed with Windows has made it easier to find the right file Vista Business and Microsoft Office ? Traveling to and quickly.” Professional 2007. from Minnesota, Frontline employees are using real-time communications between Next steps include deploying Windows Vista “Working with Heartland through the their Audiovox 6700 PDA phones and the and Microsoft Office Professional 2007 for operating system transition has been great,” personal computer running Windows Vista two mechanical engineers. “One of them ?, and he is says Reese. “We took a chance at such a busy in the office to stay on top of the business. uses Microsoft Office Visioexcited about trying the 2007 release. We time in the project, but Windows Vista and are also hiring two more people and we are Office Professional 2007 integrated looking forward to having Windows Vista and ? With modeling data seamlessly with Microsoft Small Business Office Professional 2007 on everyone’s that’s crucial for Frontline’s proprietary Server 2003 and really caused no disruptions desktop, so we’ll have a standard platform equipment, Reese finds comfort in to our business.” and toolset that will maximize our Windows Vista security features like efficiency,” adds Reese. Windows? Firewall and Windows Defender. Frontline BioEnergy is taking advantage of The ability to remotely wipe off data from a many productivity enhancing features found in stolen phone also safeguards client Windows Vista and Office Professional 2007 contact information. Self-serve backup Benefits to help its employees meet the growing capabilities are good for a small company “For a developing company like Frontline, it’s demands of its expanding business. Microsoft with only one IT specialist, and Network critical that we have the software to help us Office OutlookAccess Protection will prevent clients that grow the business,” says Reese. “Windows ? 2007 with Business Contact do not meet Frontline’s internal systems Vista and Office Professional 2007 are Manager enables Frontline to simplify the health policies from connecting to the helping us work more efficiently so we can management of its customer information. network. deliver on our first industrial-scale project. Using the new graphic capabilities of the Microsoft Office PowerPoint? 2007 Today, Frontline employees are better able presentation graphics program, the Frontline to handle the increased workload stemming management team creates professional from the new contract because they are looking business communications and better managing their customer information, presentations for their prospective clients. improving remote connectivity to the office, Finally, staffers manage their business better and enhancing data security. from new client sites, or when on the road meeting prospective customers, by taking

    advantage of better connectivity between ?

    “Now we have

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