Renewable Energy - 20090331002157

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Renewable Energy - 20090331002157

    “SolarTech in Verona” Brokerage Event

    th8 May 2009, Verona

    Solarexpo Fair

Veneto Innovazione, ENEA, Trentino Sviluppo, Unioncamere del Veneto and AREA Science Park, North

    East Italy references of the Enterprise Europe Network under the Friend Europe consortium, are organising a thbrokerage event during the 10 edition of SOLAREXPO The International Conference & Exhibition on ththRenewable Energy, Distributed Generation and Green Building which will take place on May 07-09 in

    Verona, Italy ( SOLAREXPO represents the main conference & exhibition event in Italy

    on renewable energy sector.

The objective of “SolarTech in Verona” is to provide companies, universities and research institutes with

    assistance in technology transfer process, meeting international partners for product development,

    manufacturing, licensing and commercial agreements, joint ventures or similar partnership.

Thematic main areas

    • Photovoltaic • Integrated Technology Systems for

    Solar Sector • Thermal- Thermodynamic solar

    • Solar Cooling• Solar Building Technologies

Who will come:

? Companies interested to solve innovation and technology problems of their own products will be able to

    describe their needs and to meet those companies and researchers which may provide potential


    ? Companies interested to promote their technologies and products and meet directly potential clients

    from each part of Europe.

    ? University and Research Centres interested to meet industrial partners for the industrial exploitation of

    their research results.

How it works:

All the participants (companies, universities and research institutes) will be able to promote their own technology

    and business offers and requests by inserting them in the online catalog available on the website:

After registration and insertion of profiles, each participant will be able to request direct meetings with the

    proponents of the other technology profiles by selecting them from the online catalog.

    - deadline for profiles insertion: 03 April 2009

    - deadline for meetings request: 10 April 2009

Before the event, each participant will receive an agenda with its prearranged meetings which will be hosted on

    May 8th 2009 at SOLAREXPO FAIR in Verona (Italy), Da Palestrina room (Red room).

    The participation at the event is free of charge (except for the fair entrance tickets).

For further info:

    Ufficio Trasferimento Tecnologico - Veneto Innovazione

    phone: + 39 041 509 30 23 fax + 39 041 509 30 78


    Technology Profile Registration Form

If you want to insert a technology profile in the brokerage event catalog in order to search a solution for a

    technology need or to propose a innovative technology or a exploitable research result, please complete this

    form and send it back, by e-mail or fax to your local Enterprise Europe Network reference or the email to

    You can also register online via (

Organisation’s Information Mandatory fields are marked with *.


    Title: Prof Dr Ms Mr

    Firstname *: Name*:

    Phone*: E-mail*:

    Zip code* : Address*:

    Deadline for Technology Profile Registration: 03.04.2009

Technology Description (Technology Offer / Request)

    Title*: (Please describe your technology in one sentence)

Type of profile*:

    Technology Profile Technology Offer Technology Request

     Know-how/ expertise EU RTD Project / Result Commercial Profile Contractor/Buyer Subcontractor/Supplier Abstract / Descriptionof the organisation*:

Description of the technology/know how/EU-project (offered or requested) innovative

    aspects of the technology, main advantages/special features of the technology*:

Innovative aspects of the technology*

    Main advantages of the technology offered /special features of the technology requested*

    Current state of development of the technology* (Please select one item)

     Development phase laboratory tested Available for demonstration field tested

     Already on the market Other (please specify)

Intellectual Property Rights* (only for offers and EU RTD results)

     Patent(s) applied for Patent(s) granted

     Copyright protected Exclusive rights

     Secret know-how Others (registered design, plant variety right, etc)*


Web link to present innovative product:

Collaboration details

Type of collaboration sought* (more than one option can be selected):

     Licence agreement Commercial agreement

     Technical co-operation Manufacturing/ subcontracting agreement

     Joint Venture agreement Financial resources

     Other Other

    Partners contribution - Role and profile of the partners and tasks to be performed (Mandatory) - Indicate clearly the*

    - Type of partner sought* (such as: industry, academy, research organisation)

- The specific area of activity of the partner*

- The tasks to be performed of the partner sought*

    Please, send your filled-in Registration form to the following e-mail address :

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