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CollegeSchool FAMU-FSU College of Engineering


    Academic Year: 2007-2008

University Goal:

    2.1 Improve administrative processes throughout the University

    2.2 Enhance accountability processes in all units within the University

    3.2 Enhance employee hiring and training processes

    Unit Mission/Goals:

    It is the primary mission of the Florida A&M University Office of Controller to support the academic mission of the University in the establishment of the following goals:

    ? Establish and communicate policies and procedures necessary to ensure the proper and efficient use of University resources.

    ? Ensure the prompt and proper settlement of amounts owed by the University.

    ? Maintain the University’s accounting and financial reporting systems and appropriate sub-modules.

    ? Actively promote and monitor compliance with appropriate State and Federal financial and tax laws and regulations.

    ? Provide financial analysis and advice as necessary to ensure the University’s financial integrity.

    ? To ensure timely distribution of payroll to all employees of FAMU.

    It is the vision of the Office of the Controller Finance and Accounting staff to meet the financial and accounting needs of a diverse and dynamic campus community with quality

    performance and in a professional, courteous, and service-oriented manner. Additionally, we aspire to play a leadership role in our part of the university industry.

    Formulate Ascertain Criteria for Success Measure Performance Observe and Summarize Results Use Results for Strengthen Outcome Improvement Program (Action

    Plan) Improve the Direct Measure(s): Direct Measure(s): Direct Measure(s) Fully documenting timeliness and 1. Submission of the 1. Acceptance by the 1. FY 06-07 Financial all steps in the accuracy of required statements and BOG of the Statements were preapared preparation of the Transfer of financial reporting appropriate forms on the required statements according to GASB and annual financial knowledge to full- date required by the and forms. submitted on the due date in statements time employees. Board of Governors. 2. The number of an auditable form.

    2. Submission of the adverse audit 2. FY 06-07 Financial

    required GASB financial findings. Statements accepted by the

    statements, Notes and 3. The rendering by BOG and an unqualified

    Management Discussion the State Auditor opinion rendered by the

    and Analysis to the State General of an Auditor General with only five

    Auditor General along unqualified opinion. audit findings compared to

    with supporting thirteen for FY 05-06

    documentation. Indirect Measure(s):

    3. The production of an 1. Public perception of Indirect Measure(s)

    auditable set of financial the University fiscal 1. Recognition by the Florida

    Formulate Ascertain Criteria for Success Measure Performance Observe and Summarize Results Use Results for Strengthen Outcome Improvement Program (Action


    statements. accountability. Legislative Auditing

     Committee and the Florida

     Indirect Measure(s): Appropriations Committee

    The public opinion and the opinion and the BOG Task Force on

    of the University community on the FAMU

    management of the University 2. Numerous newspaper articles

    financial resources. concerning the financial

    accountability turnaround

    Improve fiscal Direct Measure(s): Direct Measure(s): Direct Measure(s) Continuous Continuous operational and 1. The payment for goods 1. Documentation of 1. Reduction of 2008 accounts improvement in improvement in the business and services on a timely all reconciliations. payable and timely payment of the reconciliation reconciliation and processes. basis. 2. Interest amount vendors, reducing interest and payment payment process.

     2. The prompt (monthly) paid on late payments. process.

    reconciliations of all bank payments. 2. All reconciliations performed and

    accounts. 3. Number of approved monthly and reconciling

    3. The prompt (monthly) operational audit items research and recorded

    reconciliation of capital findings. timely.

    disbursements to the 3. Fully complied with the bond

    assets acquisition. Indirect Measure(s): requirements.

    4. The prompt (monthly) 1. Vendor perception 4. Operational audit is underway but

    reconciliation of all sub-of the University preliminary indications are that

    modules to the financials. prompt payment of there will be a significant reduction

    5. Compliance with all invoices. in the number of findings

    statutory, policy and bond 2. Frequency of calls

    requirements. from vendors Indirect Measure(s)

     regarding lack of 1. Reduction of calls from

     Indirect Measure(s): payments. vendors and positive reaction

    1. Smoother and more effective from vendors concerning

    operation of the Controller’s Office. payments.

    2. High morale in staff in the

    Controller’s Office

    Restore the fund Direct Measure(s): Direct Measure(s): Direct Measure(s) Continuous Improvement of

    Formulate Ascertain Criteria for Success Measure Performance Observe and Summarize Results Use Results for Strengthen Outcome Improvement Program (Action

    Plan) and departmental 1. The department and 1. The number of 1. All departments are now in refinement of the financial financial data funds are in balance adjusting and balance and reports reflect fund data integrity accountability integrity in the within the accounting correcting journal correct data.

    accounting system and balances are entries for proper 2. The number of adjusting

    system. accurate. reporting. entries and reconciling items

     2. Reports produced by 2. The number of has been reduced.

    PeopleSoft provide reconciling items on

    accurate fund and all reconciliations. Indirect Measure(s)

    departmental balances 1. The lifting of the SACS

    for administrators and Indirect Measure(s): probation and the unqualified

    fund and departmental 1. Ease of responding to opinion has restored the

    managers. requests for financial data. confidence in the university

     community in the Controller’s

    Indirect Measure(s): Office.

    1. Confidence from the university 2. Requests for financial data

    community in the management of are more easily satisfied.

    university resources by the

    Controller’s Office.

    Improve the Direct Measure(s): Direct Measure(s): Direct Measure(s) Continuous Improvement of proper recording 1. Full compliance with 1. The number of 1. Reports produce accurate improvement in financial of accounting Generally Accepted adjusting and fund and department data. the recording of accountability transactions Accounting Principles correcting entries at 2. Number of reconciling items financial data. within the (GAAP). year-end for proper has been reduced.

    accounting 2. Reports produced by reporting. 3. Number of year-end journal

    system and its PeopleSoft provide 2. The number of entries has been reduced

    interfaces with accurate accounting for reconciling items on

    the sub-modules. University resources. all reconciliations. Indirect Measure(s)

     1. Easier to respond to requests

    Indirect Measure(s): Indirect Measure(s): for financial data

    Confidence in the recording of 1. Ease of responding 2. Ability to project revenues and

    transactions to account for to requests for expenses due to more

    university resources by the financial data. accurate data.

    Controller’s Office. 2. Accurate projection

    of revenues and

    Formulate Ascertain Criteria for Success Measure Performance Observe and Summarize Results Use Results for Strengthen Outcome Improvement Program (Action



    Provide training Direct Measure(s): Direct Measure(s): Direct Measure(s) Continuous Improvement of (both accounting 1. Better understanding of 1. Number of 1. Formation of focus groups training of the staff financial and PeopleSoft) the accounting system. employees trained. between EIT and Controller’s and professional accountability of employees of 2. Reduction of error rate in 2. Transaction error Office. development the Controller’s the recording of rate. 2. Continuous meetings with

    Office. accounting transactions. 3. Employee staff and university community

     3. Improvement in the productivity. regarding accounting and

    overall fiscal operations financial issues.

    of the University. Indirect Measure(s): 3. Attendance of staff at training

     1. Better office sessions for PeopleSoft and

    Indirect Measure(s): morale. various other training (i.e.

    1. Better office morale. 2. Better response to customer service).

    2. Better response to the the University 4. Implemented Accounts

    University Community. Community. Payable training for the staff.

     5. Increase productivity in all


    Indirect Measure(s)

    1. Office morale has improved.

    2. Good response to inquiries

    from university community

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