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    MODULE 11 The Weather

    Part 1: Teaching design

    第一部分 教学设计

    Talking about the weather and possibility Function

    Possibility: may, might, probably; Structure

    to + infinitive(3)

    Comparing a weather forecast and a chart; matching weather Listening/Speaking

    words with symbols

    Making predictions about the weather

    Matching advice and reasons Reading/Writing

    Writing advice: because, so, but

    The wettest place Around the world

    Preparing some advice on the best time to visit China Task

    Unit 3 Language in use ?Warming up

    T: Hello, class. What’s the weather like tomorrow?

    S1: It’ll probably be cold and wet, I think.

    S2: It may be snowy and freezing, I believe. S3: It might not be warm in February, in my opinion. S4: It might be cool in the evening, from my experience. ?Language Practice

    1 Listen and choose the correct months. On page 92 you see three pictures and now listen and choose the correct months.

    2 Listen again and check (?) the true sentences.

    On page 92 you see five sentences. Listen again and check (?) the true sentences.

    1 In December the weather is usually the same in Sydney and New York.

    2 In July it rains in Sydney.

    3 It’s often very sunny in New York in December.

    4 It often snows in December in New York.

    5 It usually snows in Australia in December.

    3 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the box.

    bring go see swim visit wear

    It's nice to see the sun in winter.

    Write as they do. (仿写)

    1 It's a good idea to agree with him.

    2 The best way to go to New York is by plane.

    3 It's very important to lose the war when it's impossible to win the war.

    4 It's nice fall in love.

    5 It's great fun to bow to each other.

    4 Work in pairs. Complete the sentences in your own words.

1 It’s a good idea to go out for a walk.

    2 The best time to visit New York is October.

    3 It’s very important to bring an umbrella with you.

    4 It's nice to swim in the sea.

    5 It’s good fun to go hiking on holiday.

    Write as they do. (仿写)

    1 It’s a good idea to have fair hair in winter.

    2 The best time to shake hands is in the first five minutes.

    3 It’s very important to talk to him face to face.

    4 It's nice to feel happy in the unhappy time.

    5 It’s good fun to carry your schoolbag on your head.

    5 Complete the sentences with possible, probably or may.

    Write as they do. (仿写)

    1 It will probably sell out tomorrow.

    2 It may be cloudy and light rain in Taiyuan tomorrow.

    3 It's probably freezing in Wu Tai Shan in winter.

    4 Is it possible to visit Mars in 2020?

    5 Chinese space men may go to Jupiter in the year of 3000.

    6 Complete the sentences. The weather is pleasant, but bring a sweater…(cold in the evening) The weather is pleasant but bring a sweater because it may be cold in the evening. 7 Work in pairs. Say what you usually do, then say what you might do:

    1 this evening

    2 at the weekend

    3 in the holidays

    I usually do my homework but I might watch a programme on TV this evening. 1 this evening

    2 at the weekend

    3 in the holidays

    ?I usually listen to the classical music but I might listen to the blues on radio this afternoon. ? I usually prefer the jazz but I might learn the pop by Internet next year. ? I usually announce the result of the test at weekends but I might make known the result on


    ? I usually think about my own life problems at night but I might talk about them with my

    teacher this afternoon.

    ? I usually put down my mistakes in my notebook but I might type them into my computer from

    now on.

    8 Put the words in order. hot? warm ? cool ? cold ? freezing

    9 Complete the sentences. There was a bad storm. The weather is stormy.

    Write as they do. (仿写)

    1 There’s a lot of rain. It’s rainy.

    2 It snows a lot in winter. It’s the snowy season.

3 The weather is sunny and there's a lot of sun light out side.

    4 The rain is falling. It's very rainy and wet today.

    5 The sandstorm is very strong. It's so sandstormy that it's difficult to ride a bike.

    10 Work in pairs. Ask and answer.

    ---What’s the temperature? ---It's 20 degrees. It's warm.

    ---What's the weather like? ---It's warm and wet.

    ---What’s the temperature? ---It's 30 degrees. It's hot.

    ---What’s the temperature? ---It's 25 degrees. It's cloudy.

    ---What’s the temperature? ---It's 10 degrees. It's cool.

    ---What’s the temperature? ---It's 5 degrees. It's thundershower.

    ---What’s the temperature? ---It's 23 degrees. It's shower.

    ---What’s the temperature? ---It's 12 degrees. It's heavy rain.

    ---What’s the temperature? ---It's 14 degrees. It's moderate rain.

    ---What’s the temperature? ---It's 3 degrees. It's light rain.

    ---What’s the temperature? ---It's 2 degrees. It's overcast.

    11 Complete the passage with the words in the box.

    cold compared deal depend

    might time weather winter

    Write as they do. (仿写)

    It's very difficult to depend on the weather in Taibei because it changes a lot. Compared to cities like Beijing, Xi’an or Taiyuan, it's really very rainy. You can't plan to have a trip very easily, even

    in winter---it might rain! From time to time, you get several days of good weather. Everybody loves it! But usually, there's a great deal of rain, especially in summer. It doesn't snow at all but people always hope it'll snow at the Spring Festival.

    Around the world

    Now we have come to Around the world. This time we shall go to the wettest place. Please listen to the passage first, paying attention to the pronunciation, stress, and the intonation of the native speakers.

    For the second listening, try to read aloud the passage to the tape while listening. Now let’s go on to read the passage The Wettest place in English. While reading try to cut(断句)/

    the sentences into parts, blacken;涂黑? the predicates, shade;加影? the connectives and

    underline ;划线?the expressions.

    Write as they do. (仿写)

    The hottest place

    The hottest place in the world is El Azizia. There the temperature can sometimes reach 150? F/ 66? C.

    In El Azizia, it is too hot all year round that it is impossible to stay outside, even for half an hour.

    You will be ill if you are not careful of the hot weather there.

    ?Module task ?Preparing some advice on the best time to visit China

    12 Read the email and find answers to Ms Wang’s questions.

    Get Msg Write Msg Reply File Delete Stop Print

    Write as they do. (仿写)

    Dear Mr. Go Around the world,

    It's good to hear that you may want to visit Wu Tai Shan, in Shanxi. I think the best time to come

    is July. It's usually cool but there may be some rain. And it might be cold, so /bring a sweater. Best of all, there won't be so many visitors. Make sure you bring a map. You may like to go around Shanxi---a place of interest, or one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization. You won't have to

    pay much for it. When you arrive in Taiyuan you might like to buy a railcard to travel around the rest of the province. I hope this is useful.

    Yours truly,

    Wu Mingshi,

    Taiyuan International School

    13 Read the email again. How does Ms Sally Marks start and finish the message?

    Ms Sally Marks starts the email by a Dear Mr./ Mrs./ Ms. XXXX and finishes it by Yours truly,

    XXXX (name of sender), XXXX (name of work place) 14 Write a message to a friend who wants to visit China. Answer the questions in Activity 12 and make notes. Now use your notes and write sentences. Use the questions and the message in Activity 12 to help



    It's good to hear that you may want to visit China. I think the best time to come is February.

    It's usually cold but there may be some snow. And it might be cold, so bring a overcoat. Best of all, there won't be so many visitors. Make sure you bring a digital camera. You may like to take lots of photos, the best time to take photos. You won't have to pay much for it. When you arrive in Beijing

    you might like to buy a handphone to make a telephone call or receive a telephone call. I hope this

    is useful.

    Yours truly,

    Fan Xueli,

    China Tourist Office

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