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This policy statement will be implemented through the following ten-point plan. Responsibility Investment in Energy and Water Efficiency

Developing a policy

An energy policy is a written document stating the way the school w ill use energy and what targets it hopes to achieve. It

    should show how the school intends to achieve the targets, how pupils will be involved, what is expected of teaching and

    support staff and plan for how energy efficiency will continually be improved and carbon emissions reduced in the future.

     The policy should be developed by the green team in consultation with other staff and pupils. Although members of the green team will take the lead, consultation with others is the first step in securing commitment from the whole school community.

     Policy Statement

     [insert name] School Energy Policy

     Our school is committed to the responsible management of energy and water and by using these resources more efficiently we aim to: ? Minimise expenditure and environmental impact ? Maintain health and safety standards ? Maintain an acceptable level of comfort level for staff, pupils and other building users. Out targets for energy and water performance are: Current yearly Target yearly

     performance performance % target reduction

    (date) (date)

    Electricity 2kWh/m/annum

    Gas 2kWh/m/annum Water 3m/pupil/annum

     Strategy This policy statement will be implemented through the following ten-point plan. 1. Responsibility

    ? Overall responsibility lies with the Headteacher [insert name]

    ? Day-to-day energy management responsibilities lie with [insert name] working with the [insert name of green team]. ? An action plan, this policy and targets for energy and water management will be the responsibility of the [insert name of green team] which consists of [list names and positions team should be a mix of teachers, pupils, governors, parents, caretakers and support staff where interested]. ? The [insert name of green team] will meet regularly [insert frequency e.g. monthly, termly] to review progress, plan initiatives and prepare an annual energy report for the Board of Governors. ? All staff will have a responsibility to set a good example to pupils on the issue of energy and water efficiency.

     ? The Council will provide energy reports as well as general energy and water management support.

     ? Each year realistic energy reduction targets will be set and monitored regularly.

2. Energy Purchasing

    ? Energy purchasing is currently undertaken by [Council Laser contract or done independently by school] who

    negotiate with utility providers.

3. Energy Monitoring

    ? Electricity, gas and water meters will be read weekly and entered into the online energy management tool.

    ? Consumption will be monitored carefully and any unusually high usage will be investigated and corrected.

    ? Each year realistic energy reduction targets will be set and monitored regularly.

4. Maintenance

    ? Energy plant, distribution systems and energy using equipment will be correctly maintained to avoid energy and

    water wastage.

5. Awareness

    ? Regular awareness initiatives for staff and pupils will be held to emphasise the cost and environmental benefits of

    saving energy and water and how to avoid waste.

    ? Energy saving information will be provided to catering and cleaning staff.

    ? Staff and pupils will also be provided with information on how to save energy at home.

    ? Regular communications will inform people outside the school of progress and pass on the energy saving

    message across to as many people as possible.

6. Curriculum

    ? Issues around energy and water management will be built into curricular activities at appropriate levels.

7. Investment in Energy and Water Efficiency

    ? The school aims to invest in energy and water saving schemes and savings achieved by good housekeeping

    measures will be reinvested in energy and water efficiency projects.

    ? The school will make use of any grant schemes available to improve its overall resource efficiency including

    Richmond Council’s Climate Change Fund.

8. Design

    ? Energy efficiency will be taken into account in the design of new building projects and during any refurbishment.

    ? Energy efficiency will be considered in the purchase of all new equipment, e.g. computers, catering appliances.

9. Reporting

    ? An annual energy performance report will be prepared by the utility team [insert name of team]. This will be

    submitted to the Board of Governors and a summary will be incorporated into the school annual report and school

    development plan.

10. Policy Review

    ? The school’s energy and water management action plan will be reviewed and updated quarterly.

    ? This policy will be reviewed and updated annually by the utility team [insert name of team] and included in the

    school’s annual report. The review will include evaluation of progress against the Sustainable Learning criteria.

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