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    ”Next Generation” Wellness Revolution

    Bio-Tech Liquid Nutraceutical

    Is Generating Home-Business RESIDUAL FORTUNES!

    We are First-to-Market and NEED HELP in Spreading the News!


    & No Cost, to LOCK-IN-YOUR-SPOT & Position Yourself in FRONT

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    YOUR PRIVATE I N V I T E! ~ for the Next 72 Hrs. Hello, my name is Michael S. Farmer and I’ve made RESIDUAL FORTUNES (MILLIONS) in the Direct Sales/Relationship Marketing Industry. On May 7th 2009 I came out of retirement

    when I discovered this NEW GENERATION WELLNESS PRODUCT that is the FIRST of its’ kind! This product is SO POTENT and EFFECTIVE that Hundreds of Thousands of People will be

    taking it DAILY for the rest of their lives ~ and in the process, HOME-BIZ FORTUNES and RESIDUAL WEALTH will be created ~ perhaps YOURS! THIS LETTER is your PRIVATE INVITE to

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    OBLIGATION to you! We simply NEED HELP in spreading the word about this Breakthrough

    Nutraceutical. With this Private Invite Method you are given the opportunity to RIDE

    THIS WAVE with us while at the same time you are able to, at your leisure; investigate

    the merits of this new product for yourself and your family. No one will ever pressure you to buy a thing. Indeed, just by acting on this Private Invite you will receive a

    Free Sample of the Product AND a Lifetime Membership into a Quality Nationwide Pharmacy

    Discount Club (Up to 70% Off your Rx purchases!). (Listen to a 24/7 Recorded Message

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    YOU‟VE ATTRACTED THIS INFORMATION!!! This Private Invitation is being sent to you by my Business Partner, YOUR NAME HERE, who is on their way to changing their financial life FOREVER because of the timing and the

    circumstances involved with this company and product. Perhaps you’re a relative or friend, neighbor or acquaintance with my business partner ~ or perhaps you’ve recently responded to some advertisement, either online or offline, about working from home, but

    regardless of how my partner chose you to receive this invitation, IT IS MY SINCERE

    BELIEF THAT YOU HAVE ACTUALLY ATTRACTED THIS INFORMATION TO YOURSELF! I don’t believe in coincidences! I believe this letter found you at the EXACT MOMENT in your life when you

    were looking for another way ~ a NEW WAY, to generate wealth and security (almost

    everyone is these days). Treat this timely information as if it were THE VERY ANSWER to your CURRENT NEEDS! With our Direct Mail Systems and other Biz-Building Methods, you are

    6 to 16 months away from true financial independence and well-being, even on a part-time

    basis. And you NEVER have to approach friends and family if you chose not to. Listen to 5-Minute, 24/7 Recorded Message, Dial 1.303.991.8142 ON REVERSE SIDE: More about Bio-Tech Breakthrough & Simple Steps to LOCK-IN-YOUR-SPOT and Receive Discount Pharmacy Card & FREE Sample ~ Zero Obligation and NO COST to you!

    First-to-Market, Bio-Tech Breakthrough, Liquid “Fountain of Youth”

It‟s never happened before ~ A Cutting Edge Bio-Tech firm at the forefront of

    Regenerative Medicine, Disease Prevention, Anti-Aging and Wellness, whose Board of

    Doctors and Scientists are a virtual “who’s who” in their arena, has formulated a GREAT-

    TASTING, Liquid Nutraceutical that is creating testimonials that are astonishing and inspiring. The breakthrough is in stimulating our bodys own natural repair and restoration abilities, that tend to weaken with age. Maybe you’ve heard some of the news

    stories lately about Adult Stem Cell technology and the future of medicine. Well, the future is here NOW! A synergistic all-natural blend that feeds and revitalizes your

    body’s own repair, anti-disease and anti-aging mechanisms ~ it all comes down to

    INFLAMMATION and NOW there’s a NEW Natural Product that is doing WONDERS at the cellular

    level to counteract stress and inflammation within ALL the systems of your body. Again,

    it taste’s great, is relatively inexpensive to take (about a dollar a day), and so potent that 80% of people actually FEEL results within TEN minutes of taking it ~ it feels wonderful, like a flushing/warming sensation or slight tingling ~ as the product goes to

    work in your body’s cells. It’s a testimony to the amazing bio-availability of the formula. WHEN YOU LOCK in your spot via the steps below, you will be able to investigate

    all about the product ~ AND EVEN REQUEST A FREE SAMPLE!

    OUR BIZ-BUILDING SYSTEMS and WHY LOCK-IN-YOUR-SPOT When you understand the way we are paid to spread the news about this product, you will

    understand the importance of LOCKING-IN-YOUR-SPOT. Suffice to say for now, the position

    that is available to you today WILL NOT BE THERE TOMORROW! By locking in your spot you will be ON TOP OF all the potential biz-building activity that my partner YOUR-NAME-HERE, my team and myself are creating! Again, there is NO OBLIGATION, but should you sometime

    in the future decide to JOIN US in Creating Residual Wealth and a HOME-BIZ FORTUNE for

    yourself, you will most likely be ON TOP of OTHER PEOPLE who are changing their lives

    with our systems. ALL IT TAKES is for ONE or TWO of the right people to LAND underneath

    you on your team and HUGE GROWTH and Residual Checks can result. Those people may lock in

    their spots tomorrow UNDER YOU ~ if you lock in your spot today! YOU LOSE NOTHING by

    locking in your spot. It’s FREE and there’s ZERO-OBLIGATION. YOU GAIN ~ The BEST POSSIBLE POSTION on our team AND a Lifetime Membership in a NATIONWIDE Pharmacy Discount

    Club, AND a FREE SAMPLE of this NEW Life-Changing, Anti-Aging, Disease-Prevention PRODUCT!

    Should you decide ONE DAY to build a residual fortune for yourself we have the SYSTEMS in

    place that will almost guarantee your success! Can you MAIL a letter like this to people

    you know and/or meet? Can you hand out a 24/7 Hotline Phone Number? Well then you are 6

    to 16 months away from true financial independence and well-being, even on a part-time

    basis. (Check out our Biz-Building Systems/Training ~


     NAME of Inviter/Sponsor: YOUR-NAME-HERE

    Step 1: Listen to 5-min. 24/7 recorded message @ 1.303.991.8142

    Step 2: Go to put-your-web-address-here-triple-check

    Step 3: Click on “Watch the AIO Story Now” ~ Only 3.5 min.

    Step 4: Click on “Get Started”, then “Get Started Now”

    Step 5: JOIN as a Customer Account (No Purchase Necessary)

    Step 6: Email me (Your-Email-Here) with your Mailing Address and

    Phone Number and I will SEND YOU a Free Sample of AIO and your

    Nationwide Pharmacy Discount Card ~ no obligation!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Any Q‟s call me: Put-Your-Name-Number-Here

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