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    Sea animals

    1. Can all the sharks put their head out of water?

     No,they can’t. The great white shark is the only shark that will put its head out of the water. 2. How does a shark get ready to eat a meal?

     As a shark gets ready to eat a meal,parts of its head change . Its mouth moves to the front

    and its nose moves back and up . Its eyes go back into its head.

    3. Which has front fins, the shark or manta ray?

     The manta ray has front fins.

    4. What are a fluke and blubber?

     Fluke is a very large tail fin blubber is a thiek corer offut under the skin of a humpback whale .

    5. Who are faster swimmers, the sharks or the dolphins?

     Dolphins swim faster.

    6. Why is the mantle blue or green?

     Because it is from algae living in this color. Seaweed is very small plants under running water.

Petrol for the car

    1. What are oil fields?

     The solid rock becomes a liquid oil as the weight of earth over it pushes down on it . As a

    liquid,it can move between the different parts of rock . It moves into empty places between

    the rocks and makes pockets of oil. These pockets of oil are called 'oil fields' and can be very


    2. What is an oil rig used for?

     When an oil field is found under the ocean,it is more difficult to get the oil out. The drill and the pump are very heavy. A platform is built to keep them from sinking under the water. This platform is huge. It looks like a large table. The platform is called an ‘oil rig’.

    3. What is an oil spill?

     When there is an accident at sea,it is terrible for the fish and birds living there. Many of

    them die. When there is an accident,the oil will run into the ocean. This is called an ‘oil spill’.

    4. How much the petroleum can be changed into petrol?

     You can change the oil only 10% of gasoline.

    5. Can diesel make a car run faster? Why?

     No,it can’t.Because it is too dirty for the fine engine parts of a petrol car. A car that uses

    diesel engines noisy and smelly. After you have chosen the right sort of petrol you will fill up

    the petrol tank in your car from a pump hose.

    6. What is the advantage and disadvantage of a battery car?

     Sanya is the advantage of battery to their power is quiet, no pollution. Disadvantage is the car it would only run very short way.

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