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the sixth sense the sixth station you are the sixth the first period during the period on the sixth floor the sixth day sixth sixth sense sixth form college

    The Sixth Period

    ?~Teaching Aims and Demands 1~knowledge Objects

    Key vocabulary.

    Target language.

    Writing practice.

    2~Ability Objects

    Reading skill.

    Writing skill.

    3~Moral Object

    Famous is not born.

    ?~Teaching Key Points

    1~Key vocabulary

    young, creative, talented, unusual, admire, golfer, table tennis, university, enter,

    major, major in, management, single

    2~Target language

    Passive voice.

    ?~Teaching Difficulties Target language; Passive voice. ?~Teaching Methods

    Summarizing method.

    Writing method.

    ?~Teaching Aids

    A projector.


    ?~Teaching Procedures

    Step ?

    Greet the class as usual and check the homework.

    Step ? Lead-in and Introduction

    This class we will review some useful words for talking about people and write a short introduction of an exceptional person. Now let's learn some new words. Show the new words on the screen. Point to them and lead the students to learn them. Explain the meaning or usages of them if necessary.

    admire v. 赞赏?钦佩?羡慕

    golfer n. 高尔夫球手

    table tennis 乒乓球

    enter v. 加入?参加?进入

    university n. 大学

    major v. 从主修?专研

    major in 主修?专研

    management n. 管理;经营

    single n. (网球、乒乓球等)单打比赛

    Step ? Self Check

    1Fill in the blanks with the words given. Then make your own sentences with the words.

    (This activity focuses on vocabulary introduced in the unit.)

    Ask students to fill in the blanks on their own, Say, Pay attention to the words, in some cases, you may need to use another form of the word. For example, using past or present tense. And also pay attention to the subject/verb agreement. You can find all the words in the preceding unit.

    Check the answers.

    Ask students to make their own sentences with the words, preferably sentences that are meaningful.

    Write a number of students' answers for each word on the blackboard. Underline

    any mistakes and ask student to suggest how to correct the mistake.


    1~How old were you when you started learning English?

    2~What can 1 do to become famous?

    ~He stopped playing football when he was forty years old. 3

    4~The Chinese football team toured Asia last year.

    5~John received first prize in the speech competition.

    Step ?

    (This activity provides guided writing practice using the past tense.)

    Focus students on the information about Deng Yaping. Ask a student to read it to the class. Ask the class. What did she do in 1983? Make sure that the answer is given correctly in the past tense.

    Ask students to use the information to write an article about Deng Yaping. Walk around the class, offering language support where necessary.

    Step ? Just for Fun!

    (This activity provides reading practice with the target language.)

    Ask students what other adjectives they could use to talk about Mario. They might say young, funny, exciting or interesting.

    Step ? Exercises on Workbook

    Section B

    4~Circle the mistakes. Then write the questions and answers correctly.

    1~Q: When was William Shakespeare born?

    A: He born in 1564.

    2~Q : When did he start go to school?

    A: He start going to school in 1571.

    3~Q: When was Shakespeare start writing plays?

    A: He started write plays in 1589.

    4~Q: When do Shakespeare stop writing plays?

    B: He stopped writing plays on 1613.

    1~Q: When was William Shakespeare born?

    A: ________________________________________________

    2~Q: _____________________________________________

    A: ________________________________________________

    3~Q: _____________________________________________

    A: ________________________________________________

    4~Q: _____________________________________________

    A: ________________________________________________

    5~Cross out the word that doesn't belong.

    1~runner auto racer artist

    2~unusual outstanding loving stopped

    3~started violinist stopped went

    4~creative skater famous unusual

    5~kind admire talented creative

    6~Read the letter from Jim to his parents. Then answer the questions.

    July 10, 1998

    Dear Mom and Dad,

    I'm enjoying camp a lot. The lake is beautiful. Yesterday we swam from 8:00 until 11 ; 00 in the morning. We were all really tired. After lunch we played soccer from 1:00 until 3:00.

    My counselor, Jim, is an outstanding soccer player. He lived in Colombia from 1990 to 1994 and he played soccer every day. He started playing soccer for his high school in 1995 and he played for four year. He's teaching us a lot.

    Say hello to grandma.

    Your loving son,


1~Q: Is the lake ugly?

    A: No, the lake is beautiful.

    2~Q: How long did they swim?

    A: ________________________________________________. 3~Q: When did they stop swimming?

    A: ________________________________________________. 4~Q: How long did they play soccer?

    A: ________________________________________________. 5~Q: How long did Jim live in Colombia?

    A: ________________________________________________. 6~Q: When did Jim stop playing soccer for his high school? A: ________________________________________________. 7~Talk to two older friends or family members and write a paragraph about

    each. Tell when the person was born, when he or she started going to school, and how

    long each person was at school. Add other information if you wish.

    1~________________________________________________ 2~________________________________________________ Workbook Answer Key

    Section B

    4~1~bornHe was born in 1564.

    2~goWhen did he start going to school? startHe started going to school in


    3~wasWhen did Shakespeare star writing plays? writeHe started writing plays in 1589.

    4~doWhen did Shakespeare stop writing plays? onHe stopped writing plays in 1613.





    6~2~They swam for three hours yesterday.

    3~They stopped swimming at 11:00.

    ~They played soccer for two hours. 4

    5~He lived in Colombia for four years.

    6~He stopped playing soccer for his high school in 1999.

    7~Answers will vary.

    Step ? Summary

    Today we have learned and practiced how to describe a person in form of letter and a short essay or sentences. Describing or introducing a person is to use some words to let other people know who and how he/she is. Especially the famous people we admire them and always try to tell the other people who he/she is and what he/ she has done, how he/she made that. Famous is not born. They are from common by hard work. So in the future if you become famous, that is because your today's hard work.

    Step ? Homework

    Write about a person you admire. List out words for him/her, and write in correct tense and subject/verb agreement.

    Step ? Blackboard Design

    Unit 9 When was he born?

    Students' answers:

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