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Hello reader of

This is Chris Green, the person who writes the website, “”. Today,

    October 30, 2010, my website was taken off the internet. I have not yet made enquires why this happened but I think I know why. I got a hint two days ago that something might happen to the website when I got a phone call from someone in a government department but she spoke only Chinese and I didn’t understand everything she said.

    I am not sure how long it will be before I can get the website back onto the internet. But I think it might take me some time, and perhaps I will never be able to put the website on the internet again.

    So, I have prepared some zip files of the most important pages from my site and I will send these zip files to those who email me and ask me for them. However, I won’t be able

    to send them to hundreds of people, just a few. I hope that some of you who receive these zip files can post them onto the internet in different places so others can download the information. And I hope you give the zip files to any of your friends who might want them.

    Understand that 1/3 of the test topics and questions change at the start of every January, May and September. Of course, it is the oldest 1/3 of the test that is taken out of the test every 4 months and replaced with new topics and questions. So, even if I never get to do the website again, some of the topics and questions that I have put in the zip files will still be good up until the end of August, 2011.


Why Was the Website Taken off the Internet?

Well, I don’t know for sure. Certainly, the IELTS organization would have been wanting

    to silence me for a long time. However, I think the main reason is that I started to become too politically outspoken. I wrote a page for the website about my belief that catastrophic, man-made global warming” is a scientific fraud and recently I improved

    that page so that it became quite a powerful statement, and I put a link to that page on the front page of my website. On the other hand, it might just be a co-incidence that I became politically outspoken about global warming because I have had notes on that topic on the website for several months and it might have been the IELTS organization that has requested that my website be taken of the internet.

    I believe it was those who are interested in promoting this fraud who did some checking and found a way to silence me, but these people are probably mostly foreigners, not the Chinese government. (Or, the IELTS organization did the same thing. It doesn’t really matter who it was.) You see, to have a website in China, you need to have a registered company (although there might also be other ways to have a website I need to check on

    this). My little company has been unregistered for a while but I was still able to register the website this year, until January 2011. So, those who want to silence me have found a


legal way to get my website taken off the internet technically, my website cannot be on

    the internet because my company is unregistered now, even though the website was given an extension until the next January.

    I will certainly include the webpage and related files about global warming fraud in the zip files that I make! I feel this is an important topic for people to be aware of.


How to Use the Pages in these Zip Files?

    First, you should keep everything in the original folders that appear when you unzip the zip files. That will make it easier for you to use the different pages.

    Since the pages will not be on the internet, you will not be able to click on links to go to different pages. What you can do is this click on a link and then you will see the

    address of the link in your Internet Explorer or Firefox or other browser page. That address will tell you the name of the file (the name of the page). Then, look among the

    pages that I am including in the zip files to find the page with that name.

    You will find that some of the pictures (jpg files) that were on the website pages will not be visible in these pages, especially those silly dog pictures I had. But I tried to include the more important jpg files in the zip files. So they should appear on the pages on your computer.

    Any links from the pages to other sites on the internet should work ok.


What Pages Are Included in the Zip Files?

Zip File 1

This file contains the original front page of the website (called “index.htm”) plus many of

    the pages concerned with how to improve your general English.

Zip File 2

    This file contains all the pages about Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3, including such pages as “How to Speak in Part 3”, “How to Study for Part 2” etc.

The current (Sep-Dec 2010) questions are in this file.

Zip File 3


    This contains the page, “Notes on Global Warming” plus the related files. This zip file is quite big because some of the files are audio or video recordings.


Finally, I ask for your help!

    If you know someone in Beijing who has a registered company and who liked my website when it was on the internet, can you ask this person if they would be willing to host my website? I will pay for everything, of course. All I need is a company that is willing to act as the host of the website. I prefer not to have any advertisements on the website and I do not want an English school to host my website. And I would be willing to delete the page that is about global warming because this could cause political problems for the owner of the company. Everything is negotiable.

My email address is



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