Congratulatory Remarks

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Congratulatory Remarks

    By Dr. Dong-Soo Hur,

    Chairman of the KBCSD

    Dong-Soo Hur

    at the 2007 Annual General Meeting of CBCSD

    April 16th 2007, Kempinski Hotel, Beijing


Honorable Mr. Wang Jiming,

    Executive President of CBCSD,

    Wang Jiming Honorable Mr. Jiang Weiming,

    Deputy Executive President of CBCSD,

    Jiang Weiming

Respectable Mr. Marcel Engel,

    Representative of the President of WBCSD,

    Marcel Engel

Respectable Mr. Renaud Meyer,

    Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP China,

    UNDPRenaud Meyer

Esteemed Board Members and

    Representatives of CBCSD,

Dignitaries from the government

    and international organizations,

Distinguished Guests,

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

In my capacity as the Secretary-General of the KBCSD,

    I am pleased and honored to convey to you

    the congratulatory address of Dr. Dong-soo Hur,

    who is the Chairman of the KBCSD

    and the Chairman/CEO of GS Caltex Corporation.

    Chairman Hur has asked me to express

    his deepest regrets for his absence today,

    due to an unavoidable and pressing commitment.

    GS Caltex

    Dong-soo HurHur

The following is the message of the greetings and

    best wishes from the Chairman :

I am very grateful to CBCSD

    for kindly granting me the honor

    of addressing the distinguished audience

    assembled here today.

Allow me first to congratulate CBCSD

    on the noble milestone achieved to date,

    which constitutes Chinas clear testimony of its strong commitment to fulfilling its

    stated sustainable development objectives.

    1 / 15

KBCSD holds in common

    these very values and objectives

    that have motivated each individual member of CBCSD.

We therefore,

    stand willing to assist you in your future endeavors. Excellencies,

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    The business community today

    is confronting ever-daunting sustainability challenges, and the need for action is truly compelling.


This years World Economic Forum held in Davos

    is a clear manifestation of how significantly the perception of sustainability,

    as held by global CEOs, have shifted.

    Sustainability is no longer viewed as a mere optional path, but is recognized as an imperative to enhance both the business value and profitability.


    2 / 15

The nexus between sustainability and corporate value

    is also well evidenced in Korea.

According to recent research,

    out of the 100 largest Korean companies in the 1950s,

    ranked in terms of total sales,

    only 7 companies currently remain in this top group.



What is more surprising is the significant decrease

    in the average life expectancy of Korean companies.

    It has dropped to 23.9 years, mainly as a result of

    growth-oriented, unsustainable business practices.


In response to such alarming signals and

    in conjunction with the worldwide trend,

    33 forward-looking CEOs of leading Korean

    enterprises joined forces in 2002 to establish KBCSD.



Since its inception,

    KBCSD has served as the leading business advocate,

    disseminating sustainability concepts

    across a wide range of industries.

    It has also implemented various social projects

    3 / 15

and voluntary action plans

    for environmental protection.


    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    This year marks the 15th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations

    between China and Korea.


    China has emerged as Koreas largest trading partner while Korea has grown to Chinas third largest partner, with the bilateral trade volume showing a 20-fold

    increase over the past 15 years.


In his recent interview,

    the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao emphasized

    the need to enhance Sino-Korean cooperation

    particularly pertaining to the environment,

    greater energy efficiency and clean technologies.

    4 / 15

    It is in the context of these priorities that the role of CBCSD and KBCSD takes on

    even greater importance.

As an outgrowth of common aspirations

    to enhance exchanges and cooperation

    and to realize reciprocal and win-win outcomes, the China and Korea BCSD

    took a meaningful step forward last year.

Both sides at the working-level agreed

    that a cooperative framework,

    perhaps in the form of Memorandum of Understanding between the two BCSDs,

    be put into place in order to

    expedite concerted actions

    in the field of sustainable development. Member companies of KBCSD

    identified potential collaboration with CBCSD in such areas as technology cooperation on the reuse of industrial sewage and waste water and joint research on measures to mitigate fine dust.

    5 / 15

    KBCSD members have also expressed interest in joint action against desertification and yellow dust as well as on the abatement of GHG emissions, just to name a few.

Todays Beijing Annual General Meeting

    as a fresh impetus,

    and following the ensuing consultations,

    it is my earnest wish that

    the two BCSDs will make strides

    in deepening mutual understanding

    and eventually come to terms

    in establishing areas of possible collaboration.

The success of the cooperative framework

    will depend on a high level of commitment by the board members of each BCSD.

    6 / 15

Having said that,

    a senior-level dialogue between the two BCSDs

    could serve as an effective channel

    in determining common matters of interest

    to both parties.

To conclude,

    let me once again reiterate KBCSDs gratitude for the kind invitation to take part in the AGM.

As we commemorate the 15

    th anniversary of Sino-Korean diplomatic amity,

    I wish the year 2007 will also be remembered

    as a landmark year for

    long-term CBCSD-KBCSD relations.


Thank you for your kind attention. <End>

    7 / 15

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