Technology Brokerage event in energy, energy efficiency and

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The organisation provides training in energy-efficiency and Renewable Energy The solutions in the sphere of energy-efficiency and renewable energy

Technology Brokerage event in energy, energy efficiency

    and renewable energy sources, industrial waste

    management, machinery and equipment in the field of

    agriculture and energy

    02-03/10/2008 Plovdiv, Bulgaria




    Building Technology Partnerships



Photovoltaic panels and systems, solar energy technologies


    A Bulgarian organisation is looking for photovoltaic systems and technologies to be implemented in Bulgaria. The organisation is looking for photovoltaic panels with double functions - construction elements on which photovoltaic systems can be mounted. The organization seeks companies and R&D units with expertise and know-how in the sphere of solar energy systems and technologies, and in particular in the field of photovoltaic technology, for joint venture project development.


    A Bulgarian organisation is involved in the development of energy-efficiency projects for SMEs and NGOs, assisting them with processing the technical documentation related thereto, as well as in the process of energy-efficiency technologies and know-how transfer. The organisation provides training in energy-efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources issues, and performs feasibility studies.

    The organisation is emphasising on photovoltaic systems and solar energy utilisation in regard to the specific features of the climate in Bulgaria, and has the capacity to develop projects aiming at design of photovoltaic systems.

    The organisation works in cooperation with the regional and municipal government bodies in developing and implementation of public-private projects related to enhancing the energy-efficiency in the public, private, and the business sectors.

Technical Specifications / Specific technical requirements

    The solutions in the sphere of energy-efficiency and renewable energy sources sought by the Bulgarian organisation should comply with applicable EU standards, provide basis for further sustainable development, and feature innovative solutions thereto.

Technology keywords

     * Energy Storage and Transport

     * Energy production, transmission and conversion

     * Renewable Sources of Energy

     * Photovoltaics

     * Solar/Thermal energy

Collaboration Type

     * Joint Venture Agreement

     * License Agreement

     * Joint further development

     * Testing of new applications

     * Adaptation to specific needs


     * Transfer of knowledge in new raw materials

     * Absolutely novel process

     * Assembly

     * Engineering

     * Technical consultancy

     * Quality control

     * Maintenance

Type of partner sought

    The organization is open to cooperation and partnership with R&D units and production plants involved in the sphere of energy-efficiency; designers and manufacturers of photovoltaic panels and systems; energy agencies, chambers, branch associations.

Specific area of activity of the partner

    Solar energy systems and technologies, and in particular photo voltaic technology.

Task to be performed

    The organization is ready and willing to participate in joint venture initiatives and projects for development and implementation of innovative solutions in the field of energy-efficiency and in particular solar system technology.


Expertise and engineering in spatial composite parts and products



    A Bulgarian enterprise offers custom-tailored solutions for design and manufacture of axles, valves and gaskets. The technology solutions offered are applicable for production plants manufacturing machinery or complete production lines for processing new materials, applicable in various industry sectors. The company is seeking cooperation with R&D centres and production plants for commercial agreements or joint venture for further development of technological innovations.

Detailed Description

    A Bulgarian company has carried out projects for design and development single parts complete production lines. They offer a variety of services and cost-effective solutions in the field of industrial engineering. The company has extensive expertise in metal processing, including steel, titanium, aluminum, magnesium alloys, copper and brass, as well as in processing plastics, resins and ceramics.

Innovative Aspects / Specifications

    - The enterprise provides new technological methods for elaboration of spatial composite products made from different materials - steel, aluminium, titanium, as well as innovative solutions for efficient manufacture of spatial composite products,


    such as paddles, wind power generators, supporting constructions for solar panels, corpus elements related to clean energy generation. The solutions are also applicable in aviation and transport vessels production.

    Current and Potential Domain of Application

    The technological solutions and expertise offered are applicable in various industry sectors such as machine building, material processing, industrial and civil construction, marine and aviation sectors, energy-efficiency management.

Тype of partner sought:

    R&D centres and industrial production plants.

Specific area of activity of the partner:

    Industrial manufacture, metal and material processing, energy-efficiency management, research projects in the spheres of construction related to energy-efficiency equipment.

Task to be performed:

    Joint venture, further development of technological innovations, commercial agreements.

Cost-effective power induction heating solution


    A Bulgarian company providing a full range of services in the fields of engineering design, software and product development offers a versatile induction power supply technology solution with application in metal treatment. The company is looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Detailed Description:

    Induction heating is a method for providing fast, consistent heat for manufacturing applications that involve bonding or changing the properties of metals or other electrically-conductive materials. The process relies on induced electrical currents within the material to produce heat. The basic components of an induction heating system are the AC power supply and the induction coil. The power supply sends alternating current through the coil, generating a magnetic field. When the work piece is placed in the coil, the magnetic field induces eddy currents - electric current circulating within a mass of metal in the work piece, generating precise amounts of clean, localised heat without any physical contact between the coil and the work piece.

    The induction power heating solution is applicable in metal treatment (heating, bonding, annealing, hardening, brazing, sealing, and melting).

Innovative Aspects

    - Advanced cost-effective power supplies utilising the latest switching power supply technology.


    - Series-tuned inverter - flexible, easy tuning by multiple transformer taps and configurable tank capacitance.

    - Easy to maintain and service.

State of Development

    Already on the market

Collaboration Type

     * Testing of new applications

     * Engineering

     * Technical consultancy


    Type of partner sought - Industrial organisations.

Specific area of activity of the partner:

    Metal and material treatment.

Task to be performed:

    Adopt the proposed solution.

    Innovative building material engineered to provide highly efficient, long-term construction options


    A Bulgarian private company has developed an energy-efficient and cost-effective building material with high performance and quality indicators, conforming to EU standards. The insulating capacity of the product along with its strength and reliability, safety, noise reduction and energy efficiency indicators make the innovative solution highly competitive. The company is seeking commercial agreement with technical cooperation.

Detailed Description

    The innovative building material is an expanded polystyrene building block. The blocks fit together on the "Lego" method and act as a framework for reinforced concrete or cellular concrete infill. Concrete is subsequently poured into the module hollows to create a monolithic wall with a double layer of insulation both inside and outside.

Innovations and advantages of the offer

    The innovative product offered is a highly energy efficient product, providing an alternative to the necessity to additionally insulate buildings. Easy-to-build-with product of a special design for fast and safe installation, increased thickness of the connections for greater stability when pouring the concrete, outer vertical threads for easier placement of exterior finishing.

The advantages of the product feature:

    • Thermal efficiency - no need of insulation, lower utility costs.


    • Lightweight - the products light weight allows faster and easier construction process, no need of heavy lifting equipment for installation and less load costs.

    • Quick and easy assembly - the special designed structure allows fast and accurate


    • Strength and Security - guarantees superior strength of the buildings, structural

    longevity /over 110 years/ and inherent resistance to destructive natural forces.

    • High fire and moisture resistance - the innovative product is manufactured with

    flame retardant expanded polystyrene, which makes the material virtually non-


    • Excellent sound attenuation.

    • Impervious to rodents, fungus, insects, or any other pests. It will not rot, decay or deteriorate over time.

    • Healthier and Comfortable living with warm consistent temperatures throughout

    the house.

    • Design flexibility. • Environmentally responsible way to build.

Collaboration Type

     * Assembly

     * Technical consultancy

     * Quality control


    - Type of partner sought:

    Construction companies, construction materials production plants.

    - Specific area of activity of the partner:

    Energy efficiency, construction materials, industrial and public construction services.

    - Task to be performed:

    Commercial agreement with technical assistance.

An innovative method for complete degradation of the polysaccharide Xylan

    with potential application as a cheap sugar source


    A Bulgarian microbiology R&D institute has achieved a complete hydrolysis of Xylan,

    which is a polysaccharide found in plant cell walls. Its complete hydrolysis is

    important for obtaining high yields of monosaccharides and could be a cheap sugar

    source, and also could have an enormous economic potential for the conversion of

    plant biomass into fuels and chemicals. Partners for joint further development and

    commercialisation of the method are sought.

Detailed Description

    Xylanolytic enzymes from thermophilic microorganisms have gained great interest at

    industrial level due to their possible exploitation for xylan digestion processes at high

    temperatures. Together with all known advantages of using thermostable enzymes

    under industrial operative conditions, the realisation of a process at temperatures

    higher than 60?C is desirable as the carbohydrate solubility sharply increases above

    this temperature.


Methods and Results:

    Xylans from different sources (beech wood, birch wood and oat spelt) were hydrolysed in high degree at 70?C by co-action of a xylanase from the thermophilic bacterium Anoxybacillus flavithermus BC and the beta-xylosidase/beta-arabinosidase from the hyperthermophilic crenarchaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus beta/alpha. Beech wood xylan was the best substrate among the xylans tested, giving 32.8 % hydrolysis after 4 h incubation with xylanase alone.

    The addition of the beta-xylosidase/alpha-arabinosidase significantly improved the rate of hydrolysis, yielding 63.6% conversion after 4 h incubation with the main sugar identified being xylose.

    This study demonstrates that a significant degree of xylan degradation was reached by co-action of both enzymes. Xylose with low or no impurities was obtained as a final product in considerable yield.

    The successful hydrolysis of xylan to xylose in only one stage process could be a cheap sugar source and could have an enormous economic potential for the conversion of plant biomass into fuels and chemicals.

Innovations and advantages of the offer

    Xylan, the main component of haemicellulosic fraction of terrestrial plants, is formed by a backbone of beta-1,4-linked xylopyranosyl units carrying acetyl, methylglucuronosyl and arabinofuranosyl side chains (Coughlan and Hazlewood 1993).

    The successful hydrolysis of xylan to xylose in only one-stage process could be a cheap sugar source, and could have an enormous economic potential for the conversion of plant biomass into fuels and chemicals.

Current and Potential Domain of Application

    Although xylan represents the second most abundant polysaccharide in nature, it still doesn’t have significant biotechnological impact, due to its low rate and degree of hydrolysis. Its successful hydrolysis to xylose in only one-stage process could be a cheap sugar source and could have an enormous economic potential for the conversion of plant biomass into fuels and chemicals.

Collaboration Type

     * Joint Venture Agreement

     * Joint further development

     * Testing of new applications

     * Adaptation to specific needs

     * Engineering

     * Technical consultancy


    The successful application of the above-described method could be a cheap sugar source and could have an enormous economic potential for the conversion of plant biomass into fuels and chemicals. The institute is open to collaborating with partners for joint further development and commercialisation of the method.

Associated Thematic Group





    High-quality cost-effective laboratory research and development in the sphere of bio-membranes, colloids and intrafacial phenomena


    A Bulgarian university laboratory performs property analysis of industrially and ecologically important detergents, natural and bio-surfactants. The laboratory provides modern equipment and experienced scientists analysing colloid stability, molecular interactions and structure-function relationship of colloids. Development and testing of medical/pharmaceutical formulations is also available. The laboratory is looking for partners for commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Detailed Description

    A Bulgarian laboratory offers original high-quality modern methods and procedures for:

    - Comprehensive biophysical, biochemical and physiochemical profiling of drug compounds - measuring Kaw (lipophilicity), true surface area, CMC (Critical Micelles Concentration) and pKa (surface ionisation constant); correlation of the properties with ADME (Absorption Distribution Metabolism Excretion of drugs) properties such as Blood Brain Barrier permeation or risk for phospholipidosis.

    - Measurement of colloid stability, inter-facial behaviour and rheology of medical/pharmaceutical/food/industrial formulations; evaluation of the formulation stability and rheology; inter-facial behaviour during storage and at conditions simulating the blood flow, target interfaces (cell, tissue, etc.) and other bio-compartments.

    - Diagnosis of foetal lung maturity using amniotic fluid samples, and of lung disorders using tracheal aspirates of newborns (patented); in vitro evaluation of Exogenous Surfactant Preparations (ESP) clinical efficiency in vivo. - Laboratory characterisation and estimation of cosmetic surfactants/formulations. - Evaluation of the surface properties of bacteria (and other cells) and related nanoscale phenomena- molecular interactions at interfaces, S-protein layers, cell surface tension, cell surface hydrophobicity and formation of bio-films, solubilisation phenomena in organic polluted media, etc.

    - Biophysical, biochemical and physicochemical characterization of microbial and bacterial surfactants (glycolipids, rhamnolipids, etc) with ecological and industrial application.

    - Evaluation of formation and function of nano- and microstructures in the body-lipid polymorphism and phase transitions (bulk and surface), lamellar and non-lamellar lipid phases, lipid-protein and lipid polymer interactions in the cell membrane plane and in bulk dispersions.

    - Physicochemical, biophysical and biochemical characterisation of detergent pollutants (in water and soil).

    The laboratory is ready and willing to provide know-how and expertise in methodology for development of new surfactant/colloid formulations:


    - New live-saving ESP and prediction of their clinical efficiency in vivo and evaluation of the drug action mechanism.

    - Drug carriers polymer-grafted “stealth” liposomes and nanoparticles (protected

    against opsonisation); drug carriers with prolonged lifetime (and action); development of fast, reliable and high-capacity methods for in vitro evaluation of the drug efficiency in vivo.

    - Transfection agents - lipolexes and cationic liposomes for transfection; testing of the agents’ efficiency on cell cultures, etc.

    - Surfactant replacement therapies - development and testing of artificial tears (the cure for the “dry eye” disease), mucosa replacements, etc.

    - Food surfactant formulations.

    - Detergents of industrial and ecological importance (surfactants for secondary oil recovery, cleaning detergents, biodegradable and bio-absorbable detergents).

Innovative Aspects / Specifications

    The innovative aspect refers to time- and cost-effective development and testing of new colloid formulations of medical/pharmaceutical/industrial importance with cutting-edge equipment and a highly qualified scientists team.

Current and Potential Domain of Application

    Laboratory potential can be utilised in the following domains:

    - Development of surfactant/colloid preparations with clinical (against diseases like Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Asthma, Dry Eye), pharmaceutical (transfection, stealth drug carriers) applications.

    - Development of fast, reliable and high capacity methods for biophysical and physicochemical in vitro evaluation of the drugs clinical efficiency in vivo. This will lead to fast identification of potentially problematic compounds in the lead optimisation and diminishes the need for cell-based assays and animal tests. - Development of industrial (food, oil recovery, cleaning action) formulations. - Development and study of colloid systems of ecological importance (bio-film formation, purification techniques).

    - Development and study of systems of food importance, pollutants in wastewater, etc.


    - Type of partner sought:

    The partner should:

    * Be able to organize in vivo evaluation of the developed drug carriers/biomedical formulations.

    * Be able to actively participate in development and creation of life-saving lung surfactant preparation, other surfactant replacement formulations, drug carriers, transfection agents.

    * Be able to participate in development and creation of other colloid formulation with food or industrial importance.

    * Be able to participate in development and creation of ecologically applicable colloid dispersions with ecological importance, etc.

- Specific area of activity of the partner:

    Development of medical/pharmaceutical/cosmetic/food/industrial surfactant and colloid formulations.

- Task to be performed:


Joint research and development of surfactants/colloids/drugs with

    pharmaceutical/industrial application. Development of high-capacity screening tests

    for the efficiency of such formulations.


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