Renewable Power Development, LLC develops Renewable Power Projects

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Renewable Power Development, LLC develops Renewable Power Projects

    Initial Project Development Questions

    Renewable Power Development, LLC develops Renewable Energy Projects Renewable Power Development, LLCthat use one of our proven gasification technologies to convert various forms of

    solid carbon-based waste materials into a synthetic fuel gas, called SynGas. The

    SynGas is immediately consumed in a boiler to make High Pressure (HP) steam,

    which can be used to generate electricity in a Steam Turbine Generator (STG).

    Extracting some of the steam from the STG, as either Medium Pressure (MP) steam

    or Low Pressure (LP) steam, provides thermal energy in addition to the clean

    electrical energy produced by the project. The standard configuration is rated at

    about 5 MW of net electrical generation, depending on how much, if any, HP steam

    is diverted to other uses or LP steam extracted from the STG.

    The following questions are intended to provide Renewable Power with enough

    information to qualify proposed projects for further development effort. Not all

    questions may apply to any one specific project. As the details of a specific project

    are defined, additional questions will be generated. The technical details of many

    questions are intended for the engineering staff of the potential customer (host).

    Project Objectives

    ? What is the primary project driver: waste disposal or energy costs?

    ? Would a new facility replace or expand (or both) existing utility operations?

    ? Is the local utility interested in purchasing any excess power?

    ? Are there customers with adjacent facilities interested in purchasing either

    steam or power?

    Commercial Issues

    ? What company would act as the project host and what is their primary


    ? What commercial arrangement is the host interested in?

    o Build, Own, and Operate by Renewable Power (Standard Offer)

    o Ownership Partnership with Renewable Power

    o Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Partnership with Renewable Power

    o O&M Sub-Contract by host

    ? What terms are available (i.e. 20 years) for the various commercial contracts

    (i.e. lease, waste fuel, power sales, steam sales, etc.)?

    ? What is the host’s operating schedule (i.e. 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week)?

    ? Who owns the land that is proposed for the project?

    ? How much land is available for the project?

    ? Is there room to build the new power facility close to existing steam

    production equipment?

    ? Are there any seasonal shifts in energy demand (for both steam and power)?

    ? Are there any local political issues that need to be addressed by the project?

    ? What is the expected tax burden (i.e. property, income, sales, etc.) for the


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    Initial Project Development Questions

    Service Configuration Issues

    ? What energy commodities (i.e. steam & power) does the host wish to


    o HP Steam Only

    o HP / MP / LP Steam and Power

    o Power Only

    ? What water treatment systems are currently in use and how much extra

    capacity is available?

    ? What waste water treatment systems are currently in use and how much

    extra capacity is available?

    ? Is there a cooling tower on site, and if yes, is there any available (extra)

    capacity in the system?

    ? What environmental permits are required for the project?

    ? Are there any unique environmental issues related to the proposed site that

    would impact the project (i.e. noise restrictions)?

    ? What are the seasonal weather conditions (i.e. rain, snow, high and low

    temperatures, severe storms, etc.) that the proposed site experiences?

    ? What is the elevation (above sea level) for the proposed site?

    Fuel Options

    ? What types of waste materials are available to the project?

    o Waste Tires to be processed into Tire Derived Fuel (TDF)

    o Pet Coke (PC) to be formed into briquettes

    o Refuse Derive Fuel (RDF) to be produced from Municipal Solid Waste

    (MSW), given an expected RDF yield from MSW of 60-70%

    o Biomass, such as wood chips, mixed brush, ag-waste, crops, etc. ? Is the waste material already prepared as fuel pellets or chips, or is it in a

    “raw” condition (with possible non-fuel components)?

    ? What is the energy content of each type of waste material that is available

    for the project?

    ? Are all metals, glass, and other non-combustible materials removed from the


    ? What is the chemical content (i.e. ultimate analysis) for each type of waste?

    ? Is trucking the preferred delivery mode for waste materials to be used as fuel?

    If yes, what size load is delivered by each truck?

    ? What hours (each week) can waste be delivered to the site?

    ? What is the waste disposal fee (tipping fee) for each grade of waste (i.e.


    ? How much of each type of waste is available (on an annual basis) for the


    ? Who controls the collection and disposal of each waste material?

    ? Nominal waste material feed rates are (Tons/Hr = TPH, Tons/Day = TPD):

    o TDF @ 2.8 TPH (per module) = 67 TPD

    o PC @ 2.5-2.8 TPH (per module) = 60-67 TPD

    o RDF @ 5.5-6.5 TPH (per module) = 132-156 TPD

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    Initial Project Development Questions

    Steam Production

    ? Are there any steam supply capacity or reliability issues?

    ? What are the required steam conditions (temperature and pressure)?

    ? What is the peak steam demand (1000 Lbs/Hr)?

    ? What is the average steam demand (1000 Lbs/Hr)?

    ? Are there seasonal heating loads serviced by the steam system (i.e. heating)?

    ? What fuel is currently used to generate steam (i.e. natural gas, No. 2 Fuel


    ? How much fuel is currently used to generate steam (i.e. gal/1000 Lbs)?

    ? What is the cost of fuel for steam (i.e. $/gal)?

    ? Are there any cooling loads that could be served by an absorption chilling


    ? Nominal steam capacities are:

    Service Pressure Temperature Source Maximum(per module)

    psi ºF Lb/Hr

    HP 600 750 Boiler 60,000

    MP 150-200 Saturated STG Extraction 50,000

    LP 30-50 Saturated STG Extraction 50,000

    Power Generation

    ? Are there any electric supply capacity or reliability issues?

    ? Are there any power quality (i.e. facility power factor, voltage droop) issues?

    ? What is the peak electric load (kW)?

    ? What is the duration of the highest peak loads (hrs)?

    ? What is the average electric load (kW)?

    ? Are there any seasonal electric loads (i.e. air conditioning)?

    ? How close is the nearest electric substation?

    ? What voltage is power delivered at (KV)?

    ? What is the cost of electricity for the host ($/kWh)?

    ? What would the cost of back-up electricity for the project be ($/kWh)?

    ? What is the wholesale cost of electricity at the proposed project location


    ? Who is the local electric utility?

    ? Nominal electric capacities are:

    o Net Sale (w/o steam extraction): 5-6 MW (per module)

    o Net Sale (w/ steam extraction): 3-5 MW (per module)

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    Initial Project Development Questions

Ash Disposal

    ? What is the distance to the closest (operating) landfill?

    ? What is the cost to dispose of (inert) ash (for both transportation and tipping

    fee) at the local landfill ($/Ton)?

    ? Are there any cement plants near the proposed project site?

    ? Nominal ash generation for various waste fuels are:

    o TDF: 5-10% (w/o steel recovery)

    o PC: 1-2%

    o RDF: 10-20% (w/ process reject, w/o recycled metal/glass)

Upon completion of the data requested, please submit the information via email to or by fax to 713-937-0953. We thank you in advance for

    your interest and consideration.


Renewable Power Development

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