LSNs Do-It-Yourself Renewable Energy Guide

By Greg Stevens,2014-03-30 22:41
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1) It is renewable 2)It is harvestable every month rather than only two or three times a year, or only once per year 3) It does not deplete the current

LSN's Do-It-Yourself Renewable

    Energy Guide

     “Otherpower’s” Wind Turbine Kits and Workshops

    ? 5500 Watt Homebuilt Wind Turbine Generator A Reliable, Do-It-Yourself Kit, "Prairie Turbines" is in Derby,

    Kansas. You can purchase this durable wind turbine’s components

    from them, and assemble yourself - saving money in the process, and

    wind up with a reliable, durable, and very affordable 5500 watt wind

    turbine of your own.

     Grow Your Own Algae for Cleaner Biofuel 1000 Times More Efficient Oil Output than Seed Crop Oil Production Saves Land for Food Crops

    1) It is renewable.

    2)It is harvestable every month rather than only two or three times

    a year, or only once per year.

    3) It does not deplete the current farming land for other vital crops.

    4) It also grows well in the desert which is a new usable land mass.

    5) Current desert land would be very inexpensive.

     Homepower” – Great Resources for DIY Solar Hot Water (both tap

    water and radiant space heat), Solar Electricity, Wind Power Electricity,

    Alternative Construction Materials (Straw Bale, Cob, Adobe, etc…) + much more…

     Understanding Basic Solar Hot Water Systems Do It Yourself

    (From John Patterson & “Mr Sun Solar”- his SHW business in Portland, Oregon.)

     Build Your Own “Evacuated Tube” Solar Hot Water Panels Will

    Greatly Out-Perform Old Style SHW Panels.

     Build Your Own Homemade Vertical Wind Turbine


? Build Your Own Solar panels

     Build Your Own Solar



     Build Your Own Mobile Solar Hydrogen


     Mother Earth News Alternative Energy Information

     Windpower in Kansas: Long History + Many Good Resources

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