Extracts from Para 5(9) of Central Secretariat Manual of Office

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Extracts from Para 5(9) of Central Secretariat Manual of Office


     Government of India

    Ministry of Law and Justice

    Department of Legal Affairs


    Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi

    thDated:- 4 December, 2009


Subject: Personal Sections of the Officers

     In modification of the previous orders on the subject and in view of DoPT‟s O.M.

    No.10/3/2004-CS.II (Pt.VII) dated 28.10.2005 regarding entitlement of officers, the

    composition of personal section of officers will be as under :-

    S.No. Officers Personal Section

    Shri Rajinder Pershad, PPS Shri T.K. Viswanathan, 1. Shri N. Radhakrishnan, Steno Grade „C‟ Advisor to Hon‟ble MLJ Ms. Sreelata Sasidharan, PS (informal)

    Ms. Banani Guha, PS Shri D.R. Meena, 2. Shri T.P. Srivastava, Steno Grade „D‟ Law Secretary Shri V. Parthasarthy, Steno Grade „C‟ (informal)

    Shri P.K. Malhotra, Ms. Anjana Battu, PS 3. Addl. Secretary Shri A.K. Chatterjee, Steno Grade „C‟

    Shri O.P. Sharma, PS Shri R.L. Koli, 4. Addl. Secretary Ms. Archana Govil, Steno Grade „C‟ 5. Shri R. Ragupathi, JS&LA Ms. Sushil Kumari, PS 6. Shri M.A. Khan Yusufi, JS&LA Ms. Neelam Khatri, PS 7. Shri Satish Chandra, JS&LA Shri R.K. Sharma, PS 8. Shri B.N. Kaithal, JS&LA Shri R.K. Kapoor, Steno Grade „D‟ 9. Shri M.K. Sharma, Addl. LA Ms. Urvashi, PS

    10. Shri Ashok Kumar, Addl. LA Ms. Amita Gupta, Steno Grade „C‟ 11. Shri D. Bhardwaj, Addl. LA Ms. Radha Dev Das, PS 12. Shri S.K. Dullo, Addl. LA Ms. Babita Mehra, Steno Grade „C‟ 13. Shri Inder Kumar, Addl. LA & Ms. Sudesh Sajan, PS

    Incharge, Lit.(HC) Section

    14. Shri R.S. Shukla, DLA Shri Dinesh Kumar, Steno Grade „C‟ 15. Shri S.R. Mishra, DLA Ms. Sathi Devi Bhathija, PS 16. Ms. Zoya Hadke, DLA Ms. Nirmala Jayaraman, PS 17. Shri Nirmal Singh, Director Shri Navneet Kumar, Steno Grade „C‟ 18. Shri C.O. Rajan, DS Shri Mukul Batra, Steno Grade „D‟ 19. Shri E.S. Narayan, US Shri Y.K. Kapoor, Steno Grade „C‟ 20. Shri G.D. Sharma, US (A) & Shri R.K. Gaba, Steno Grade „C‟

    Shri J.K. Middha, DD(OL)


     :: 2 ::

    S.No. Officers S/Shri Personal Section 21. Shri M.S. Tariq, ALA Ms. B. Vijaya, Steno Grade „C‟ 22. Shri R.K. Srivastava, ALA Ms. Bimla Verma, PS 23. Shri Mahesh Tyagi, ALA Ms. K.D. Sahotra, Steno Grade „C‟ 24. Shri R.J. Rao Kashibhatla, ALA Ms. Subhadra Pathar, PS 25. Shri O.P. Bagri, ALA Ms. Kanchan Madan, Steno Grade „C‟ 26. Shri Mahendra Khandelwal, ALO Ms. Neera, Steno Grade „C‟ 27. Ms. Poonam Suri, ALA Ms. Trisha Surangi, Steno Grade „C‟

    Shri Dharminder Dhanwaria, Steno Grade „C‟ 28. Shri R.S. Verma, ALA

    29. Shri T.K. Malik, ALA Ms. Saroj Kumari Handa, Steno Grade „C‟ 30. Shri M.N. Singh, ALA Ms. Sathi Mohanan, Steno Grade „C‟ 31. Shri Balbir Singh, ALA Ms. Veena Bhatia, Steno Grade „C‟ 32. Shri Y.K. Singh, ALA Ms. Chanderma Rawat, Steno Grade „C‟ 33. Judicial Section Ms. H. Cing Khan Nuam, Steno Grade „D‟


    ( Ganesh Dutta Sharma )

    Under Secretary to the Govt. of India


    1. PS to Adviser to Hon‟ble MLJ.

    2. PS to Law Secretary / PS to Additional Secretaries.

    3. All concerned officers in the Department of Legal Affairs.

    4. Admn.II(LA) / Judicial Section / CR Asstt. / Vig. Unit / Office Order Folder

    5. Sr. Systems Analyst, NIC, Deptt. of Legal Affairs with the request to upload the

    order on the webpage of this Department under the heading “Employees

    Corner” – CSSS Transfer/Posting (to be created).

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