A letter to the freshmen

By Mike Hunt,2014-02-16 14:48
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A letter to the freshmen

    A letter to the freshmen

    Hi, new friends:

    Its a great honor for me to write a letter for you! First of all, I’ll congratulate all of you on your excellent performance in the college entrance exams. Just as a famous saying says: no pains, no gain! After your diligent working experience, you realize your dream and bring yourselves to the new world where new challenges are on the way!

    Personally speaking, I love ZJU very much. I come to the conclusion that here is my best choice followed by the frustration mood the moment I came here regardless of the advice given by my families. However, everything in the campus gradually fascinates me a lot. We cant deny that especially the

    sophomore here is rather warm-hearted. Whenever you meet with some troubles, they will give you a hand with their great effort. It occurs to me that during my selection of the major, many friends give me different kinds of information which are related to my field. I will never forget their help. Besides, the change of ideas might be of most importance for you to adapt yourselves to campus life. During the middle school days we usually depend upon our teachers at school and parents at home.

However, the life and study on ZJU campus features

    independence, which is essential to our psychological development. In the point of my view, we had better bear in mind the idea of independence. Whats more English learning

    is a must. On one hand without CET 4 certificate, we can not

    get our degree when we graduate from university. On the other handwhen we hunt for job or apply for a intercourse in the foreign country, English level is a deciding factor. Therefore, do hope that all of you will have a good understanding of the necessity of learning English well. I suggest that you should select honor course in English. Someone may argue that this course has many boring homework. On the contrary, I stick to the belief that English does need many exercise including writing, listening, reading and translation. Only through this way can you master a foreign language! Come on, I believe you can conquer these tricks on your way to the success.

    Last but not the least; try to give your parents a call at least a time per week. They are concerned of you all the time. Never be fed up with their routing question. The are the most people who love you in the world!

    Wish you all have a pleasant new life beginning in ZJU

    Best regards from…

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