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    ---- 宜昌市八中 王家翠 庹开金


    1. she’s(完全形式)_________ 6. those(单数)__________

    2. his(主格)__________ 7. aren’t(同单词)__________

    8. that is(缩写形式)__________ 3. son(对应词)__________

    4. she(形容词性物主代词)__________ 9. father(对应词)__________

    10. photo(复数)__________ 5. this(复数)__________


    11、为而感谢_____________ 16my family photo___________

    12、他的堂弟_____________ 17the family tree_____________

    13、我的朋友_____________ 18talk about_____________

    14、你的姐姐_____________ 19Dave’s family_____________

    20in the photo_____________ 15、你妈妈的名字_____________


    21. This is my s________ kate.

    22. That is his good f________ Silly. 23. What’s this in E_________?

    24. A________ these your sisters?

    25. My mother’s sister is my a_______?

    26. My father’s brother is my u________?

    27. T______ are his books.

    28. I’m my father’s d________.

    29. My telephone n________ is 557-63. 30. My mother’s parents are my g___________.


    31. I ________ a girl. My name _________Lisa.

    A. am; am B. am; are C. am; is

    32. My father and my mother are my ________.

    A. parent B. parents C. brothers 33. My father is my grandfather’s _________.

    A. son B. daughter C. uncle 34. Is that ________ backpack?

    --No, my backpack is here.

    A. she B. hers C. your 35. Is this _______ pencil sharpener?

     --No, it’s her pencil sharpener.

    A. she B. he C. his 36. Thanks _________ your family photo.

    A. of B. for C. from 37. Are these your cousins?


    A. Yes, they aren’t B. Yes, they are C. No, they are.

    38. Is he Lin Tao? --Yes, __________.

    A. it is B. he’s C. he is

    39. Her ________ are Tina and Jim.

    A. friend B. brother C. friends 40. This is a photo _________ my classmate.

    A. in B. of C. at 41. I love _________ very much.

    A. he B. them C. she 42. Your aunt’s son is your _________.

    A. brother B. cousin C. sister 43. Your father’s brother is your __________.

    A. cousin B. uncle C. nephew 44. __________ is my aunt. _________ brother is my father.

    A. she; she B. Her; Her C. She; Her

45. Is Mary your sister?


    A. Yes, it is B. Yes, she is C. Yes, he is


    Nora is an old __46__. She has a __47__ family. There are ten people in her __48__. Her husband is Jim. They __49__ three children, two daughters and a __50__. Peter’s wife is Alice. Tom and Amy are __51__ children. Becky is Peter’s sister. Rose and Becky are sisters. Alice __52__ Peter’s wife, and she is Tom and Amy’s __53__.

    John and Rose are husband and __54__. Their daughter __55__ Linda. Peter is Linda’s uncle.

    46. A. man B. woman C. boy D. girl

    47. A. small B. big C. old D. young 48. A. room B. home C. family D. class

    49. A. have B. has C. are D. is

    50. A. daughter B. wife C. husband D. son

    51. A. they B. them C. their D. your 52. A. have B. has C. is D. are

    53. A. father B. mother C. boy D. son

    54. A. father B. daughter C. wife D. mother 55. A. has B. is C. are D. be



     I have a nice picture. It is a picture of my family. This is my grandfather, Barry Clark. And this is my grandmother, Linda Clark. These are my parents. Frank and Jane. This is my aunt, Alice. She’s my father’s sister. And this is my uncle, Paul.

    He’s a runner. These are my cousins Joe, Mike and Sally. They’re Alice and Paul’s children(孩子).This is my sister, Lisa. Do you know that girl? It’s me, Mary.


    56. Mary’s last name is . 57. Frank is Alice’s .

58. Mary’s uncle is a . 59. Alice and Paul have children.

    60. Lisa is Mary’s .



    Name: Tom Smith Age:12

    Class:3 Grade:1

    School: No. 8 Middle School

    Family member Name Age

    Grandmother Ami Smith 60

    Father John Smith 41

    Mother Kate Smith 40

    Brother Mike Smith 8

    Tom Smith is English. (61)________ is 12. He is in No. 8 Middle School. Is he in(62)__________3, Grade 1? Yes, he is. There are (63)_________ people in his (64)__________. Ami Smith is his (65)_________. She is 60. his father(66)_______is John Smith.(67) 41. What’s his mother’s name? It’s Kate Smith. How old is she? She’s(68) . Who is Mike Smith? He’s Tom’s (69) . He is only (70)




    This is photo of Mr Green’s family. The man with glasses(眼镜)is Mr Green, the

    father. The woman is the mother. They have a son and a daughter. The son is behind(后面)Mr Green. His name is Tom. He’s 13. kate is Tom’s sister. She is 11. Tom and Kate are in the same school, but they are in different(不同的) grades. Tom is

    in Grade Three and Kate’s in Grade One. They are good students.

    71. Mr and Mrs Green have ___________.

    A. a son and a daughter B. Tom and Kate’s sister

    C. three children(孩子) D. a family of five

72. The woman is ________ mother.

    A. Kate’s B. Tom’s C. Kate’s and Tom’s D. Kate and Tom’s

    73.Tom and Kate are in the same .

    A. class B. grade C. school D. year

    74.Green is the name.

    A. man’s B. woman’s C. boy’s D. family

    75. Tom and Kate are _________.

    A. good children B. good students

    C. in different schools D. in the same grade 七、句型转换!?5分?

    76. That is my English book.(改为否定句)

     __________ __________ my English book. 77. These are his brothers.(改为一般疑问句)

     __________ __________his brothers?

    78. Is this his son ?(作肯定回答)

     __________ , __________is.

    79. That is my sister.(改为复数)

    __________ __________ __________ __________ 八、书面表达!?10分?

    根据所给Family tree的内容写一篇小短文,假设你是kate。字数不少于50字,

    题目为“My family”

    七年级英语上册Unit 3参考答案

    一、1. she is 2. he 3. daughter 4. her 5. these 6. that 7. aunt 8. that’s

    9. mother 10. photos

    二、11. thanks for… 12. his cousin 13. my friend 14. your sister

    15. your mother’s name 16. 我的家庭照片 17. 家谱 18. 谈论

    19. 大卫的家族 20. 在照片中

    三、21. sister 22. friend 23. English 24. Are 25. aunt 26. uncle

    27. These/They 28. daughter 29. number 30. grandparents 四、31-35 CBACC 36-40 BBCCB 41-45 BBBCB

    五、46-50 BBCAD 51-55 CCBCB

    六、A: 56. Clark 57. brother 58. runner 59. three/3 60. sister

    B: 61. He 62. class 63. 5/five 64. family 65. grandmother 66. name

     67. He’s 68. 40/forty 69. brother 70. 8/eight

    C: 71-75 ADCDB

    七、76. That isn’t 77. Are these 78. Yes, it 79. Those are my/our sisters.


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