Chapter 11

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Chapter 11


    ? Anti-aging RX…..59

? Past Life …..60

    ? Body Scan…..61

Anti-aging RX

From the Test Screen:

    C Programs (top menu bar)

    C Aging (drop down list)

    C Anti-Aging RX

    C highest values until rectified is over 85

    Quantic Decay should not be over 50 and all others under 85.

    Figure 20 Anti-aging RX

     Figure 21 Past Life

Past Life

C Programs (top menu bar) From the Test Screen:

    C Aging (drop down list)

    C Anti-Aging RX

    yellowyellowC Close on yellow box

    C Start wait for 100%

    C in center of Atom Icon repeatedly

    C Past Life Program (option: enter primary conflict and emotion) C Start Unconscious Search

    C OK

    C Release Conflict Cont next pg.

    C OK (note the hints)

    C Release Conflict (repeat this until you can not Release Conflict further) C Close

Body Scan (for further anti-aging therapy)

From the Test Screen:

    C Programs (top menu bar)

    C Body Scan and Face Therapy (drop down list) C Skin Rejuvenation

     Set Time and Choose Treatment

     Hint: The Probe and Roller are excellent tools for targeting specific areas on the body in a highly focused manner, being therefore potentially more effective.

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