By Theresa Rogers,2014-05-19 12:31
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    My University Life

    As everybody knows, the life in university is of great difference from that in high school. I don’t have to spend all my energy on my study.

    I have much more spare time when entering university. There are plenty of associations organized by students on high grade, such as Guitar Association, Art Association, English Association and Film Association. I join an Guitar Association which I am interested in so as to make my life in university lovely and interesting.

    University is not only a place where I can learn something useful from textbooks, but also a place where I can improve my ability to communicate with others. And I always say to myself “Don’t be shy or

    nervous. All I have to do is speaking louder when I am standing before a great many people.

    As far as I can see, self-control is one of the most important characters I have. Maybe some students believe that they can play all day without anything to do. I think if someone really thinks that the life in university is full of freedom and he can do whatever he wants to do, he will make a great mistake. Life is not easy for everybody, especially for

    those who hopes to lead a happy life, a famous lady once said. That is to

    say , I have to try my best to learn and to pass exams in order to make my life become better and better with time going on . Make sure that I will not kill the time listening to the popular music or seeing the latest films.

Time won’t wait for a man. If I do my best to change my life, I

won’t be regretful when I am old. And I always firmly believe that

Where there is a will, there is a way”. (有志者事竟成)

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