Civil Service application form - PMO (PSD) Circular No 92008

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Civil Service application form - PMO (PSD) Circular No 92008




    1. This form may take you 30 minutes to fill in. You will need the following documents or information to fill in the form: ? NRIC/Passport ? Educational Certificates ? Certificates of National Service and Employment, if applicable ? Academic Scholarships/Bursaries/Other Certifications, if applicable ? Particulars of Character Referees 2. Please read instructions on the last page before you fill in this form. If space is insufficient, please attach additional sheets. 3. Short-listing is based on merit. The personal information in this form is used for administrative purposes only.

    4. * Delete as appropriate.

    (A) POSTS(S) APPLIED FOR (in order of preference) Ministry of Education 1.___________________________ 2. ___________________________ 3. ____________________________ Are you prepared to consider posts other than those you have listed above? * Yes/No


    Telephone No.: ________________________ (Mobile) Full Name: ______________________________________

    (Underline Surname) ________________________ (Office) ID Type:*NRIC(Pink)/NRIC(Blue)/Passport ________________________ (Home) ID No.: ________________ Email Address: ________________________________ Singapore Permanent Resident : *Yes / No Blk/Hse No. _________ Floor & Unit No. ___________ Present Citizenship: _______________________________ Street Name _________________________________ Previous Citizenship (if any): _________________________ Building Name ________________________________ Highest Academic Qualification: Postal Code __________________________________

     _________________________________ Year: ________ Country ______________ City ___________________ *Last/Current Employer : __________________________________________________________________________ Earliest date of starting work if offered appointment (e.g. immediately, within one month): ____________________

     Monthly (S$) Annual (S$) *Last Drawn/Current Gross Salary

    Expected Gross Salary


    Name in chronological order the schools attended from the age of 6 Year of Year of Highest Standard Passed & Year (School/Institution and Country) Joining Leaving


    Qualification Level: Year: Qualification Level: Year: Certificate Attained: Certificate Attained:

    Institution Attended: Institution Attended:

    Country of Study: No. of Passes: Country of Study: No. of Passes:

    Subject Grade Subject Grade


     Qualification Level (e.g. ITE/Diploma/Degree/Post-Graduate Degree/Doctorate): CGPA/CAP: _____ / _____ Certificate Attained: Year Obtained: Duration (YYMM): Course Structure : Course Type: Course of Study:

    *On campus/Correspondence *Full-time/Part-time

    Institution Attended: Country of Study: Institution Issuing the Country of Institution

    Qualification (if different from Issuing the Qualification: Institution Attended):

    Subject Grade Subject Grade

(F) NATIONAL SERVICE RECORDS (male applicants only)

    Date of Enlistment Operationally-Ready Date Rank Organisation: SAF/SPF/SCDF

    (dd/mm/yyyy) (dd/mm/yyyy)

(G) PRESENT & PREVIOUS EMPLOYMENT (in chronological order)

    Start Date to Reason for Leaving Organisation Name Designation Brief Description of Job Duties & Major

    (to include type of employment, & Nature of Achievements End Date e.g. permanent/contract/casual, etc) Business (dd/mm/yyyy)


    Date To Sponsoring Name of Scholarships/Busaries Bonded From Bonded To Date From (dd/mm/yyyy) (dd/mm/yyyy) Organisation (dd/mm/yyyy) (dd/mm/yyyy)


    Date From Date To Name of Organisation Project Title and Description (dd/mm/yyyy) (dd/mm/yyyy)


     Certification Level: Certificate Attained:

    Institution issuing qualification: Country of Study: Year Obtained:

    Subject Grade Subject Grade


    Language/Dialect Proficiency (Written & Spoken/Spoken only)

    (L) CHARACTER REFEREES (Please provide particulars of two persons who are not related to you. They should be responsible persons who know you well with regard to your character and work performance. The Ministry may contact the referees stated.)

     Referee 1 Referee 2 Full Name


    Company Name

    Job Designation

    Years Known

    Email Address

    Tel No.

(M) OTHER INFORMATION (Please answer the following questions by deleting “Yes” or “No” as appropriate)

    1. Have you suffered, or are suffering from any medical condition, illness, disease, mental illness or *Yes/No

    physical impairment?

    ?2. a) Do you have a criminal record*Yes/No in Singapore?

    *Yes/No b) Have you been convicted in a court of law in any other country (excluding parking offences or

    criminal records disclosed above)?

    3. Have you been charged with any offence in a court of law in Singapore or in any other country for which *Yes/No

    the outcome is pending (excluding parking offences)?

    4. Are you aware of being under any current police investigations in Singapore or in any other country *Yes/No

    following allegations made against you?

    5. Have you been or are you under any financial embarrassment i.e. (a) an undischarged bankrupt, (b) a *Yes/No

    judgement debtor, (c) have unsecured debts and liabilities of more than 3 months of last-drawn pay, (d)

    have signed a promissory note or an acknowledgement of indebtedness?

    6. Have you been in the employment of the Singapore Civil Service before? If yes, please complete Qns 7 *Yes/No

    and 8.

    7. Which Ministry/Department were you last with before you left the Singapore Civil Service?

    8. Why did you leave the employment of the Singapore Civil Service? a) Normal resignation e) Retirement (on reaching statutory retirement age) b) Expiry of Contract f) Retirement (early/optional retirement) c) Resignation under Special Resignation Scheme g) Dismissal, discharge or termination of service d) Resignation under Special Gratuity Scheme h) Other grounds (please specify) ______________ 9. Have you broken any bond, left an employer without serving your period of moral obligatory service or *Yes/No

    are currently serving any bond or moral obligatory service (e.g. bonds associated with scholarships or

    obligatory service related to training awards or no-pay leave, etc)?

    10. If your answer was “Yes” to any of the questions above, please give details :


    (1) I give my consent for the relevant Government authorities to obtain and verify information from or with any

    source, as you deem appropriate for the assessment of my application for employment.

(2) I declare that all information given by me in this application for employment and any sheets attached hereto are

    true to the best of my knowledge and I have not wilfully suppressed any material fact. I accept that if any of the

    information given by me in this application is in any way false or incorrect, my application may be rejected, any

    offer of employment may be withdrawn or my employment with the Civil Service may be terminated summarily or I

    may be dismissed from the Civil Service.

    Signature of Applicant: ____________________________ Date: ________________________

     Instructions to applicants: 1. If you are a serving officer in the Civil Service, you could submit your application either through your Ministry/Department or directly to us.

    2. All information given by you in this application must be true. Giving false information is a crime punishable by imprisonment.

    3. Applications that are not properly completed or illegible may be rejected.

    4. ID No. Please fill in your NRIC Number if you are a Singaporean or a Malaysian, your NRIC Number (Blue) if you are a Singapore Permanent Resident (Non-Malaysian), or your Passport Number if you are a foreign citizen.

     ? By this, we refer only to a criminal record of a conviction under the Registration of Criminals Act.

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