The Fish in Room 11 by Heather Dyer

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The Fish in Room 11 by Heather Dyer ...

    Resources for Reading - The Fish in Room 11 by Heather Dyer


    Mr Kenneth Harris and Mrs Harris - owners

    Nigel Harris - son

    Margot Harris parents used to own and run the Grand Hotel Toby - odd job boy

    Gaynor Flot mother

    Albert Flot - father

    Eliza Flot - daughter



    Words/Phrases/Vocabulary to discuss in each chapter Chapter 1










Questions for Chapter 1

    At the beginning of this chapter can you tell me what nursery rhyme you are reminded of and why?

    Suggested Answer: Sing a song of sixpence e.g. Clothes hanging on the washing line, cook was in the kitchen sucking on a soup spoon, Mr Harris was in his office counting out his money, the residents were busy playing poker in the bar, Toby was fast asleep in the attic.

    Toby sleeps in the attic. What story does this remind you of and why? Suggested Answer: Cinderella, sleeping beside the cinders.

Can you explain why cook was upset with Toby?

    Suggested Answer: Toby had hung the washing out the day before and forgotten about it. The washing blew away.

    Having just met Toby how do you think he feels about living in the hotel? Suggested Answer: lonely, unhappy, left out, bored.

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Where was Toby found as a baby?

    Suggested Answer: He was found in an empty room - number 23 of The Grand Hotel, when he was a baby.

Who found him and what was he wrapped in?

    Suggested Answer: He was found by one of the chambermaids and he was wrapped in a blanked with DD embroidered on the corner.

Chapter 2











Questions for Chapter 2

    How would you feel if you wore your pyjamas everyday? No suggested answers

Who was wearing Cook’s cap?

    Suggested Answer: Eliza

How do you think Toby felt when he met Eliza on the beach for the first


    Suggested Answer: amazed, shocked, astonished, excited.

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Chapter 3





Questions for Chapter 3

    Why wasn’t Eliza ‘nothing’ like the mermaids that Toby had seen in books?

    Suggested Answer: She had pale skin almost blue, she was painfully thin with her shoulder blades were sticking out.

Who is Nigel Harris?

    Suggested Answer: He is the son of Mr Kenneth Harris the Manager of

    the Hotel.

Chapter 4







Questions for Chapter 4

    What did Captain always wear on ‘Cake Day?’

    Suggested Answer: He always wore his navy blazer with the gold buttons

    down the front.

    What did Toby save from the rubbish pile? Suggested Answer: Cinnamon Buns just a little bit blackened on the bottom.

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Chapter 5







Questions for Chapter 5

    How do you think Eliza’s mother Gaynor felt about not being able to lie on the beach and get a bit of sun? Suggested Answer: annoyed, unhappy.

Albert Flot made Toby a cup of seaweed tea.

    What hot drinks do you like?

    No suggested answers

Chapter 6







Questions for Chapter 6

    What did the ‘Flots’ give Toby from the small barnacle encrusted chest? Suggested Answer: A sovereign ring that belonged to the Duke of


What piece of jewellery would you have picked from the chest?

    No suggested answers

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Chapter 7




Questions for Chapter 7

    The ring could not be removed from Toby’s finger. Does this remind you of any other story that you have read?

    Suggested Answer: The sword in the stone.

Why did Toby want to warn the ‘Flots’?

    Suggested Answer: Mr Harris had found the ring and Toby knew that he would search the beach for more treasure.

Chapter 8






Questions for Chapter 8

    Who is Margot?

    Suggested Answer: Margot’s father used to manage The Grand Hotel

    before he died. She is also the cousin of Kenneth Harris the new manager.

What was The Grand Hotel like when Margot’s father managed it?

    Suggested Answer: It was full of chatter and laughter and there were cakes everyday not just on Cake Day. A brass band used to always play on the promenade and people danced in the evenings.

What had Margot’s life been like since her father died?

    Suggested Answer: She spent more and more time in her room and taking her meals on a tray. She spent most days looking through her photograph albums, living in her memories while life went on outside.

What was the only thing she looked forward to?

    Suggested Answer: Her visits from Toby.

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Chapter 9







Questions for Chapter 9

    What idea did Margot and Toby come up with in order to save the ‘Flots’? Suggested Answer: Wheelchairs.

Chapter 10








Questions for Chapter 10

    Why had all the treasure hunters packed away?

    Suggested Answer: The rain.

Why was Nigel sulking?

    Suggested Answer: He had caught a cold.

Why did Nigel want to go outside in the rain?

    Suggested Answer: He was trying to follow the Captain and Toby.

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Chapter 11







Questions for Chapter 11

    How did Toby and the Captain manage to get a message to the ‘Flots’.

    Suggested Answer: They rowed out to sea and used a pipe to send a message underwater to the ‘Flots’ and also tapped the hull of the boat with a spoon.

Chapter 12







    low profile

Questions for Chapter 12

    At the beginning of this Chapter what mood do you think Mr Harris was in?

    Suggested Answer: Bad mood, grumpy, lethargic.

Can you describe how Mrs Flot was dressed?

    Suggested Answer: A purple hat, and matching purple dress which is very long, glittery shoes. Hands covered in rings and throat heavily decorated

    with necklaces.

Can you describe how Mr Flot was dressed?

    Suggested Answer: Old fashioned pinstriped suit and pale green shirt open at the chest. A twinkling gold medallion and a gangster hat.

    Which song did Margot start singing at breakfast? Suggested Answer: Morning has broken

Which songs do you sing at breakfast?

    No suggested answers

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Chapter 13




Questions for Chapter 13

    Apart from watching the sun rising, why do you think all the tables and chairs had been moved outside for the residents?

    Suggested Answer: So they could sit outside, get some fresh air, watch the people on the promenade.

    Why do you think the Flots use more towels than any of the other residents?

    Suggested Answer: Big fishy tails to dry!

Chapter 14

    No new vocabulary

Questions for Chapter 14

    Why do you think no one believed Nigel?

    Suggested Answer: Perhaps he has told lies before and been caught out and therefore, people don’t know whether to believe him or not. Like the boy who cried wolf!

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Chapter 15











Questions for Chapter 15

    What is the name of the cruise ship which arrived during the night? Suggested Answer: The Queen Canute

What did the frogmen find?

    Suggested Answer: The battered buoy, the hammock, all the chipped china and Eliza’s doll.

Why do you think Toby started to cry?

    Suggested Answer: The Flots were like the family he never had and if they left there would be no more singing, late night swims or picnicking.

Chapter 16


Questions for Chapter 16

    How did the Flots manage to raise enough money for their tickets on the

    Queen Canute?

    Suggested Answer: They sold their jewellery to Mr Newton.

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Chapter 17



    milling about


Questions for Chapter 17

    We saw a different side of Nigel when he spoke to his Dad about exhibiting the Flots. How do you feel about Nigel now? Suggested Answer: Feel quite sorry for him, surprised that he has feelings.

Chapter 18








Questions for Chapter 18

    Why do you think no one believed Mr Harris?

    Suggested Answer: He had no evidence to prove that the Flots were mermaids.

    The Flots thought that Mr Harris had come to see them off. What was Mr Harris really doing there?

    Suggested Answer: He wanted them to come back to shore so that he could prove to Constable Brick and the reporters that they are mermaids.

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