black mirror

By Bertha Carter,2014-06-15 19:19
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black mirror

Black mirror


    Black Mirror is a British television drama series with only three episodes. The drama series is extremely original and unconventional, creating a different setting, even a different reality in each episode. It's a social satire about how technology has shaped our lives and the unintended consequences of our thriving modern world.

    The last episode, The Entire History of You, relates strongly to me. It is set in a society where people can play back their memories stored in the “Grain behind their ear. Liam

    Foxwell, a young lawyer, keeps replaying his memories of his job interview, dwelling on a seemingly negative comment by his employer. At home he senses his wife's affection for another man Jonas. He confronts his wife who lies about it. Going through his own memories, he discovers the lies and demands his wife to replay her memory with Jonas. After the truth is revealed, Liams wife and child leave him in the empty house with him

    alone heartbrokenly replaying their happy memories.

    The story reflects the excessive pain technology imposes on us. Without the Grain, Liam would not agonize over the minor details of his interview, would not grow so paranoid and obsessive with her wifes insignificant mistake, and would not tear the otherwise

    happy family apart. Technology is an addictive drug. What are its side-effects? We are so dependent on it that we overlook what is really going on in our lives. We are immersed in the virtual world constructed inside computers and smartphones, unaware of the love and joy around us.

The title "black mirror" indicates what well find on every wall, on every desk, in the

    palm of every hand: the cold, shiny screen of a TV, a monitor, a smartphone-a black reflection of our 21st Century reality. We worship Google, Apple, QQ and RenRen. Everyone stares at their screens on the buses. Over the past decade, technology has transformed almost every aspect of our lives before we've had time to stop and question it. Its time to shift the focus. We need to think more about the relationship between people and communicate with people instead of machines. We have to magnify the intimacy and warmth of our humanity. We have to intensely, fearlessly and purely love and care to avoid turning into the ruthless monsters depicted in the drama.

Shen Yueqi

    Yangzhou High School of Jiangsu Province

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